Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 483

Is this possible? Although Xiao Lingling is a bit exaggerated, I think this possibility is still very high.
“Really? She would kill her father for money, but the person who raised her from childhood to adulthood.”
“Then why do you kill people? There is a saying that you have heard that people die for money and birds die for food. Xiaosheng, you are really a silly white sweet. What did you kill for from ancient times to the present? Of course, it’s all for Money, status, fame and fortune are these things.
What, Xiao Sheng seems to care about these foreign objects, right?
Look at her jewelry box. She has the most jewelry and the most money in the small vault. She looks gentle and calm, so mom and dad like her the most, and they have the most good things for her. It turns out that Xiao Shi, the **oss, is the most hidden thing in the end.
She killed her father, and I will make her pay for it.
Isn’t it just knocking at the door in the middle of the night? Let me knock on the door for a lifetime, as long as I can scare her to death. ”
I reached a consensus with Xiao Lingling, and I also got a very useful information.
That is, it is possible that Xiao Shi is not Dad’s child. I think this reason is definitely justifiable.
I was stunned by this hypothesis, and I couldn’t recover for a long time.
But it’s good. Now in this room, I’m not the only one who hates him, Xiao Lingling, and hates him to the bone.
I don’t know how much Xiao Lingling’s ability is or how much it can help me, but it is definitely a good thing for me to give my enemy one more enemy.
Before Xiao Lingling left my room, she asked me, why is Xiao Shi so angry?
“Because I attended Grandma Xi Qingchuan’s birthday party, she became the unpopular one.”
“No wonder he was so angry. Xiao Shi was afraid that her status would not be preserved. She finally got everything she wanted.” Xiao Lingling patted me on the shoulder: “I think it is not a wise choice for you to live here now. Xiao Shi guesses that she wants to kill you in her dreams, so you will live next door to her. Are you afraid of what she will do to you?”
“Well, so I need you to protect me.”
“I can protect your ass, don’t count on me, you can count on Xi Qingchuan.”
“Do you still want jewelry?”
“Xiao Sheng, I found that you are bad now, or are you just a horrible idea?” Xiao Lingling glared at me: “That night, everything will be the same. That’s it. I will go to sleep for a while.”
At 12 midnight, her scream came from Xiao Shi’s room on time, and she screamed miserably.
Xiao Lingling knocked on the door and pulled the switch again, and he was full of fun.
I smiled, turned over and continued to sleep.
I have to keep my spirits up, because the next morning, I made an appointment with Dad Xi and the others to go to the testing center for an appraisal together.
When I arrived at the hospital, Dad Xi and the others were in the hospital.
Everyone went, including Xi Qingchuan.
Fortunately, Xiao Shi did not come, and she also knew that it was not suitable to appear at this time.
I’m not worried at all, I am confident.
Dad Xi was also calm. We provided samples. While waiting outside the inspection room, Dad Xi told me, “I never knew your mother, but why should I do this appraisal? Even though it is clear. It’s self-clear, but it’s not the best to use a scientific method to silence those who are otherwise minded?”
I agree with Dad Xi’s method to solve the problem with the simplest things. Everything becomes simple, don’t bother so much.
However, I found that Xi Qingchuan was a little nervous. In the short time he was waiting, he had already bought several cups of coffee from the vending machine.
Xi Qingchuan didn’t like to eat sweets before, but since he was always with me, he also regarded it as sweet as his life. Coffee is very sweet and sweet coffee. Kissing worried that he would take it in just a few hours. Drink out of diabetes by yourself.
I walked over and took the coffee cup in his hand: “Very nervous?”
Of course he didn’t admit it, he denied it.
“What am I nervous about? What am I nervous about, even you are so calm.”
“I am very calm, but I found that you don’t seem to be calm.”
“I can’t calm down anymore.”
The two of us laughed at each other like they were talking tongue twisters.
I shook his hand gently, his fingers were slightly cold.
Xi Qingchuan was like this when he was nervous, but I was like this too.
I comforted him softly: “Don’t be nervous, what are you nervous about? You just think that. If I were your sister, then you could just marry Xiao Shi.
“You are not my sister, and I will marry her right away.” His mouth is still hard.
I nodded: “Okay, okay, what you said, don’t regret it then.”
He squeezed my hand tighter, and my fingers hurt a little.
“You idiot, you idiot. “He has been insulting my IQ, and I know that he can only relieve his tension with cursing now.
The test report came out, and I calculated that in less than a year, I had done paternity tests that could not be counted with one palm.
The doctor asked us to talk to him in the office. Everyone was nervous, except for me and Dad Xi.
The two of us looked at each other and laughed.
Standing by my side, Xi Qingchuan suddenly lowered his head and told me in a low voice: “You smile, I’m going to be nervous.”
It is rare that Xi Qingchuan has such a soft and cute side, I almost laughed out loud.
Mother Xi saw it, her expression was a bit nervous just now, and she suddenly relaxed when she saw us like this.
The doctor opened the report and handed it to Dad Xi: “The report shows that the two are not related in any way. I don’t know why the two must have such a test. I think it is unnecessary. In fact, it comes from a dominant inheritance. Look, neither of them has the possibility of being a father and daughter in appearance.”
In other words, I don’t look like Dad Xi at all.
Yes, it’s really different. Everyone was relieved to hear the doctor say this.
With Xi Qingchuan’s fingers in my palm, it suddenly relaxed.
Mother Xi called me to the outside of the office, and she held my hand with tears in her eyes and wet her eyes: “I was thinking, you are such a soft person, why you must remove the child when you were so cruel. It turns out that this is the reason.”
Mother Xi sighed heavily: “The intention of the people who set up this bureau is really too sinister and vicious. Don’t worry about Xiao Shi. If I find out that Xiao Shi did this thing, I will definitely not spare her.”
“I will solve my grievances with Xiao Shi.” I told Mama Xi word by word. She looked at me for a moment and then nodded: “Okay, I believe you will be able to solve it well.”

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