Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 464

He actually hung up my phone, and his tone was cold and merciless.
But I’m sure he is not really indifferent. If he is really not interested in me, he will not drive the car back and tell me that he does not want to listen to my explanation.
He is a bit like playing with me, deliberately letting me coax him.
I hope my guess is correct.
I thought about it, and dialed Xi Qingchuan again, and he was connected.
If he really doesn’t want to talk to me, he won’t answer my call at all.
“Xi Qingchuan,” I have a way of pretending to be pitiful. When my voice is low, it sounds nasal, a bit like crying: “I twisted my ankle just now, and there is no way to walk.”
He didn’t speak on the other side of the phone, and I said again: “I don’t have a wallet, and there is no money in my phone. Anyway, I have no money and no way to take a taxi.”
“Don’t block your road so badly, you will think of a way.” Hearing Xi Qingchuan’s tone, he is about to hang up, I have to think about it quickly.
I was talking to him while walking on the road. When I was distracted, I stepped on the air and screamed, but I didn’t fall.
Xi Qingchuan immediately asked me what’s wrong on the phone?
In a word, although I can’t tell if he is nervous or not, I seem to have noticed between the sparks and flints. I pretended to be panicked and said to Xi Qingchuan that someone had robbed my bag just now. Hey, he is back. , He came back, don’t come, then I hung up the phone.
I was pretending to meet the gangster, hoping that my self-directed and self-acting play could fool Xi Qingchuan.
Qiao Yi also said that my acting was too superficial and unconcerned. I don’t know if I can lie to him, or will he be cheated by me willingly?
I hung up the phone and waited where I was. Actually, I was quite nervous. I’m not sure if Xi Qingchuan will come back to look for me.
I don’t know if Xi Qingchuan had some bad guys just now, and now I have really recruited the bad guys.
I was standing where I was. There was a car that was driving by my side. I didn’t notice them at all. When I hung up the phone and was pacing on the side of the road, I realized that there was a car that was not far from me. Far away.
I took a look inside the car. The car, including the driver, was all men, and they all looked in my direction unkindly.
I suddenly realized that I was wearing a short skirt today, the kind of bud skirt that tightly wraps my thighs and buttocks above the knee.
This skirt clearly outlines the curve of my lower body, and my legs are pretty long, long, thin, white, and straight. It’s weird that I don’t get caught by bad guys when I’m on the road in the middle of the night.
I hurried a few steps and their car drove a little faster.
If I stop, they will drive the car slower.
So there is no doubt that the people in that car are directed at me.
Should I go back to see Qiao Yi? I was at the intersection not far from the bar, and it was too late to run back to find her.
I was about to turn around when the car suddenly creaked to a stop beside me, and then two men got out of the car and walked towards me.
I turned around and ran, but I heard footsteps behind me. They strode faster than me.
Someone squeezed my elbow and said lightly: “Miss, it’s so fate, how boring to meet someone, go, get in the car, brothers and chat with you.”
My luck is so bad, it’s rare for a person to meet a bad guy.
I struggled hard and didn’t get away from them. I am not Qiao Yi. If Qiao Yi were to fall back, a man who could hold my arm would fall forward.
“Let go!” I yelled.
It doesn’t matter if there are anyone on the road, yelling at them.
One of them took a close look at my face and said, “It’s a little beauty, with such a good figure and such a beautiful face, it’s superb.”
“This face has not undergone plastic surgery, it seems to be original!” Someone stretched out his hand to pinch my chin and tugged.
They are so rampant, it would be great if Qiao Yi was there, and they would cut off their hands one by one.
But I am alone and weak, where is their opponent?
I was ashamed and angry, but they dragged me to their car.
I was about to be dragged to the side of the car by them, and then as soon as the door opened, they could shove me in. If I was brought into the car by them, they could slaughter me, whatever they wanted.
I screamed: “What are you doing to let me go, let me go!”
But there are no people on the street, only cars passing by. In fact, even if there are people, no one will come forward and pull me out of the evil spirits like them.
I am very desperate at the moment, and I feel that I must be dead tonight.
I was dragged to the side of the car by them. Someone opened the door and pressed my head to push me forward.
At the moment when I was pushed into the car by them, I heard the sound of a car slamming on the brakes beside us, and then someone ran over and pulled the person who pushed me away.
I turned around and was pleasantly surprised to see Xi Qingchuan. He was like a brave boxer, punching the men.
I don’t know whether those men are healthy or not, but they are like radishes planted in the ground. Xi Qingchuan fisted them, and they fell down.
Those men really didn’t fight, or Xi Qingchuan’s shot was too heavy, in short, he hit the opponent’s eyebrows with every punch, and soon those people lay on the ground in a rush.
Generally, I can only see this kind of scenes in movies, and the protagonist’s halo is a mess.
I was still in a daze, Xi Qingchuan took my hand and dragged me out of the car.
He looked at me up and down: “Are you in trouble? Do you want to go to the hospital?”
“I’m not made of tofu.” I said.
Xi Qingchuan raised my hand, and the man pulled my arm very hard just now, and his wrist was reddened by him, but the broken skin is not considered an injury.
Xi Qingchuan’s face is ugly. I don’t know if it’s because my fortune is so low that I can meet a satyr on the road well.
He took out his cell phone and started calling. I thought he called the police, but he called his assistant: “Find someone to clean up and fix them!”
“Don’t you call the police?”
He hung up the phone and put it in his pocket: “The alarm is very troublesome. You have to record a statement. Besides, it is too cheap for them to report to the police.”
Xi Qingchuan’s feet in leather boots stepped directly over the chests of those people. Those people were grinning and screaming. Usually, daring people would not be beaten.

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