Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 57

I was not in the car, I was under the car.
Adu had already sang the essence a long time ago.
I thought I was so miserable and romantic lying at the bottom of the lake, it turned out that I just almost drowned in the bathtub.
“I have nothing to do.” My voice was hoarse, no wonder I felt the smell of rose oil in the lake just now, it turned out to be bath water.
The doctor said: “I’ll prescribe some medicine for you, and if you feel unwell, you will still have to go to the hospital later.”
Then the doctor went out, leaving only Xi Jinyuan in the room.
I said to him: “You too, I will sleep alone for a while.”
“You almost drowned in your bathtub just now.”
I nodded: “Yeah.”
“If it weren’t for me to come to you, you would be dead.”
“Yeah.” I opened my eyes suddenly and stared at him: “Did you find me?”
Then I was not seen by him?
Oh, my unbearable messy life.
“No.” He scratched his scalp: “I knocked on your bathroom door and reacted, and heard the sound of water inside. I knew you were inside, so I asked Xu Ma and the others to come and get you out of it.”
I breathed a sigh of relief and said weakly, “Thank you, hero.”
“You almost died.” He reiterated: “When they dragged you out, you didn’t react at all.”
“Hmm.” I was soft and weak.
He sat down in front of my bed: “Xiao Sheng.” He stared into my eyes: “Are you deliberately trying to drown yourself?”
He meant that I wanted to commit suicide?
I never had this idea.
I shook my head: “Don’t be smart, I never thought about it.”
“You have, how else would someone drown in a bath?”
I don’t want to argue with him, the whole person is too tired.
I closed my eyes and said to him: “Xi Jinyuan, go out and don’t always dangle in front of me.”
In case Xi Qingchuan comes to ask for trouble again, I can’t stand it.
I fell asleep in a daze, not knowing when Xi Jinyuan left, or whether or not he left.
However, someone pinched my shoulder in the dimness: “Xiao Sheng, are you dead?”
Who cursed me to death so wickedly?
I opened one eye, like an owl.
It seemed that I was completely awake at the first glance.
Xi Qingchuan stood in front of my bed.
It seems that I really made things worse, and it was still not until the end of the night to get off work, so I also alarmed Xi Qingchuan back.
He has a fierce expression and he wants to swallow me in one bite.
“Xiao Sheng, what are you doing?”
“I’m not doing anything.”
“All the ambulances for bathing and washing are here?”
“Is the ambulance coming?” I fainted, how did I know.
I sighed, my head still dizzy: “I didn’t mean it.”
“I didn’t mean it. I took a shower and almost died at home?”
“If I want to die next time, I will definitely die outside.”
I was answering his questions sincerely, but he seemed to be getting more and more angry: “Did I let you die outside?”
Are you discussing where I die now?
I am tired, and I am getting tired.
I looked up at Xi Qingchuan like this, he was too tall, so I couldn’t see his face clearly.
His face seemed to be hidden in the clouds above, too far away from me.
I closed my eyes and ignored him for the first time: “So sleepy, I want to sleep.”
“Would you like to throw you into the bathtub so that you can wake up completely from sleep?”
Xi Qingchuan is so mean, I really don’t understand that I was about to die, and he was so cruel to me.
I had to open my eyes again and look at him: “Brother, what do you want?”
He sat down in front of my bed, his eyes sharply like a bird with a long beak, he could peck my chest open with his long beak, and I was riddled with holes.
“Xiao Sheng, did you do DNA?”
Talking to him is very labor-saving, I don’t need to explain too clearly, he can guess it too.
“Hmm.” I said.
“You are not your father’s daughter.”
He guessed all right, I turned over and didn’t want to answer.
He suddenly squeezed my wrist, and it hurt me to death.
“It hurts.” I shouted to him faintly: “I almost died, how will you be kind to me?”
“You still have a needle in your hand.”
Isn’t it? I turned my head to see, yes, I was getting a needle, no wonder I had a bit of pain on the back of my hand just turning over.
I can only continue to lie down, dripping the water from the bottle into my veins, making me cold all over.
He didn’t talk to me anymore, just saying to people around him: “She needs to be watched for twenty-four hours. If she harms herself again, she will tie up her hands and feet.”
He only harmed himself, and only when my brain is broken, I love myself very much.
I was just taking a shower, and then I fell asleep when I was too sleepy.
But I didn’t bother to explain to him, I was not as fragile as he thought.
I fell asleep in a drowsy state, sleeping like a baby, I would wake up in a while and then fall asleep in a daze.
About midnight, I woke up again, this time dozing off.
There is a faint light in my room, which makes me sleep peacefully.
There was also a dim light in the outer hall of my bedroom. I stood up with my elbow and took a look. I actually saw Xi Qingchuan sitting on the sofa in the outer hall with Erlang’s legs tilted and a computer on his knees. Is looking at the computer seriously.
The bluish light from the computer was printed on his face, and there was a particularly peaceful feeling in this quiet night.
Why is Xi Qingchuan here?
Is he afraid of my suicide and guarding me here?
No, it’s not like his personal design. He was sure that I would die in his house, but someone should find someone to tie me up. He definitely didn’t guard me so considerately.
I was so thirsty, I tried to get up and pour some water, when I suddenly raised my head, Xi Qingchuan was already standing in front of me.
Will he teleport or something? It was clearly on the sofa just now.
“What are you doing?” His tone was still vicious.
“I want to drink some water.” I said.
“Is it enough to drink bath water in the afternoon?” His tone was full of sarcasm. That’s right, this is Xi Qingchuan.
“The bath water is a bit greasy, I want something refreshing.” I lifted the quilt hard, but he pushed me back to the bed with an elbow.
“Isn’t it just drinking tap water? I’ll get it for you.”
Xi Qingchuan turned around and walked towards the outer hall, holding a glass of water in his hand and handing it to me ten seconds later.
If he wants to get tap water, he has to go to the bathroom or the small kitchen in my room. He just goes to the coffee table in the outer hall to pour water, not tap water.
I took it with confidence and drank it boldly, and he stood in front of my bed after drinking.
I hesitated and handed him the cup: “Can you pour another cup for me? I put it on the bedside table and it will be convenient to drink.”
“You are a whale, so you can drink water?” He said so, but took the cup.

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