Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 439

How to do? After Qiao Yi said this, I thought that the logic of the imperviousness seemed to be a problem.
Yes, although my life experience is confusing, but if I really have a relationship with Xi Qingchuan’s father, he will be able to find out soon.
But what about the paternity test? The words on it are indeed white and black, which really clearly shows that Xi Qingchuan and I’s father is a father and daughter!
“Xiao Sheng, there must be fraud in this.” Qiao Yi was very excited, and grabbed my arm tightly: “What about that photo, you show me the photo.”
I took the photo with me. I flipped it out of my bag and handed it to Qiao Yi. She glanced at it and patted her thigh straight: “This look is from PS. Can you see it? Xiao Sheng?”
I felt a little in my heart: “What? It’s from PS?”
“Why did you believe it when you got the photo? Did you even find someone to test it?”
Of course I didn’t believe it when I got the photo, but Zhen Xian reminded me to do a paternity test, and then just as Sister Hua took the laundry basket to my room, I took a piece of hair in the basket for a paternity test. At that time, I didn’t even think of going to check the photos.
I thought that the paternity test should be the most authoritative, so when the test results came out, I was confused.
Can I not believe in science? I don’t care about the photos.
“But the appraisal result.”
“You don’t have to worry about the identification result. If Zhen Xian buys the doctor who does the identification, the identification result will be the same no matter whose hair you use for identification. Even if you pull out the hair identification on a broom, it will be the same. You can still be identified as a parent-child relationship with Broom, believe it or not?”
When Qiao Yi said this, I suddenly gave an initiation, as if I understood it all at once.
I was confused by the photo Zhen Xian gave me at the time, so I didn’t think so much at all.
And why did Zhen Xian do this?
Suddenly I remembered that Qin Guan told me just now that he saw on Zhen Xian’s mobile phone that she had several phone calls with Xiao Shi. Is it possible that she had colluded with Xiao Shi and gave me such a round?
If this is the case, then Xiao Shi is so insidious, and I’m so stupid, I was actually fooled by her, I can even believe in such bloody things.
And I removed all my children for this matter.
I held my hands on my lower abdomen for a long time without talking. I felt as if there were ants in my body biting me, biting me completely from the inside out.
Qiao Yi grabbed my shoulders, and she didn’t continue to scold me: “Xiao Sheng, you are afraid that this matter will not sound like Xi Qingchuan’s reputation, so you don’t even say that I am?”
I nodded, and she sighed: “Xiao Shi is to catch your mentality. You are sure that no one will talk about this kind of thing. She has set up such a game for you, and you can only do it in a hurry. Made such a decision.”
I really didn’t expect Zhen Xian to collude with Xiao Shi, and the reason for their collusion can be explained.
Because Zhen Xian also regarded me as an imaginary enemy, and felt that I was a stumbling block on the road to her and Qin Guan’s union.
She is a jealous woman, she hates Qin Guan being with me, caring about me and helping me.
The jealousy of women is terrible. In fact, Qin Guan and I have no other relationship besides my mother’s relationship.
Qin Guan also explained to me just now, I believe his feelings for me are pure, not as unbearable as Zhen Xian imagined.
How do I believe the words of a strange woman? I actually knocked out my child?
I broke with Xi Qingchuan for him, and I said so many cruel things to him.
Why am I so stupid, so stupid?
At this time, the airport announcement said that our boarding time was up, and I stood up from the chair with my bag on my back. Mom Qiao blocked me: “Are you planning to go abroad with us at this time?”
I looked at Mom Qiao with a little puzzled: “What?”
“You were defrauded of Xiao Shi’s shares by Xiao Shi, and you deceived your inheritance. That’s fine, but she killed you and kidnapped you, Xiao Sheng, do you plan to settle the matter and go abroad with us?”
I didn’t intend to settle things down, but it happened so suddenly that I still didn’t have a reaction.
Ma Qiao suddenly took the boarding pass in my hand and tore it to pieces: “Qiao Yi, you also stay, and accompany Xiao Sheng to find out all this.”
“Mom, what about you?”
“I’m alone, can’t I take the plane?” Mom Qiao patted Qiao Yi’s hand: “I will call you when I get there.”
“Then you go by alone…”
“I was alone in the past, Xiao Sheng, if Xiao Shi and Zhen Xian really worked together to harm you, you must not tolerate it.”
I nodded vigorously, and Qiao’s mother waved at us: “You two, let’s go, I’m boarding.”
Qiao Yi and I watched Mom Qiao walk into the boarding gate hand in hand, until we couldn’t see Mom Qiao’s figure, and we looked at each other.
“Xiao Sheng, are you thinking about what we will do next?”
“Of course, we must first determine whether Xi Qingchuan’s father is related to me.”
“Then how are you sure?”
“It’s actually very simple. You don’t have to check with Dad Xi. I just check with Xi Qingchuan that we are not related by blood?”
Qiao Yi’s eyes lit up: “Yes, but how do you test it? Are you going to pull a piece of Xi Qingchuan’s hair?”
“No, I have.”
“You have? Why do you have Xi Qingchuan’s hair?” Qiao Yi was surprised.
I was a little embarrassed: “You know I have the habit of collecting dad’s hair, so I collected Xi Qingchuan’s hair by the way.”
“Xiao Sheng,” Qiao Yi circled me around, looking at me up and down: “You seem to really love Xi Qingchuan, even his hair is collected.”
“I’m just used to it.”
“Then it shouldn’t be too late, let’s do the appraisal!” Qiao Yi took me and ran, her long legs and strides, almost dragging me away.
“Joe, you slow down!”
The appraisal center seemed to be opened by my house, and I would run there at every turn. The doctor Qiao Yi took me to this time was her acquaintance, and this time I would never give me false reports.
I handed the hair of Xi Qingchuan and I to the doctor, and then waited outside.
The waiting process was fairly calm. After I straightened out my thoughts on these things, I felt that I would not have a dime relationship with Dad Xi. In fact, if I could calm down and figure out the logic of this, then I wouldn’t. Stupidly at their mercy.

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