Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 493

I was like Cinderella who had to disappear at midnight, holding Nie Qi’s watch and ran away.
Qiao Yi waited for me at the entrance and got off the boat when he saw me coming and holding my hand.
“The king of soft rice has been watching you.” Qiao Yi said: “What kind of soup did you give him?”
“In fact, there is nothing to say, just for a little time, what can I tell him? Talk about life and ideals? I don’t just talk about trivial things.”
Qiao Yi and I got off the boat in a hurry, and Qiao Yi squeezed my hand: “Don’t look back, I’ll take a look for you.”
She looked back and told me: “He is looking at you while holding the railing, hey, what’s your hand?”
“His watch, you didn’t mean to let me ruin his thing. I will fix it tomorrow.”
Qiao Yi took the watch from my hand and looked at it carefully: “You are not mistaken, are you really planning to use it for repairs?”
“So what?”
“You are stupid, what kind of rich woman is so down to earth, she has to repair someone’s things if she breaks it, so she can just buy a piece and give it to him.”
That said, it would be too stingy to help him fix it. Nie Qi is not looking for a wealthy business woman, then I have to show off the aura of a wealthy woman.
Early the next morning, Qiao Yi knocked on my door. I just woke up, my sleepy mind was still a little unclear: “Why come and shoot my door so early?”
“Now that the malls are open, is it early?”
“Why are you going to the mall?” I turned over and wanted to continue to sleep. She ran to my bed and lifted my quilt. Fortunately, I didn’t sleep naked, or would it not be overlooked by her.
“What are you doing? Let me sleep for a while. What are you doing to the mall so early in the morning?”
“You forgot, buy a watch for that soft rice king!”
“Oh.” I just remembered it now, I went to sleep and forgot it all.
I sat up: “Okay, but is it necessary to be so active?”
“Of course, the iron must be hot, and if you are not active, then how does Xiao Xianrou know that you are interested in him?”
“Who said I was interested in him?”
“Actress, pretend.” Qiao Yi pulled me up from the bed: “Hurry up.”
I was urged by Qiao Yi to have no time to eat breakfast, so I hurried to the mall with her.
I took a look at Xiao Xianrou’s watch. I didn’t know the goods. Qiao Yi looked at it for me and said, “It’s a mid-range one, and ordinary people can’t afford it, but it’s not a luxury.”
“Oh, I said then buy the same one and give it to him.”
“Are you stupid? You have worn a piece of clothing for a long time, and then someone soiled your clothing to pay you one. Do you want to pay you for the same one?”
I think about it: “Then I’ll buy a similar piece and give it to him!”
“Xiao Sheng, please be sober.” Qiao Yi held my face and looked at me seriously: “Aren’t you stupid? If you become a man chasing a girl, you probably won’t be able to catch any of them.”
“What do you mean?” I took her hand off: “Buy it quickly, and eat breakfast when I’m done. I’m almost starving to death.”
“Then Xiao Xianrou is interested in you because you are beautiful? He sees a lot of beautiful women. He thinks you are rich. How can he show that you are rich? Of course, you have to be generous. You want to buy a better watch than this. , And the price has to be doubled, 5 times 10 times.”
“Then how much is this watch?”
Qiao Yi told me a number. I multiplied it by 5 and calculated it. That number was enough to make me stunned: “Are you wrong? A watch can almost buy a down payment for a house.”
“Please, don’t be so petty, okay? I can’t bear to let the child not catch the wolf! Besides, does a rich woman care about such a small amount of money?”
“The money Dad left me was not spent like that. Besides, I gave Xue Wen a house!”
“Those things can be taken back, besides, there is a gold master behind you, what are you afraid of?”
“Who is my sponsor?”
“Bo Yu and Xi Qingchuan, one genuine and one spare tire.”
I glared at Qiao Yi: “If you dare to say that Baiyu is a spare tire, I will kill you.”
“Just kidding!”
“You want me to give it to you.”
“I don’t want it. Boyu is not my food.” Qiao Yi dragged me to a famous store. I know his brand. The most inconspicuous watch has 6 digits.
Today we specially wore jewels, and the clerk hurriedly greeted us as soon as we came in: “Should the two ladies buy a watch? Men’s watches or women’s watches?”
“Men’s.” Qiao Yi said to her: “Take out the top-priced watches.”
My liver trembles when I hear it, but I can’t show it yet. I can’t show my faintness.
I held on, and the clerk’s eyes lit up when he heard it, and he immediately invited us to the office inside to serve us tea: “Two ladies, please wait a moment, I’ll let our manager go and open the safe.”
Need to open a safe? How much should it cost?
The clerk went out, and I bit my ears with Qiao Yi in a low voice: “Are you making a mistake? What is the top price? You see, the current posture is not 7-digit.”
“7 digits, you have never seen the world.”
“You won’t tell me 8-digit numbers? Joe, even if you sold me, I didn’t have that much money.”
“Don’t worry, take a look.” Qiao Yi touched my hand: “Can you be a little prosperous? Do you think it is so easy to hit Zhen Xian? How many rich women that Nie Qi has seen, you little boy How can he get the bait?”
“Then the price is too high.”
“Tsk tusk tusk,”” Qiao Yi shook his head: “Just like you, others thought you grew up poor. ”
As the two of us were talking, the clerk walked in with a smiling manager with a horoscope.
The manager suddenly held a tray in his hand. The bottom of the tray was black velvet and covered with a layer of red velvet cloth. At first glance, it was noble and extraordinary.
My calf was trembling, and the manager enthusiastically introduced us to the watches in his hand, and he was spitting.
With Qiao Yi’s thighs tilted and his hands on the armrests of the sofa, Fan was able to get up.
“Don’t say so much, take it out and take a look! As long as Xiao is satisfied, the price is not a problem.”
“Good, good.” The manager quickly opened the red velvet cloth covered on the tray. There were two watches in the tray, one gold and one silver, with a dazzling dial.
The manager pointed to the watch and said to us: “This piece is made of pure gold, with rubies inlaid inside, this piece is made of platinum with sapphires inside, and the blue one in the middle is a South African diamond. In all watch accessories, the diamond is the largest. This requires exquisite craftsmanship to inlay such a large diamond in the watch dial.”
Then the manager was explaining how this watch was made by craftsmen and craftsmanship. There were a lot of Balabala, but I only heard the money in my wallet rushing out.

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