Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 495

This is the first time in my life that I have spent so much money, and this money is not spent on myself and my relatives, but on an unrelated soft rice king.
After thinking about it, I feel that it’s not worth it. If it weren’t for the fear of Qiao Yi kicking me to death, I would have wanted to grab the door now.
I don’t know how much Xi Qingchuan paid me. After all, after I bought this watch, I found that there was still a lot left on my account.
I paid the money, and the manager personally packed the watch and handed it to me with both hands. I think it can sell for a lot of money just by selling the box.
He also deliberately found two bodyguards to escort us into the car, my hands were heavy.
I said to Qiao Yi: “This is a suite!”
“Remember my words, think about it, and finally you saw Zhen Xian’s face that was green with anger. You think it’s all worth it.”
“Not worth it,” I mumbled.
At this time, my phone rang. It was an unfamiliar number. I was about to hang up. Qiao Yi looked at me and said, “Could it be that soft rice king called?”
It’s really possible. He really can choke time. I just bought his watch here, and his phone call came over.
In my heart, I didn’t really want to pick it up, but after I bought it, I had to make a full set of drama. I put the phone in my ear and said to him in a lazy tone: “Hey.”
“Is it President Xiao?” It was Nie Qi who was calling, his tone was very humble.
I said: “Don’t call me Mr. Xiao, I feel like I’m very old, you just call my name, Xiao Sheng.”
“Okay Xiaosheng,” he sounded very happy.
“Oh, yes,” I said without waiting for him to speak, “I am here to fix your watch early this morning.”
“I didn’t mean that when I called. I thought you had something to do last night. If you are free today, shall we come out for a drink?”
“I’m not finished yet, I said your watch could not be repaired well, so I bought a piece and compensated you.”
“Really? That would be too expensive. In fact, it’s not necessary. My watch is not worth much.”
His tone is really not small, although the price of his watch is tens of thousands of miles away from the one I gave him, but ordinary people still can’t afford it, okay?
“I bought it all,” I said, “Let’s have lunch together at noon. You can decide the place. After you decide it, send it to my phone. That’s it.”
I hung up the phone and didn’t even say goodbye to him.
After hanging up the phone here, I saw Qiao Yi giving me a thumbs up.
“What are you doing?” I was angry.
“Xiao Sheng, I found that you are very aggressive, especially suitable for this kind of personality. You can simply be a domineering female president in the future.”
“The money for the domineering female president is not spent like this.”
“Look, you have to study hard from your family, Xi Qingchuan, look at you when you ask him for money, and he doesn’t even ask what you want to do, so you just give you so much money. This is called domineering. How can Xiaoli be a domineering female president?”
“I don’t want to be.” I looked at the watch box in the beautiful handbag next to me, and sighed long.
“Hey, when you will give this watch to the soft rice king, you must not be like this face, make it all reluctant.”
“I was reluctant, do you know how much it is?” I yelled at Qiao Yi.
No matter how hard it is, I have already made an appointment with Nie Qi, I can’t escape right away!
He quickly sent me the restaurant address. It is a French restaurant with a membership system in Huacheng. His family used to take me to Xi Qingchuan. It doesn’t matter how delicious it is, but it is super expensive.
Qiao Yi escorted me to the entrance of the restaurant. When I got out of the car, he even told me: “Remember not to look like a small family, how can you show up like a rich woman who doesn’t care when she spends a lot of money, you know?”
“I know, I know.” I was impatient: “I have spent so much money, of course I have to show it, otherwise, wouldn’t it be spent in vain?”
I walked in and saw Nie Qi right next to the window.
Seriously, he looks really seductive, and he is wearing a mint green trench coat today.
He immediately stood up when he saw me, his lower body was a pair of khaki casual trousers, and his long legs were simply too long.
I think if Xi Qingchuan knew that I was dating Xiao Xianrou with his money, he might be able to strangle me.
I walked over with the handbag holding the watch, and handed it to him: “I don’t know if you like it or not for the watch.”
“Really no need.” He said so but took it. My eyes brightened the moment he took the handbag.
He knows more goods than I do, and you can tell that this watch is very valuable just by looking at the logo.
I sat down and asked the waiter to serve me a glass of water, and then I ordered the meal slowly. In fact, I was almost starving to death. After breakfast in the morning, I was dragged by Joe to the mall to buy a watch.
After I ordered the meal, the watch was still by his hand, and he didn’t even open it.
I looked up and smiled and said to him: “Let’s open it, don’t you see, how do I know if you like it or not? If you don’t like it, then I will buy you another style.
“No, no, I should like it very much.” He took it out of the handbag and opened it. If he were a girl, I guess he would make that kind of wow exclamation.
He held it back alive, but from the look in his eyes, I could tell that he was quite satisfied with this watch.
Because there are invoices and various identification certificates of watch gems under the watch.
When my water came, I picked up a glass of water and pretended to look out the window.
I saw him turning over the sign, and when he was talking to me, I heard the slightest tremor in his voice.
“President Xiao, oh no Xiaosheng, you are too expensive. How can my watch be so expensive? You can buy my watch for dozens of dollars.”
“Really? I don’t know.” I immediately turned my head and smiled at him with a silly face: “Actually, I don’t know the brand. When I buy a watch, I only look at the price but not the brand. I just think this is the price. The watch suits you well, so I bought it.”
I leaned forward and picked up the watch in front of him. I stretched my arms across the table and said, “Come on, let me put it on for you to see if it looks good.”
He reached out his hand obediently, and I put the watch on his hand.
At this moment, I found that I really looked like the kind of rich woman who specializes in small white faces, but this super expensive watchband is really pretty in his hand.
Nie Qi’s hands were very white, so the bright rubies and blue diamonds became more and more shining, almost blinding my eyes.

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