Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 454

Do you want to catch up? I think this is unnecessary!
What can we do if we catch up?
Xi Qingchuan is so indifferent to me, I believe he must have seen me, his eyesight is so good, it makes no sense that he can’t see the two cars so close.
So what shall I say to him after catching up?
Explain to him why everything happened before?
Tell him I was framed by Xiao Shi?
Although this is true, I don’t seem to have that confidence.
I didn’t know what I thought, and then I became cowardly.
I shook my head with Qiao Yi and said, “No, let’s go back if we don’t need to catch up.”
“Oh.” Qiao Yi looked at me again, are you sure? Will not regret it?
If you have any regrets, they are all in the same city, not the end of the world, and you can see them if you want to meet and find opportunities. ”
“Goodbye you are also secretive, why can’t you face him face to face with integrity?”
“Qiao Yi,” I’m weak: “I’m going to die of sleepiness, can I go home?”
“OK, go home.”
Qiao Yi turned around and drove in the direction of the villa.
I learned two particularly shocking news today, but I was shocked, and it seemed that the look in Xi Qingchuan’s eyes came even harder.
Therefore, a sentence often mentioned in romantic novels may not be wrong.
That’s what can hurt you the most, and it’s often all things like the person you love most.
On the contrary, Xi Qingchuan might have been hurt the most by me.
I went back to Qiao Yi’s villa, went to the bathroom listlessly to wash, and sat listlessly at the dressing table to blow my hair.
Qiao Yi is going to sleep with me tonight, she said she is afraid of ghosts.
This person doesn’t even believe in ghosts. Qiao Yi has always been confused and courageous. Not to mention that she is afraid of ghosts. Her nickname is the famous ghost see melancholy.
At that time, the roommates in our university dormitory watched horror movies together. Everyone was afraid to go out to the bathroom at night. They dragged Qiao Yi to accompany us.
Then Qiao Yi kept herself in the toilet for a long time and didn’t come out. We asked her what she was doing. She said, “Isn’t it said that I lit a match in the bathroom at 12 o’clock in the middle of the night and I could see the hanged ghost when I looked up? A pack of matches is about to be tapped, and there are no hanged ghosts.”
Since then, Qiao Yigui’s nickname of sorrow has spread like wildfire.
We said that the ghost saw her and she was worried and dare not come.
I know Qiao Yi is afraid that I will be stimulated too much today, and there is no way to accept it, so he said that he would sleep with me.
I was blowing my hair in front of the dressing table, and Qiao Yi had volunteered to help me blow it.
Qiao Yi has always had short hair. I doubt that she can’t blow her hair at all, because she makes my hair messy.
I remembered that Xi Qingchuan once helped me blow my hair. His technique is very gentle. He likes to wrap my hair with his fingers. Every time he moves, I think of a lyric: lingering on the horizon.
Although the lyrics are a little bit downright, they felt very suitable for the situation at the time.
Qiao Yi fiddled with my hair: “Xiao Sheng, your hair is so soft, you seem to have never had a reasonable short hair, and you must look good with short hair.”
“Then make sense!” I said.
“No, you want to cut your hair short?” Qiao Yi bent down and looked at me curiously: “You wouldn’t be so angry because you were stimulated by Xi Qingchuan today.”
I looked at her in the mirror: “Suddenly I want to have a haircut, I suddenly want to change my image, change myself.”
Qiao Yi was very excited: “Yes, yeah, changing your image can change your mood. What kind of hairstyle do you want to cut?”
“Cut a neat short haircut, the kind of glamorous and ruthless female killer.”
Qiao Yi was even more excited than I was: “Well, well, we will have a haircut early in the morning tomorrow morning and change our image, then what?”
“Then no matter what the reason for Xiaoshi, she killed my dad, and I want her to pay for it. She killed my child. She snatched the shares that she gave me. How could she snatch me? How to get it back.”
“Pretty!” Qiao Yi slapped his thigh with excitement, “Xiao Sheng, do you know that the firmness and fierceness in your eyes when you say these things is something I have never seen before, Xiao Sheng,” she supported My shoulder: “Will you really get revenge? Will you really get back everything that you have been pitted by Xiao Shi?”
“Of course, as long as it is mine, I will get my man back.”
“Pretty!” Qiao Yi jumped up excitedly: “That’s what I want, Xiao Sheng, I have always wanted to see you like this. It’s impossible to fight against the world in this world. Just like Qiao Jianqi, I know He didn’t want Joe’s shares, and he didn’t want to snatch it with me, but he didn’t want to deal with his mother. He ended up hiding in a foreign country with ease. He is also selfish.”
“I understand.” I combed my tousled hair that was blown by Qiao Yi and straightened it with a comb. “Actually, I am selfish, whether it is the Virgin or green tea, but I just want to complete myself. Set it up. In fact, I’m selfish to put it bluntly. No matter what happened in the past, I always looked like the world was harassing what to do with me. Qiao Yi, I am a daughter, and I have also been I’m a mother, I’m still your friend, and I’m Xi Qingchuan’s lover, so I am responsible to you. I can’t shrink everything and treat it as a worldly expert.”
Qiao Yi suddenly held my face with two hands, and I saw tears gleaming in her eyes.
I actually told Qiao Yi to cry. I know it’s not how attractive my language is, but that she waited too long for today.
Qiao Yi is the best friend in the world. She never kidnap me with his suit. She waits for the day when I transform.
It may not be metamorphosis, but I told me it was myself, at least I should have changed.
The word “Wu Shiwu” is not a commendatory word in my dictionary from now on.
Drying our hair, Qiao Yi and I lay on the bed and looked at the ceiling.
Qiao Yi asked me: “Xiaosheng, you have been firm, are you going to back down?”
“No.” I answered her firmly.
“What about Brother Boat, he transferred your files, will you pursue it?”
“Yes.” I turned my head to look at Qiao Yi: “He is a lawyer, but he has no professional ethics. No matter what his motivation, he did what he shouldn’t do.”
“But if you expose him, then he may not be able to become a lawyer in his entire life.”
“Then he can at least be a human being.” I sighed for a long time, and the halo of the ceiling lamp on the ceiling projected on the wall like a blooming rose: “Joe, will you support me?”
“Of course, Xiao Sheng.”

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