Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 457

I didn’t think that Xi Qingchuan and I met again on such an occasion, and he was wearing a gown ready to be engaged to Xiao Shi.
Although I know very well in my heart, he did this not because he loves flute and poems, but because he wanted to use flute and poems to hit me.
But I still feel uncomfortable in my heart.
Because the eyes he looked at me were completely different from the eyes he came to the hotel to look for me a few days ago.
He was indifferent as if I was just a clerk in a bridal shop.
There is not such a famous saying in romance novels: The most painful injury is ignorance.
At this moment, Xi Qingchuan was like ignoring me yesterday. He didn’t seem to see me, and his eyes lightly passed from my face.
I must be sad, but I can also pretend to be nonchalant.
Acting things like acting may require talent, and I think I seem to have such talent.
When Xi Qingchuan walked to Xiao Shi’s side, Xiao Shi inserted his arm into Xi Qingchuan’s arm, and then leaned his head on his shoulder: “Well, your dress is pretty, but It doesn’t seem to match the dress on me.”
“If you don’t get it, I’ll stay with you until it gets up.” Xi Qingchuan stretched out his hand and hugged her shoulder vigorously, lowered his head and said to her with a smile.
His tone can be described as petting, I really heard goose bumps.
But I also heard a bit of falsehood and um, I was almost 100% sure that Xi Qingchuan did it to me on purpose.
I didn’t expect him to be so naive, and I don’t think he should do such a thing when he is naive.
“Did you see Xiaosheng?” When Xi Qingchuan was about to turn around to continue changing his dress, Xiao Shi took his hand and asked softly.
“I can’t see it.” Xi Qingchuan replied: “Where is he? Is there such a person?”
Then he went to the fitting room to change clothes, and Xiao Shi’s mouth raised a triumphant smile, and she spread her hands to me: “What? Xi Qingchuan hates you more than I thought.”
I shrugged and turned to Qiao Yi: “Let’s go!”
“Xiaosheng!” Xiao Shi called to me: “Give me a mailing address, and I will let someone send the invitation to you.”
“Oral notification is fine,” I told her: “Don’t use invitations for engagement. It feels weird. It won’t be too late for you to send invitations when you get married to Xi Qingchuan.”
I was so angry that Xiao Shi was angry because I saw her anger quickly surfaced in her eyes: “I haven’t seen you for a few days, who taught you that you are still clever? Romance novels?”
I angered Xiao Shi so soon, and I actually felt a little sense of accomplishment in my heart.
Suddenly I found that irritating others is a pretty cool thing. I want to see Xiao Shi mad in my sight, just as hysterical as Xiao Lingling.
I used to think that Xiao Lingling and Xiao Shi were completely different. Now I think they are exactly the same on some levels. Xiao Lingling is no better than Xiao Lingling, but she is even more sinister.
I confirmed the engagement of Xi Qingchuan and Xiao Shi, so even if I win Xiao Shi with my tongue, this fact still makes me very sad and frustrated.
I don’t know if this is Xi Qingchuan’s method to retaliate against me. There are thousands of ways to retaliate against me. Why use this one? But it just hits me, isn’t it?
Qiao Yi drove me away. She asked me, “Xiao Sheng, do you need to go somewhere to calm down?”
I shook my head and turned to look at her: “My mood is quite calm.”
“It seems quite calm.” She studied me carefully: “But you are too calm, as if there is something abnormal.”
She came to comfort me immediately: “As you said, Xi Qingchuan really wanted to marry Xiaoshi, so he could get married directly. What kind of engagement? Isn’t it just to stimulate you? This explains one point. It shows that Xi Qingchuan is I really like you.”
I don’t know if Qiao Yi’s analysis is correct, but she comforted me very successfully.
I smiled at her: “Anyway, it seems that Xi Qingchuan’s road is broken, and the possibility of finding him to invest in us is now gone.”
“Yeah!” Qiao Yi sighed, “Xi Qingchuan was a good candidate, but it doesn’t work anymore. No matter.” She looked at her watch: “Let’s have lunch and go to the bidding meeting in the afternoon. It’s good to try your luck as you go.”
So I went to try our luck with Qiao Yi, Qiao Yi is very magical, we don’t belong to any company, and we were able to enter the bidding meeting.
We also dressed up in disguise, Qiao Yi said that it is best not to let anyone recognize us, in case it reaches Xiao Shi’s ears, I am afraid she will be a little defensive in the future.
So Qiao Yi disguised us very carefully, but I think if someone I know sees that we can’t recognize us, then he is a fool.
Just like in the martial arts novels, the heroine disguised as a man, and the heroes who get along with her day and night can’t see it. What kind of hero is this kind of IQ?
The prospects for this big project of the bidding meeting are quite good.
There is just one thing. The initial investment required is too large. Although the bid can be split afterwards, it is still necessary for one person to vote for the bid in the early stage, and then divide the bid.
So even though the project is very attractive, there are no people who dare to chew on this fat, but very hard bone.
I was a little nervous. I was worried that someone would vote for the bid. We completely lost the opportunity.
However, even if we are given this opportunity now, we still don’t have this ability.
“Why didn’t Xiao Shi come to bid?” I asked Qiao Yi in a low voice.
“She is waiting for others to divide the bid. Do you think she can get the first bid with her current strength? She wants to take it. I heard Ruan Ling said that she had several meetings and wanted to take this bid down, but the company’s The senior management strongly opposed it.”
“It’s over, it’s over.” Qiao Xie suddenly muttered a series of words: “Someone has submitted the tender, and anyone dares to take it down. If only one person submits the tender, then he will take it down steadily.”
It was a young man who handed in the tender. Our eyes followed his tender and returned to his position.
We don’t know that man, but the other young man sitting next to him made me and Qiao Yi straighten our eyes.
“So familiar.” Qiao Yi hit me with his elbow: “Is it familiar?”
Not only is it familiar, I am still familiar.
I muttered softly, using a volume that only me and Qiao Yi could hear: “It’s Baiyu.”

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