Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 482

Xiao Lingling seemed to have just reacted.
“She really said that to you?”
“I said it, and I said it more than once. Xiao Lingling, the more you bully my dad, the more you want to protect me, so the more you hate me. Xiao Shi directed this drama throughout my youth Life, in fact, what kind of deep hatred do we two have to do? Xiao Lingling Your life in Xiao’s house seems to be difficult because of me, and you were punished by your father all day long, but who is the initiator?”
Xiao Lingling looked at me dumbly.
“It looks like me, but it is Xiaoshi. If you tolerate me in this house, what can I influence you?”
“You are not Dad’s biological daughter, but he left so many shares to you.”
Xiao Lingling was really short-sighted, and he couldn’t get away with money if he talked about it.
“It’s wrong. Dad left 30% of the shares to me, but she still has a large part of her share. If you do well in Xiaoshi, you are his own daughter. How could he not do it for you? What do you think about? And Xiao Shi is your own sister. Now she has taken away my shares and owns 40% of the entire company. She is the largest shareholder. Then you may not take advantage of it, and you seem to be caught by her. Was it expelled from the board of directors?”
Xiao Lingling touched her head: “She said Xue Wen had embezzled public funds to fill his pockets.”
“It is not ruled out that there is such a possibility, but Xue Wen is also very likely to be lured into committing a crime.”
“What does it mean to induce crime?”
Xiao Lingling asked me like a fool, and I was speechless.
She only knows that she is greedy for money, but she doesn’t know how to use her head to think about it. What is she thinking about?
Thinking about Xiao Lingling, this was a failure enough. The money was cheated by her husband, and the shares were robbed by her sister. If she failed, she failed even more than me.
I told Xiao Lingling to keep knocking on the door at night. Xiao Lingling was obviously not happy: “I didn’t sleep well last night. Do you know that a woman wants to make up her beauty sleep.”
“You don’t want that jewelry anymore?”
“Give me cakes to lie to me, Xiaosheng, I find that you seem to be getting more and more insidious now. You and Xiaoshi are the same thing, dogs that bite and don’t bark.”
Now, I’m telling the truth with Xiao Lingling.
I looked at Xiao Lingling’s eyes and told her word by word: “Do you know? It’s not a coincidence that Dad was in a car accident.”
“What do you mean?”
With a mind like Xiao Lingling’s, I’m not suitable for muzzling her at all, and it’s best to speak clearly.
“I have 100% evidence that Dad’s death was related to Xiao Shi.”
“What are you talking about?” Xiao Lingling’s eyes stared like copper bells: “How is it possible? How could it be related to Xiao Shi?”
I knew it was impossible to make Xiao Lingling believe it was impossible, so I took out the phone and showed him the video.
She widened her eyes and said nothing, except when Xiao Lingling looked at the jewelry, I had never seen him look so serious.
She watched the entire video and didn’t speak for a long time. I pushed her shoulders: “I believe you now?”
Xiao Lingling raised his head and looked at me with that kind of dumbfounded eyes: “Xiao Shi is crazy, why is she killing Dad?”
Her voice was a bit loud, and I quickly covered her mouth: “Don’t be surprised.”
“No wonder, no wonder.” Xiao Lingling kept muttering to herself, and I quickly asked her why she was wondering.
“No wonder, when Dad was in the hospital, Xiao Shi suddenly told me not to give Dad a blood transfusion. I asked her why. She said that she doubted your life experience, so she asked you to donate blood to see if you were Dad’s child. Up.”
No wonder Xiao Lingling suddenly chirped and crooked when the blood was drawn that day, and also said that she had an official holiday and that she refused to donate blood like this or that. At that time, I was so angry that Xiao Lingling was the number one white-eyed wolf bestowed by God It turns out that he was bewitched by Xiao Shi.
“Why are you so stupid? He is your father, he will die if he has too much blood.”
“I don’t know how serious it is, Xiao Shi told me it was just a small car accident.”
“How did I know that my father died suddenly? Xiao Shi is two birds with one stone, and two birds with one stone.” Xiao Lingling said to herself: “On the one hand, I really tried to show her that you are not a father’s child. On the other hand, she was originally a child. I just want to put my father to death. This will kill two birds with one stone.”
Even a stupid person like Xiao Lingling has figured it out.
I thought she had only men and money in her eyes.
“So are you still willing to knock on the door for me at night?”
“What’s the point of knocking on the door in the middle of the night? Pediatrics.”
Xiao Lingling still doesn’t like my way, what idea can she come up with?
I told her: “If you want to defeat a person, you must first kill her will, and attack her mentally, so that you can get twice the result with half the effort.”
Xiao Ling Ling nestled in my sofa for a long time and said nothing, she seldom was so silent.
After a long while, she raised her head and said to me: “Xiao Sheng, you said that Xiao Shi killed her father. Is it possible that it was because of her guilty conscience?”
“What is her guilty conscience?”
“I don’t know if I should tell you one thing.”
I don’t know what’s going on, so it depends on her willingness to talk about it.
Xiao Lingling studied for a while, then looked up and told me: “Actually, my mother had an old lover out there. At that time, my dad and your mother were fighting fiercely, so my mother was frustrated and had a lover outside. In fact, I know it all.”
I listened to Xiao Lingling quietly, and she continued.
“Do you think Xiaoshi doesn’t look like my dad?”
Xiao Lingling squinted, and when she said this, I suddenly felt that it was indeed the case.
In fact, Xiao Lingling looks a lot like his father, especially the mole on the corner of the eyebrow, where father also has one.
Although Xiao Shi looks beautiful, most of her looks like a stepmother and not like her father. Moreover, her father has a single eyelid, and her stepmother has a single eyelid. The double eyelid was cut later.
But Xiao Shi has double eyelids, but no one has ever studied this kind of thing.
Because genes are difficult to talk about, and I don’t know which aspects are inherited and which aspects are not inherited.
I know what Xiao Lingling is going to talk about?
She stared at me wide-eyed: “You said it is possible that Xiao Shi is not my father’s child at all? She was born to my mother and the man outside of him?”
That said, it is really possible, so that Xiao Shi killed his father and said it passed.
“That means.” I murmured: “Xiao Shi didn’t know that she was not her father’s child at first, but why did she kill her father?”
“It’s very simple. Dad later learned about this, and he probably had a dispute with Mom. Then, in a big anger, he said that Xiao Shi has nothing to do with Xiao family, and I will not leave everything to her, and Xiao Shi heard about it. , She will kill the killer.”
Xiao Lingling seemed to be telling a story, really completely stunned me.

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