Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 477

I have to prepare birthday gifts that my grandma likes. I don’t plan to give them particularly expensive ones, because I know Xiao Shi will definitely do what he likes and will rack my brains to please grandma’s favor.
What jade bead bracelets are made, what gold and jade buddhas are, I can also think of the flute and poems.
I remembered that my grandma used to like to eat a Ruyi crisp, which was made with taro.
The original aunt of the Xi family could do it, but she couldn’t even do a good job as a cook. Later, the aunt’s daughter gave birth to a child, and she went home to help her take the child.
Later, my grandmother often talked about the wishful pastry, saying that no one could make the taste that the aunt made it.
In fact, I know how to make the Ruyi Crisp. When I saw my grandma likes to eat it, I learned it from my aunt a few times, and I also learned it.
But I have never had the opportunity to make it for my grandma. Today I tried to make it. Although my birthday gift is not expensive and not eye-catching, it was thoughtful.
Those jade, gold, and grandma are too many and too much, so she politely said thank you if someone gave her to her, she piled it aside and didn’t even touch it.
The main ingredient of Ruyi Crisp is Lipu taro, which happens to be available in the kitchen at home. When Yu Ma saw that I was going into the kitchen, she asked me quickly: “Second Miss, what do you want to eat? Tell us what you want to eat, I Do it for you, you don’t need to do it yourself.”
“Nothing, anyway, I am idle, so I can pass the time.”
It took me several hours to steam the taro and mash the taro into a puree. I tossed in the kitchen for an entire afternoon to make it.
I first set a plate for Yu Ma and Liu Ma to have a taste, and they sighed and admired: “Second Miss’s hands are clever. It tastes delicious when you look at it.”
I asked them to taste it. They took a piece, took a bite and nodded, “It’s delicious. This crispy taste is really good. It’s soft and waxy, and it’s burnt and crispy on the outside. I never I know that taro can make such a delicious snack!”
It was highly praised by Yu Ma and Liu Ma, and I also tasted it. It was indeed similar to the taste made by the aunt of the Xi family.
I took a look at the time. It was almost time for dinner, so I found an insulated lunch box and packed the Ruyi crisps, quickly dressed up, and rushed to a restaurant called Deyilou.
Actually, I didn’t know where they ate. I guessed it. Last time I heard my grandma say that she wanted to eat lotus root dumplings from Deyilou, but the stuff was too starchy and the elderly could not eat more. Grandma said that she would wait until her birthday. Well, I am the oldest on my birthday, and I want to have a good meal.
So I guessed I would go to Deyilou today. If I guess wrong, then I’m smart.
I rushed to the outside of the restaurant and saw Xi Qingchuan’s car in the parking lot.
It seems I guessed it right, this year my grandma’s birthday is indeed chosen here.
I walked in with a lunch box, Xi Qingchuan’s pomp has always been a big day, he will cover the entire restaurant.
Therefore, the huge proud building was empty, with only people sitting at the table in the middle.
It seems that grandma doesn’t want to make a big deal, but the family will have a meal together.
I came here by coincidence. The food is already on the table and everyone is here, but there are still no seats available.
Xiao Shi was giving a present to her grandma. She was half-bent over and looked respectable, dragging a brocade box in her hand.
From my side, I can clearly see that there is a Buddha statue of jade inside the box. The jade is very transparent, and it is a good thing at first glance.
Xiao Shi took great pains to please her grandma. I saw that the old lady’s face was so normal that she didn’t even lift her eyelids.
Grandma doesn’t seem to like Xiaoshi all the time. I don’t know why, she likes me very much.
I am very grateful for my grandma’s love, so I also treat her as my pro-grandma.
Grandma didn’t say anything, and didn’t accept gifts. Xiao Shi was not embarrassed. She handed the gift to Xi Qingchuan with a smile: “If grandma doesn’t like it, I will buy what you like and give it to you.”
“No need.” The old lady finally said: “Don’t buy gifts or anything. I don’t like what you buy anyway.”
This old lady was too direct. Xi Qingchuan stood beside Xiao Shi, facing me sideways, I couldn’t see his expression.
I sank and walked towards them carrying the lunch box.
“Grandma.” I called after them, and everyone turned their heads to look at me.
Xiao Shi was surprised, her eyes widened, and I knew what she was thinking.
She may think that I am an evil spirit, and I will always follow her no matter where she goes.
And Xi Qingchuan still looked at me with his insightful eyes, as if he had already guessed that I would come.
I expected him to act. I didn’t even know that grandma’s birthday was today. How could he guess that I would come?
Grandma was really surprised, she immediately stood up from her chair and stretched out her hand to me: “Xiao Shengsheng, why are you here?”
I hurried over and held my grandma’s hand: “I will definitely have your birthday!”
“Good coming, good coming, this birthday is fun! Come to Xiaoshengsheng, sit next to me, then, Xi Qingchuan, you sit next to Xiaoshengsheng, don’t stand stupidly, sit down quickly what!”
Father Xi and mother Xixi are also there, I don’t know what to call them?
If I call my uncles and aunts, it would feel too boring. Besides, it is true that I feel a little guilty for Dad Xi, because I misunderstand what he and my mother have for a photo.
So I still call their parents as before. Dad Xi and Mom Xi are very decent, and they greet me warmly and thoughtfully.
Although I was an uninvited guest, the Xi family accepted my arrival gently.
Only Xiao Shi, I see her angry fingers are trembling, but because Xi’s family are all around, she is unlikely to have an attack.
I sat down next to my grandma and gave him my gift by the way.
Grandma looked at the lunch box: “It shouldn’t be the Jade Buddha inside, right?”
“Of course not, how can I let the Buddha stay in the lunch box?” I smiled.
“That thing is valuable, but it doesn’t mean to charge too much, and I can’t eat or drink. I am so old, what do I need so much gold and silver jewelry for?”
Grandma dissed Xiaoshi intentionally or unintentionally, and I noticed that her face was green with anger.
I opened the lunch box, and the scent of taro came out from it.
Grandma looked at it and shouted with joy: “Wow, Ruyi Su, my goodness, Qing Chuan, you see there is no such thing, Ruyi Su!”
Grandma yelled too loudly, I was a little embarrassed.
It seems that what’s in the lunch box is not Ruyi Su, but what a super baby.

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