Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 507 (END)

I ran up to the stage, Xiao Shi was staring at the big screen in surprise, her face turned pale all of a sudden.
She yelled in horror: “Who put this, quickly, turn it off for me!”
“Turn it off can’t conceal your crime of killing Dad!” I rushed to the stage and grabbed Xiao Shi’s arm. She looked back at me in horror: “Xiao Sheng, why are you here? You give me out and go out! ”
“You killed Dad, you killed Dad!” I endured it for so long, and finally I could have a showdown with Xiao Shi at this moment.
“No.” She shook her head: “Don’t try to mess with my wedding, don’t think about it!”
Xiao Shi pushed me hard, and Xi Qingchuan held me fast with his eyes and hands.
“Qing Chuan.” Xiao Shi grabbed Xi Qingchuan’s arm: “I haven’t done it before, but Xiao Sheng wanted to make trouble. She framed me and framed me!”
Xi Qingchuan opened Xiao Shi’s arm, his face was very cold: “Xiao Shi, look at the gate, someone is looking for you.”
Xiao Shi looked at the door, and I also looked over. I saw a lot of people rushing in from the door, shouting Xiao Shi’s name and rushing towards the stage.
I knew it was the subcontractors who came to Xiao Shi for money, Xiao Shi stood in a daze, then suddenly awoke and turned around and ran.
When she turned around, her skirt actually had a miserable beauty.
Runaway bride, this word is quite suitable for Xiaoshi.
It is estimated that she herself did not think that one day she would run away from her wedding with Xi Qingchuan.
But she couldn’t escape, because she found someone to dig her stepmother’s grave, and when the person caught it, she naturally confessed that Xiao Shi was an instigator.
So, there are police officers waiting for her in the background.
I want her to fall into the bottom when she feels the peak.
Xiao Shi was taken away by the police, and the media shot her with guns and guns.
I have been wondering what role Xiao Shi played after my stepmother passed away.
I think it may be a severe bleeding on the operating table of the stepmother, and Xiao Shi did not take first aid.
Because it is possible that the stepmother knows the reason for the accident, Xiao Shi feels that she has a handle in her mother’s hands, so she hurts her assassin.
Xiao Shi is so cruel and unscrupulous in order to get everything she wants.
I stood on the stage and watched her being taken away by the police. She kept looking back at Xi Qingchuan and screamed: “Qingchuan, you colluded with Xiaosheng to harm me, how could you treat me like this?”
“This time.” Qiao Yi said with my shoulders: “Xiao Shi probably won’t be able to get out of it. The lawyer told me just now that the video can definitely be used as evidence. Now the police have gone to arrest the driver, and goddad is here. Tian Youling will definitely bring those who killed him to justice.”
I looked at Xiao Shi’s back and sighed.
Xi Qingchuan put his wedding gown on me: “What’s the matter?”
“Xiao Shi may not be able to get out. She killed her father, and she can’t get rid of her mother’s death. Xiao Shi has to sit in prison this time.”
Qiao Yi hit me with his elbow: “Don’t you feel sympathetic now?”
“No matter how compassionate I am, she will also pay for what she did wrong.”
The night sky tonight is dark, no matter how bright the lights in the venue are, there is no way to illuminate the night sky.
Xiao Shi was indicted on most charges. Qiao Yi told me that Ni Yizhou went to the police station to surrender, and explained the fact that he had forged the transfer contract with Xiao Shi.
In fact, even if there is no such charge, Xiao Shi will basically find it difficult to get out of prison in this life.
So I was surprised that Ni Yizhou did this, because if this happens, Ni Yizhou himself is also implicated in this matter, and he must go to jail.
Once he goes to jail, his lawyer’s license will be revoked, and there will be no possibility of being a lawyer in the future.
In other words, Ni Yizhou’s career will be ruined.
With conclusive evidence, Ni Yizhou was sentenced to two years in prison. I met him before he was transferred to prison.
In fact, I was very angry with him before. I was angry not just because Ni Yizhou did this kind of thing in conjunction with Xiaoshi for his own desires.
Also, he is far from the one I knew before, and I don’t seem to know the stranger anymore.
Now I am sitting across from the thick glass and looking at him, only a few days after seeing Ni Yizhou, he has lost a lot of weight, but he is in good spirits and his eyes are open and open.
From the look in his eyes, I feel that Ni Yizhou seems to be the original Ni Yizhou.
He looked at me and smiled: “Xiao Sheng, I owe you an excuse.”
“It doesn’t matter whether we say sorry or not.”
“Then do you still hate me now?”
I thought about it for a while and shook my head: “I have never hated you, I should just be angry and disappointed!”
“Xiao Sheng, I have never thought of hurting you. I just think that your position as president is too hard and not suitable for you. I don’t think you care about your reputation and status, so I did something like that. Now that I think about it, I’m so selfish, what right do I have to control your life?”
Ni Yizhou is very pleased to be able to figure it out, but I just feel that the price is too high.
We didn’t say anything later, I sat with him for a while and left.
Xi Qingchuan waited for me at the door, and when he saw me coming out, he walked over and held my hand: “It’s okay to talk?”
“Yeah.” I nodded.
“Do you know the biggest difference between me and Ni Yizhou?”
“What is it?” In my mind, he and Ni Yizhou are two completely different people, completely incomparable.
“Ni Yizhou just wants to get you, and I really love you. Love doesn’t have to get love, but everything you want to do is fulfilled.”
He has a serious look, and Xi Qingchuan rarely does that.
“Paste gold on my face.” Although I was very moved, I still smiled and poke his chest with my finger: “It’s like you don’t want me, don’t forget that some people are very fucked.”
“Who are some people? Do I know?” He took my shoulders and took me into his arms.
“Take you to a place.”
“Where to go?”
“Just follow me.”
Xi Qingchuan is mysterious, so I just follow to see where he takes me.
When Xi Qingchuan stopped the car, I realized that this was the place where my mother and I lived in the small building.
“Bring me here for what? This place has been bought by Xiao Shi, and the house has been pushed.”

As soon as I finished speaking, Xi Qingchuan stretched his finger forward.
I was surprised to see that the small building where my mother and I lived was still in place.
I pushed the car door and jumped down ecstatically, and ran to the small building.
The small building was exactly the same as the original one. I opened the door and went in with all the furnishings and decorations, even the color of the floor was exactly the same as the original one.
But I know this is definitely not the original small building, because I saw it was pushed down with my own eyes.
I turned my head and looked at Xi Qingchuan in surprise: “Did you let people rebuild this small building?”
“The house was not completely pushed out that day, and half of it was left. I asked them to rebuild it and restore everything in it. How? It’s exactly the same as before, isn’t it?”
“Yes, it’s exactly the same. How do you know that this small building is like this?”
“You drew a drawing and you forgot?”
“Oh.” I remember that after my stepmother signed the transfer agreement for me, she was going to renovate the small building, but only I could understand it, and I didn’t expect Xi Qingchuan to really understand it.
I was very happy and ran up and down in and out of the small building.
I don’t know where Xi Qingchuan found the oil painting that his father drew for his mother before and hung it on the wall in the living room.
I sincerely said thank you to him, but he looked at me from the corner of his eye: “Just a thank you?”
“Then what do you want?”
“I want something more valuable.”
“What is it?”
“Your life.”
“You’re so greedy.” I curled my lips: “A house wants my life?”
He hugged me from behind, and the two of us stood on the balcony looking at the lake in the distance.
Ruan Ling called me at this time. She said that because the equity transfer agreement of Xiao Shi was forged, the board of directors decided to give me the shares that originally belonged to me and the shares of Xiao Shi.
Everything I lost is back.
Xi Qingchuan put his head on my shoulder, and my neck hurt with his chin.
“Huacheng’s famous and domineering female president, don’t dump me, I’m a sugar daddy!”
I was amused by him: “Then you have to be careful.”
“Yes, yes, the little one obeyed.”
“By the way, Xi Qingchuan, you have to teach me how to run and manage the company.”
“Yes, my wife.”
“I am not your wife yet, we are already divorced.”
“Divorce can also remarry!”
Xi Qingchuan suddenly released me, took out a piece of paper from his pocket and handed it to me. I asked him in wonder, “What is this?”
“Marriage agreement?”
“Agreement?” I frowned. I still remember when Xi Qingchuan and I got married for the first time, he threw such an agreement to me before the wedding, and now I’m here again.
“What are you doing?”
“Just look at it.”
I opened the agreement and there were not many words on it, only a few lines of words.
Party A: Xiaosheng Party B: Xi Qingchuan
Marriage period, three lives for three generations.
With just a few words, I wanted to laugh but couldn’t help my nose sore. I threw the agreement back to him: “So naive.”
“Hurry up and sign.” He put the pen into my hand.
I took off the cap and signed my name in my column, and then asked him: “Would you like to press the red handprint?”
“Then I bite my finger and give you inkpad?”
“Nerv.” I pushed him, and then he took my wrist, and I fell into his arms.
The sun today is very good, and it feels warm and mellow on the body, oh, spring is here.

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