Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 492

Although I am very unskilled in this business, Qiao Yi said that I had an idea in my heart.
Ordinary seduce is definitely not good, this man must have been rolling on the wind and moon field, what kind of woman has not been seen, it does not matter to him whether he is beautiful, as long as he has money.
So if I pretend to be a rich person, then a young and beautiful rich person like me must be more attractive than Zhen Xian.
I was very excited by this thought, and I hid away and didn’t want Zhen Xian to see me.
Qiao Yi said to me: “You go over there and pretend to be on the phone, you are free to play, you can do whatever you want, I will find a way to lead that person to your side.”
So I walked to the end of the deck and took out the phone from the bag.
Even if you pretend to call, you have to think about whom to call.
After thinking about it, I dialed the landline of Qiao Yi’s house. Anyway, there was a recording on her side. Otherwise, my phone would be black, and it would be too fake to pretend to be a call.
I pretended to call my financial adviser. I was the president of Xiaoshi anyway, and I also know a little about finance.
I use that kind of arrogant tone and can’t say a bunch of things. The basic idea is to sell me the two recent stocks that have made little money, and then buy a lot of gains. better.
I noticed that the little fresh meat was all around me. My voice was neither loud nor small, but it was estimated that my appearance was more eye-catching, so he was getting closer and closer to me.
So he should have heard almost everything I said.
With so much pavement in front, it should be time to throw out my net worth.
I pretended to say to the unnecessarily person on the phone: “Anyway, those profitable stocks will be sold to me. Don’t worry, your commission will not be less than yours. Are you satisfied with the yacht that I gave you last time? I know that you have taken a fancy to a helicopter. If I am satisfied with this order, I can satisfy you with this kind of careful wish.”
This kind of dialogue from Mary Su said that my own tooth roots were sore, and then I hung up the phone and found that little fresh meat was leaning on the railing and looking at me intently.
His eyes appeared brighter on the brightly lit deck, just like a beast that had been hungry for a long time and finally found its prey.
I didn’t even give him a smile, and walked directly past him.
Although I don’t know how to attract other people’s attention, the colder a woman is, the more it will sap a man’s appetite.
Sure enough, I just walked past him when I heard him talking to me.
“Hi, hello.” Now that he struck up a conversation with me, I also stopped and turned to look at him and smiled: “Hi, hello.”
I think my smile should be very moving, and Xiao Xianrou’s eyes brighter.
“May I have the honor to buy you a glass of wine?” He was polite.
I wonder if I should agree to him or refuse?
I was thinking hard. When he saw me, he was silent and said: “Or can you drink soda without alcohol?”
In this case, I readily agreed: “Okay.”
I walked to a seat at the other end of the deck and waited for him. He quickly came over with two glasses.
He handed me a cup of pink bubbling liquid: “Strawberry-flavored soda, it feels very suitable for you.”
The not-so-novel means of smelting sisters, but the parents should be handsome, and the old-fashioned means can be bought by someone.
I smiled and took it over and thanked him: “Thank you.”
I took a sip and nodded and said, “It’s delicious.”
He sat down beside me and took a sip of the wine in his hand.
The handsome man also looks handsome when he drinks. He reported to his family: “My surname is Nie, and my name is Nie Qi.”
“Oh, what’s the matter?”
“When I get up, doesn’t it sound like a begging beggar?”
“That’s not true.”
“Then you haven’t consulted yet?”
“My name is Xiao Sheng.”
He froze for a moment, as if he knew my name: “Xiao Sheng, aren’t you from Xi Qingchuan…”
“Yes, I am his ex-wife.” I smiled happily: “Well, I was scared when I heard Xi Qingchuan’s name, so I didn’t dare to sit with me?”
“How could that happen?” He stretched out his arms and stretched his body: “You are a single woman now, and you have the freedom to contact all men and men.”
“I like to hear these words.” I smiled slightly.
At this time, my phone rang, and I took it out to see that Qiao Yi was calling.
I walked aside to answer the phone, Qiao Yi’s voice was muted on the phone: “You have been talking with him for a long time, and it’s almost done. Are you really planning to talk to him about life and ideals? I just watched it. Go to Zhen Xian and look for him everywhere. If you bump into Zhen Xian, it will be no good.”
“That’s true, but what is the use of these few words today?”
“In this way, you break something to him, and then throw him your business card and tell him to pay him the next day. There will be no time for the next meeting. I will wait for you at the entrance of the yacht, and the boat will leave soon.”
“Leave now?”
“Of course, to maintain a sense of mystery, this yacht will be so big if it is seen by Zhen Xian, will it be useless?”
I hung up Qiao Yi’s phone and walked over here, Nie Qi was still waiting for me over there.
I picked up the cup on the table and took another sip, then smiled and said to him, “Thank you for the sparkling water, goodbye.”
He was a little surprised: “Why are you leaving?”
“Yeah, I have something.”
“But the reception hasn’t started yet, and the boat will leave soon.”
“So I have to leave before the boat leaves, otherwise I can only swim back.”
I smiled and waved to him, his expression was fairly calm, but I could see a trace of anxiety in his eyes.
He must be more interested in a beautiful and rich single woman like me.
In addition, he also knew my identity. Although Xi Qingchuan and I did not have any of Xi Qingchuan’s property when we divorced, outsiders didn’t know it. They must have thought that I had split up a lot of Xi Qingchuan’s wealth.
Therefore, in Nie Qi’s eyes, I am not just a beautiful woman, but a huge golden mountain, the one that shines.
I walked past him and accidentally knocked on the table and knocked down the wine glass on his table. His hand happened to be on the table, and then all the wine in the wine glass fell on the back of his hand.
I exclaimed: “Oh, I’m sorry.”
I saw that he was wearing a watch on his wrist. It seemed that the wine had spilled on his watch. Please take off the watch. I apologized and took it over and took a look: “It shouldn’t be waterproof, right?”
“It’s okay,” he said immediately.
“I’m sorry to break your watch, so I am rushing to leave today. This is my phone number.” I took out a business card from my bag and handed it to him: “I will take the watch first, and you will give it to him tomorrow. I call, if the repair is done well, I will return the watch to you, if the repair is not good, I will buy another piece to compensate you.”

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