Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 447

The driver didn’t speak, probably because he didn’t know what Xiao Shi meant.
Xiao Shi paused, and then said: “It seems that you don’t trust me enough and dare not tell me clearly that as far as I know, you have lost more than so much money. Did you borrow usury again?”
“Second Miss, this has nothing to do with my job.” The driver raised his head, looking flustered.
“I know I know. Don’t panic. I didn’t mean that. I meant to say how much money you lack and tell me the truth. I’ll help you if I can help you. After all, you are also doing it in our house. For so many years.”
When the driver heard this, he was overjoyed: “Really? Second Miss, you are really willing to lend me money. You must know that I have been forced by those debt collectors these days, and I almost have nowhere to go.”
“So you have been absent-minded in driving during this time.” Xiao Shi was faint, and the driver’s face changed immediately after hearing this.
“I’m sorry, second lady, yes, I’m sorry, I will drive with full energy in the future. Last time I just scratched the car, but fortunately nothing happened.”
“Don’t be nervous, I don’t even say anything, I just ask.”
“Second Miss, I admit that my personal affairs during this period of time have affected some emotions, and I can guarantee that there will be no more yes next time.”
“Then how much do you owe?”
“300,000.” The driver hummed.
“The money is not too much, but not too much. If you rely solely on your dead salary, it may not be enough for more than ten years.”
“In those more than ten years, I had been smashed by loan sharks.”
“So you will be dead if I don’t save you.” Xiao Shi finally looked up, and I could clearly see that the light in her eyes was cold, and even I could see some cold-blooded meaning.
“The second lady is willing to lend me money?”
“I lent you the money. How long do you think you can return it to me? 10 years and 20 years?” Xiao Shi asked the driver back, but the driver was speechless.
“I said that I will not lend you this money, but I can give it to you, and it will be more.”
The driver looked very confused and didn’t understand what Xiao Shi was talking about. In fact, I basically got it.
“Second Miss, what is it for me? I don’t understand.”
“Because our family has been working for so long, has always been driving my dad, right?”
“Yes, the second lady.”
“In fact, you only need to work harder and be more attentive in your usual work.”
“Really?” The driver was a little shocked.
“Also, there is a small thing to do,”
“What’s the matter? Second lady, you said I will do it if it can be done.”
“It’s very simple. Dad is used to the car you often drive. Let’s drive that car next time!”
The driver was a little confused: “The old lady is talking about the old car? The old car has a little problem. I sent it for repair several times, but the old problem is always repaired.”
“What’s the specific problem?”
“The steering wheel always runs off the track. It doesn’t seem like a big problem, but it’s quite dangerous.”
“Actually, I don’t think there is a big problem. Did you tell Dad about this?”
“I don’t even say, I should talk to my husband if I am thinking about getting a new car.”
Xiao Shi’s back stiffened suddenly, and then she opened the drawer of the desk, took out something from it, picked up a brush and wrote a line, then tore it off and handed it to the driver. It should be a check or something. .
The driver accepted the check, and it was estimated that the amount on it made him really surprised. Please: “Second Miss, what does this mean?”
The driver stammered in shock, presumably there was a surprising number on the check.
The more I watched, the more I felt my scalp numb and my fingers were shaking.
Xiao Shi took a look in private. She got up and walked to the door and pushed the door to make sure that the door was closed tighter. She walked back and stood in front of the driver: “Actually, what I asked you to do is very Simple, you are still driving that car these few days. I remember that Dad has a meeting tomorrow night to go to the outskirts of the city, so you will take the other way except the national highway.”
“That road.” The driver thought for a while: “The road was under construction some time ago, and then the road was washed away by floods. It’s not easy to walk. We generally don’t go there.”
“One million for another way, think about it.”
“Miss, I don’t understand what it means. The old car is broken and you let me take my husband down the road prone to accidents.” The driver paused halfway through his words, and his eyes widened. Staring at Xiao Shi in surprise: “Second Miss, isn’t that what I understand, right?”
“What if I said that you understand that?” Xiao Shi stood up fiercely, at the angle he was standing, the camera just took all her expressions at the moment.
At this moment, Xiao Shi presents a strange appearance that I have never seen before. The light in his eyes is fierce. She seems to have become a she-wolf who bites others, and the person he wants to bite is exactly Her biological father.
I really don’t understand, I don’t understand very, very much.
The driver’s voice was already very flustered: “Second Miss, I don’t understand what you mean? Although I owe money outside, I have no influence on my work at all, and I treat my husband wholeheartedly.”
“I’m not testing you, don’t worry, only you and I know what I said today, and there will never be a second person. You do what I said, and I will double the money to you, money It’s not a problem, as long as you do it beautifully without leaving any traces.”
“Second Miss, I really don’t understand, but Mr. is your father!”
“Speak less and do more. Don’t ask anything you shouldn’t ask. If you don’t want to make a door call to call the police, I have no idea. You are a smart person. With so much money, it’s only once in your life. If you miss it, you will miss it. Never expect to turn over again in the future.”
The sound of Xiao Shi seems to be dreaming, but it seems to have magical power.
I found that Xiao Shi is really suitable for brainwashing others, even Qiao Yi couldn’t help but interrupt: “Xiao Shi tmd really seems to be the leader of a cult leader.”
Really, it is estimated that under her encouragement, the followers will go forever on the road of no return.
The driver himself was struggling with himself for a long time, and then murmured: “In fact, it is not impossible to have a small car accident. Besides, there is something wrong with the car, and there is no problem if it is checked.”

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