Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 467

Xi Qingchuan escorted me to the door, but didn’t plan to go in. Xiao Lingling warmly invited him to sit in.
Xi Qingchuan’s expression was disdainful: “When will you truly become the masters here, then invite me in for coffee.”
Then Xi Qingchuan left, Xiao Lingling looked at me: “What does he mean? By the way, how did you get together with Xi Qingchuan? Isn’t he and Xiao Shi about to get engaged soon?”
“I don’t think you are still free to ask about these gossips, ask for more blessings!” I said: “Since Xiao Shi has sealed my father’s room, you should not go in again.”
I don’t believe that Xiao Lingling ran into their room in a good way to cherish their memory.
I looked at her: “Did you take away father’s calligraphy and painting, and your mother’s jewelry?”
“Where is it? I just went to see if Xiao Shi could secretly take their things and sell them.”
“Is that sold?”
Xiao Lingling shook her head: “She is also weird. She put all those good things away and piled them up in the corner. Even if she said that she sealed my dad and mom’s room for me to remember. In the past, but she demolished everything in the house, such as the bed, the cabinet, and even the wallpaper. There are only a few large white walls left. I really don’t know what she wants to do.”
I know what she wants to do. She is afraid that she has a guilty conscience, but that room is not occupied by her father alone, as well as her mother!
I suddenly had an idea between the electric light and the flint. I always felt that the death of my stepmother was too strange and unexpected. Could it be Xiaoshi?
No, no, I quickly denied this idea of ​​mine.
Although I don’t know why she killed her father, she really has no reason to kill her mother!
Could it be that she wants to be the master of the Xiao family and the Xiao family to get rid of all the people around her?
This thought made me shudder, and Xiao Shi seemed to have become a demon.
“What are you thinking? You shook your head and nodded again?” Xiao Lingling stared at me: “What did you think of?”
“I don’t think about anything.” I said to her: “It’s not early, you can rest early!”
I went back to my original room. My room was still unmoved and kept as it was, so I became more and more suspicious of Xiao Shi.
She moved my room, but demolished his parents’ room.
I didn’t bring my luggage back, but it turned out that Xiao family had my belongings, so I washed and lay down.
Qiao Yi called me, and she asked me if I had done Xi Qingchuan.
I told her that I was at Xiao’s house now, and Qiao Yi was taken aback, but he didn’t say anything.
“It’s also a good choice to go back to Xiaojia, but you are sure you can handle Xiaoshi. Now the more I look at Xiaoshi, the more perverted you feel. You have to be careful. Think about the birth of her and the birth of her. Father can do it, and now you threaten her and Xi Qingchuan again, and maybe what she can do.”
“I know.” I said, “Don’t worry, I will be careful.”
I talked to Qiao Yi for a long time. She left the bar long ago and changed to another place to continue drinking. Now she has just returned home.
I chatted with Qiao Yi and got sleepy, and then I fell asleep.
I don’t know when Xiao Shi came back, but I think it was the security guard who told her that Xiao Lingling and I were both back, so I was awakened by her clap at the door.
I knew Xiao Shi would come to me the first time, so I locked the door.
I put on my nightgown to open the door, Xiao Shi was standing at the door and wearing the white gown that I wore at night like a wedding dress.
Dressed like this in the middle of the night, I actually think she has a nerve problem.
I leaned at the door, sleepy: “What’s the matter?”
“Xiao Sheng, what are you doing in my house?”
I don’t know when I started, Xiao Shi was not calm at all when talking to me, even some hysterical.
“What are you doing at my house? Get out of me right away!” Xiao Shi was about to pull me, and I stretched out my hand to fend off her.
“This is also my home, you don’t have the right to drive me away.”
“Who told that this is your home? Your surname is Xiao because you are lucky, but who admits it? You are not a Xiao family at all. Get out of me immediately, or I will call the police.”
“I still want to call the police. Dad’s will is clearly written. I will always have the right to live in the Xiao family. No one has the right to drive me away!”
“Will, testament! Every one of you says a will, a will is a fart!” Xiao Shi suddenly exploded with me.
I was simply too surprised, because Xiao Shi has always been the kind of real eldest daughter in my mind, saying that the princess is a bit exaggerated, but her demeanor is elegant and the person is as pale as a chrysanthemum, like a wild orchid.
But now Xiao Shi is farther and farther away from my usual impression of her.
Xiao Shi seemed to be particularly disgusted with the will, and her hysterical and vigorous appearance made me feel particularly strange.
Xiao Shi has lost her demeanor, and she is no longer the old lady who was as indifferent as a chrysanthemum.
She is the horrible woman who uses all means to achieve her own ends.
I looked at her quietly: “If you want to call the police, call the police, but I have the right to live here. I am protected by law.”
I closed the door in front of her face, and I heard Xiao Shi’s unbearable scream: “Xiao Sheng, don’t think you change your hair style and you will become another person. You are still the same scumbag before, don’t think I am There is no way to get you out of my house, this is my house, and everything here is mine!”
I never knew that Xiao Shi had such a strong possessive desire for these external objects, and she hid it so well.
I locked the door and locked my windows by the way.
Looking at the state of Xiaoshi, she really couldn’t tell what she could do.
In fact, I didn’t fall asleep in the middle of the night. I kept wondering whether my stepmother suddenly died and there was no direct contact with Xiao Shi.
I think it might be easier to check if I started the check from my stepmother.
I didn’t fall asleep until dawn, and I felt that I hadn’t been asleep for a long time, and I was awakened by Xiao Lingling’s octave high voice.
Lingling with Xiao Ling is always uneasy.
Xiao Lingling was arguing with Xiao Shi, and her voice was sharp: “Xiao Shi, tell me, where did you get that necklace from mom? Mom said that you would give it to me before, so you can hand it over! “

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