Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 51

“Impossible.” I can imagine how miserable I was when the Dong Chuang incident happened. Xi Jinyuan was the youngest darling in the family. Of course, Mother Xi was reluctant to scold him. I was the only one who was unlucky. I must directly awaken his spring and autumn dreams. : “If you want to raise me and send you off, you can apply to your mother. It has nothing to do with me.”
“It’s definitely not possible to say it directly, you can only raise it secretly.” He still knows himself.
“I can’t raise it secretly, otherwise I will send you to raise it by yourself. There is nothing to do with me.” I picked up the dirty dog ​​and stuffed it to him.
He hugged him tightly with a grieved expression: “But I won’t take care of a puppy, Xiao Sheng, can we take care of it together.”
“No, don’t be cute.” I turned around and ignored him.
“Otherwise, when I start school next semester, I will take it to the United States. I will never let others know about it during this time.”
Yes, I remember that Xi Jinyuan is still a student, and it’s not a summer vacation now. Why doesn’t he go to school?
“Why don’t you go to school?”
“I’m sick and suspend school.” He was wronged.
I suddenly felt soft-hearted: “What’s the problem? Don’t say it if it’s inconvenient.”
“Heart disease.” He lowered his head, his hair covering his beautiful eyes.
Seeing him like this, I have absolutely no way to be cruel, and he is sparing no effort to lobby me: “Please, Xiao Sheng, let’s raise it together, okay? I promise that no one will find it. One night. In your room, it was in my room one night, okay?”
Faced with such a handsome boy’s plea, I couldn’t help but refuse it vaguely: “Well, if it causes trouble, I still have to send it away, and no one can find it.”
“I see.” He jumped up happily, and raised the puppy above his head: “Oh, Xiao Sheng, let’s go shopping for it, can you drive?”
“I will.”
“Then I’ll go to the room to get my wallet, you wait for me.”
Xi Jinyuan stuffed the dog into my arms and ran out of my room.
How dare I be persuaded by him, now I have to go out with him to buy things for the dog, I am really enough.
Xi Jinyuan carried a backpack, put the puppy in it, opened the zipper to prevent it from suffocating, and then we drove out.
There are everything in the supermarket, and one can buy it all.
Xi Jinyuan chose very carefully, walked in front of many kinds of shampoos, and kept asking me: “Xiao Sheng, do you say we buy moisturizing or sterilizing ones?”
“Why don’t we buy both and use them instead.”
“You figure it out.” I was absent-minded, Puppy always poked his head out of his bag to sell cute.
I found that Xi Jinyuan was really suitable to be its owner, and he was a little bit stubborn.
In the end, we bought a lot, including dog food alone.
I was worried: “Where can I put so much mess?”
“Put it in my room.” He patted his chest: “I put it in the cabinet, and they will not turn over my cabinet without cleaning.”
“Anyway, if the Dongchuang incident happens, you have to take it all down.”
“Hey, I won’t betray you.”
Back to Xi’s house with a bunch of dog supplies, we took him to the bath.
I thought it was gray. After taking a bath, I found it was white. After drying it, it looked like a cotton candy. It was very cute.
I was reluctant to let go, Xi Jinyuan looked at me with a smile on his arms: “Are you girls all looking at their faces? Now that they look good, you like them?”
I ignored him, and he said: “Let’s give it a name!”
There must be a name. I thought about it: “Snowball?”
“This kind of name is too common. Why not, your name is Xiao Sheng, and my name is Xi Jinyuan. It’s called Abyss, wow, what a profound name.”
I couldn’t help rolling my eyes: “Whether it’s called Marshmallow or Snowball, you choose one.”
“Called the abyss.”
“cotton candy.”
Suddenly, the puppy in my arms gave a small cry, and Xi Jinyuan happily danced on his forehead with his eyebrows: “Look, it likes the name Abyss, so it’s called this.”
“Too awkward.”
“Well, let’s call it Marshmallow!” He knew the current affairs well and compromised on the verge of my explosion.
In this way, there is one more dog in my life, and Xi Jinyuan.
He was tired of being in my room all day, and he told me that the dog is usually with me. If Xi Qingchuan comes to my room, I will send it to him.
Xi Jinyuan seems to know that I and Xi Qingchuan sleep in separate rooms, and he doesn’t come to my room often.
But as soon as the topic changed, he stopped mentioning it and I didn’t say it.
Marshmallow is very edible, and its eating appearance can be described as fierce.
Because it is too small, I used goat milk powder to soak milk cake for it. Just soaked here, it takes about two minutes to finish eating. Then I kept licking the plate, fearing that it would be full and soak another portion. One-third of a pack of milk cake has been eaten in one day, I’m afraid it will break.
In the evening, the chance of Xi Qingchuan coming back for dinner is generally very low. He will not come back for socializing tonight. I am happy to be at ease.
After eating, I play cotton candy, the room is big, it can run like a girl.
But I didn’t expect Xi Qingchuan to return in the middle of the night, and I heard the voice of him coming out of the car and talking to the domestic servant outside the window.
“The third master is back, I’ll go and change the sheets for you right away.”
Xi Qingchuan has a lot of problems. He also has a slight habit of cleanliness. The bed sheets will need to be replaced in a few days.
“I’ll change it tomorrow. I live in Xiao Sheng’s room today.”
“Oh oh oh, good.”
I got up from the bed as a Ji Ling, what does he mean? Want to live in my room tonight?
What about marshmallows?
I looked down at the fragrant marshmallow sleeping beside me, hurriedly picked it up and rushed out the door barefoot.
Xi Jinyuan lives on the same floor as me. I lined up his goalkeeper and stuffed him with marshmallows: “Xi Qingchuan is back.”
His sleepy eyes seemed to be unresponsive, and I turned around and ran to my room.
It’s a risk. The first day of adopting marshmallows was so exciting. What can I do with my little heart in the future?
Xi Qingchuan’s brain is broken, why did he come to live in my room?
I was pressing on the door and panting. Suddenly, Xi Qingchuan pushed the door hard, and I staggered a few steps forward.
He was slightly drunk and looked at me with his eyebrows: “Why are you here?”
“My own room, where is it not here?”
“Are you sleeping next to the door?”
It seemed that he didn’t see me running back from the door of Xi Jinyuan’s room, fortunately fortunately.
“I’m sleepwalking.” I simply said, he obviously didn’t believe it.
But he didn’t feel entangled, so he undressed and threw away his coat at will: “Go to my room and get pajamas. I’ll take a shower first.”

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