Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 504

Basically, things are almost clear. It should be Nie Qi and Zhen Xianti who broke up. It is estimated that Nie Qi’s language will be a bit fierce, and then the two have a dispute. Zhen Xian is wearing high heels again, and the two are arguing about pushing and pulling. In the process. Zhen Xian fell to the ground. Then I had a miscarriage.
When I was young, I heard my mother tell me that she was very porcelain when she was pregnant with me.
But Zhen Xian was different. She was getting older and wrestled the child when she fell.
Qiao Yi and I stood at the back stairway. Qiao Yi took out a menthol cigarette and lit it and couldn’t take a puff. I snatched the cigarette from her finger and took a hard puff.
I saw Joe’s surprised eyes.
“What’s the matter? Why are you smoking cigarettes?” I have never smoked, and I don’t know, maybe it’s too depressed.
I feel that if I have alcohol, I want to take a sip. I smoked most of the cigarette while coughing. Qiao Yi took the cigarette from my hand: “Okay, stop smoking, I feel very uncomfortable now, right? ? My kind little fairy.”
“Stop calling me a little fairy. I’m not a fairy, and I’m not a demon. I’m just an ordinary person who tends to blame himself and feel weak at every turn.”
“Human nature. After all, cold-blooded people are still a minority in this world. All of this has nothing to do with you. This is destined. Zhen Xian is destined to have children, and she does not know people with her eyes. She doesn’t know how to use money. The love piled up is simply fake. She can’t see the people around her. Who can she blame?”
That said, but the menthol cigarettes quickly soothed my emotions.
I calmed down and said to Qiao Yi: “I want to go in and talk to Zhen Xian.”
“You are crazy, are you trying to apologize to her?”
I shrugged: “I don’t even think about what I will tell her, but I want to go in and say a few words to her.”
“Xiao Sheng.” Qiao Yi wanted to stop me, so I patted her on the shoulder and walked out.
Qiao Yi chased me behind me, but I was so fast that I threw off the athlete Qiao Yu, and then walked directly to the door of Zhen Xian’s ward and pushed in. Qin Guan was also there and he heard it. Jingjing looked back and saw me with a surprised expression.
“Xiao Sheng, why are you here?”
I smiled with him, and then walked directly to Zhen Xian’s bed.
Her face is really ugly, and her eyes are desperate. There is still makeup on her face, but she can’t hide her oldness and tiredness at all.
Zhen Xian and I had known each other for a long time. The two of us had a deep hatred in a fundamental sense. It was just because of her sensitivity and self-protection that she caused me to take away my child.
Zhen Xian opened her eyes when she heard the sound. She also looked at me in surprise, her eyes widening: “Xiao Sheng, why are you here?”
I looked at her without saying a word. Zhen Xian is such a smart person. After she stared at me for a few seconds and then her eyes widened, she pointed her finger at me: “Xiao Sheng, are you? Did you let Nie Qi break up with me? You planned it all, right?”
I still looked at her quietly, and I found my heart was calm.
I nodded with her: “Yes. Nie Qi wants to break up with you because of me, or it can be said that it is not because of me.”
“What are you talking about?” Zhen Xian’s voice trembled, and her hands pointing at me trembled: “Xiaosheng, you are so vicious, you hurt me like this, you made me lose my child, and I will strangle you. I will strangle you to death!”
She stretched out her skinny hand and rushed towards me. I couldn’t even hide because Qin Guan held him on the bed: “Zhen Xian, don’t be too emotional now, lie down!”
And Zhen Xian was indeed exhausted at the moment. Qin Guan pressed her to the bed and she lay there, panting and unable to move.
I said quietly to her: “I met Nie Qi on your yacht last night. The routine is very simple. I deliberately knew him and broke his watch. Then I gave him a piece this morning. It is equivalent to buying a villa in Huacheng, and then Nie Qi will break up with you without hesitation.”
“Impossible.” She stared at me with eyes like a dead fish, hoarse: “Impossible, he can’t break up with me for a watch! Of course, he is not just for a watch, but for his safe life in the future. .”
“No, can’t he be with me?”
“You are different, you are old, and you have a child. For a man like Nie Qi, the fault between you and him is that you want to give birth to him. Don’t you understand? Like him What a man fears most is being responsible. If you want him to give you a family now, it won’t last long without me and the two of you.”
“No, he promised me yesterday.”
“He puts on your ring, right? The ring you gave him is so valuable, why didn’t he take it? Accept the ring, you are happy, and he saves you from being harassed by you all the time, even you After getting married, he can still go out and spend a lot of money, and there are people who pay for him for free. Why not do it, everyone is happy?”
“Xiao Sheng.” Zhen Xian was lying on the bed and gritted her teeth. She had no strength to tear me up: “You have killed my child by any means, you will be retributed, you will surely!”
retribution? I was about to be laughed to death by her. I bent over and looked at her: “Now the retribution is coming, Zhen Xian, don’t forget how you harmed me, how did my child hurt me? How does Nie Qi treat your child?
I have already told him that all this is a joke. I am not interested in him. I have finished all of this very quickly, but you don’t know him too much about the man you plan to marry and have children with him.
He is so eager for quick success and quick gain because he thinks he has found a better dock, so he can’t wait to leave you. If you want to say retribution, it can only be said that the retribution is on your body.
This world is so fair, that is, you have to pay for one, and there will be no one as a tool for you to vent your anger.
My life was almost ruined by you, and now your life is ruined by yourself, and it has nothing to do with me for a dime. ”
“Xiaosheng!” Zhen Xian yelled sternly, “Xiaosheng, that is the grievance between you and Xiaoshi, you should go find Xiaoshi to settle the account! She made the idea!”
At this time, Zhen Xian is still shaking the pot, but the shaking is also useless, and the situation is overwhelming.
This is the ending of Zhen Xian and her destiny, or retribution!
I glanced at her and walked away from her bed. Zhen Xian wanted to rip with me, but she didn’t have the strength to walk out of Zhen Xian’s ward.

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