Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 489

I went to the police station with Qiao Ye. I thought I would record a confession to explain to the police, and then apologize and fine me a little bit more seriously, and that’s what happened.
But before I realized that this matter seemed to be quite serious, the police said that Xiao Shi had already sued us, saying that I had instructed Qiao Xie to physically and violently hurt Xiao Shi.
“We are in a verbal conflict. Xiao Shi has used harmful chemical gases to stun us for more than 24 hours. I just taught her normally. What happened to the courtesy? We still didn’t call the police, and she was sued by the wicked first.”
“You shut up first.” The police sternly said to Qiao Xie: “What kind of courtesy? Is the fight a courtesy? If you get hurt, you can call the police. Isn’t there a king’s law in this world? You have solved something privately. What do you want our police to do?”
I pulled La Qiaoyi’s skirt so that she wouldn’t face the police.
The police continued. You are retaliating maliciously, you have taken too hard. The informant’s facial nasal bridge was fractured, and the entire face was swollen and could not be recognized. He is still lying in the rescue room for rescue! ”
“is it so serious?”
“Of course it’s so serious, you don’t know how heavy your fists are.”
I think the police should not be alarmist, because Qiao Yi used to practice Sanda. Her punches are so heavy that most men can’t bear it, not to mention the mentally handicapped women like Xiao Shi.
I thought about it and said to the police: “Can you call a lawyer?”
“Yes, but she is not in danger of getting out, so you can’t be released on bail.”
“Don’t worry,” Qiao Yi said to me, “My lawyer is very capable and promises to get us out.”
I remember that Qiao Yi did know a lot of friends.
The police were kind enough to give us enough time to call.
But Qiao Yi made a round of calls, but a lawyer friend was not willing to answer it.
“I wipe…” Qiao Yi couldn’t help cursing again: “It’s really people who take the tea cold. I don’t know what to do. These people are a hundred thousand meters away from me. When I, Qiao Yi, get up again, see if I don’t treat them. Drive out of Huacheng one by one.”
“You don’t need to say something cruel.” I was very distressed, even Qiao Yi had no idea. My lawyer in Huacheng knew no one except Ni Yizhou.
But Ni Yizhou and I have already coaxed, and I will never look for him again.
I thought about it for a while in the entire Huacheng, except for Xi Qingchuan, there is only one person I can ask for help, and he should be able to help me.
Qiao Yi and I looked at each other, and at the same time called out a person’s name: “Bo Yu.”
“Yeah, call Baiyu, he will definitely come and fish us out, besides, Baiyu likes you so much.” Qiao Yi hit me with his elbow and smiled.
At this time, I was in the mood to joke with her. If it’s just a friend, then I’m justified by Baiyu, but I know that Baiyu likes me, and I trouble others time and time again. Isn’t that just getting a spare tire? There is a problem with moral character.
I licked my lips and let it go: “Then I would rather call Xi Qingchuan.”
“Just call Boyu.” Qiao Yi took out the phone and dialed Bai Yu’s number, then handed it to me.
Bai Yu answered very quickly. As soon as I put the phone on my ear, I heard Bai Yu’s voice coming out of the microphone. Hey: “Qiao Yi.”
I whispered: “I am not Qiao Yi, I am Xiao Sheng.”
“Xiao Sheng, what’s the matter?”
I stubbornly couldn’t speak, Bai Yu said: “If you have anything, just tell me!”
At this time, the police knocked at the door. They had been calling us for a long time.
I thought about it and gritted my teeth, but I could only say: “That’s it, do you have any familiar lawyers?”
“what happened?
“Because we had a conflict with Xiao Shi, she was injured in the hospital, and we were arrested by the police.”
“Okay, tell me which police station, I will find someone right away.”
I told him the address, and Baiyu comforted me: “Don’t worry, small things are easy to solve.”
Then he hung up the phone, and I returned the call to Qiao Yi. Qiao Yi was very proud: “What? I said he would agree to Baiyu with one bite!”
“Why are you calling him?” I was depressed: “It’s shameless to trouble people time and time again by taking advantage of others’ goodwill towards me.”
“Anla Xiaosheng, your sense of guilt is too heavy. Wouldn’t it be too wasteful to have someone like Bai Yu not using it?”
I didn’t bother to listen to her false reasoning, but the current situation prevented her from beating her as well, so I just waited for Bai Yu’s lawyer to come over.
But fortunately, according to Bai Yu’s current status, it is not difficult for him to find a lawyer, and it shouldn’t be too troublesome for him.
We sat in the house for about 15 minutes, then the police pushed in and said to us: “Go out and sign, someone will bail you.”
Is Bai Yu’s lawyer so good? The police also vowed to us just now that it is absolutely impossible to let us out on bail. How long is this?
I went out with Qiao Yi, and when we reached the hall, we saw Baiyu.
He is wearing an egg white short trench coat, light blue jeans, and long straight and slender legs. They are really seductive. Many policewomen are sneaking at him.
The beauty of Boyu Boyu is completely different from that of Xi Qingchuan.
Boyu is like a crane on the wild beach, not aggressive but appreciative.
And Xi Qingchuan is like a toned cheetah. He is the most charming when he runs and hunts, but he will kill me at any time.
Why do you think of Xi Qingchuan again at this time? He annoys me, I don’t think of him these days.
I stepped towards Baiyu and said, “I didn’t expect you to come in person.” I was a little embarrassed: “I wanted to ask you to find a lawyer for us.”
“This kind of thing doesn’t need a lawyer, and it’s not a big deal.”
“But Xiao Shi is in the emergency room now.”
“She’s not that serious, even if she has a fever and a cold at this time, she still has to go to the emergency room.” Bai Yu patted my shoulder gently. His movements were very gentle, and instantly soothed my uneasy emotions: “It’s a trivial matter, you don’t have to drive, and I will take you back wherever you go.
Qiao Yi smiled at me triumphantly, and bit his ears at me: “The spare tire is the best to use since ancient times. Sometimes the real man is unreliable. I don’t think you should rush him to get him right.”
“What are you talking about!” I glared at Qiao Yi, and pinched her hard, she was quite happy with jogging.

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