Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 61

I really don’t want to see Ni Yizhou.
I don’t know how to describe how I feel at the moment.
There is a person buried in his heart, and finally can meet, but he is such an unbearable identity.
That is, the promise between us, I took the lead in betraying it.
Even though I was in a tangled mood, as soon as I had eaten, I started looking for clothes in my closet.
Actually, I don’t have many clothes.
When I was at home before marriage, my father would give me pocket money, but most of them were not collected by my stepmother, and I couldn’t tell my father.
Even if my father would give me nice clothes, he would be searched by Xiao Lingling.
Anyway, how those stepmothers and step sisters on TV treat Cinderella, they will treat me like that.
After marriage, I also have pocket money. Xi Qingchuan once gave me a card and said that there would be a sum of money in it every month for me to use it casually, but I didn’t use it, and I don’t know where to put the card.
When the clothes are worn, I hate less, and I can’t find a single one.
Women who are pleasing to themselves are tolerant of this sentence, but I have no tolerant props.
I found the card that Xi Qingchuan gave me in the drawer. Anyway, it was the pocket money he gave me. I now have no job or income, except for this, I don’t know what to buy for clothes.
I took the card and went out, so I could just buy a few more clothes. Anyway, Xi Qingchuan often thinks that I am wearing shabby clothes.
I went to the mall and found a store that I like. I like their clothes very much and they suit me. They look good after wearing a few of them. I just didn’t try the latter. I chose a few in a row and paid. When I passed the card to the waiter.
Last time, Xi Qingchuan said that the card does not have a password. The first time I use it, I can enter the password, which is very convenient.
The waiter swiped the card, then looked up and said to me: “Miss, please tell me the verification code.”
“Verification code?” I was stunned.
“Your card is a new card and you have not used it before. You need to send the verification code to the mobile phone holder of this card for the first time, and then you can tell me the verification code.” The waiter explained to me.
This card belongs to Xi Qingchuan, and I think it’s almost also Xi Qingchuan’s phone binding.
I was a little stunned. The waiter reminded me: “If the mobile phone is not yours, you can call the holder and ask him to tell you the verification code.”
Right now, it seems there is only this way.
I hesitated for a moment, and went outside to call Xi Qingchuan.
I rarely call him. It is lunch break. Will he think I interrupted his rest?
He answered the phone quite quickly, but his voice was fierce: “How?”
Speak well without dying.
My voice is small: “Did you receive a verification code just now?”
“It’s the verification code sent to you by the bank.”
He should be flipping the phone: “Well, how?”
“tell me.”
“The anti-phishing lecture told me that you can’t just tell others the verification code.” His voice was mean.
The first time I asked someone for something, after all, it was to spend the money in his card, and I was a bit hot: “Thank you.”
“You use my card?”
“Why didn’t I use it for more than half a year, but now I use it?”
“My assets have been frozen, and now there is no money.”
“Do you need to spend money?”
“I need to buy clothes.”
“Why?” He paused: “The person who was going to die yesterday is actually buying clothes today?” He paused for a few seconds and then suddenly said, “Did you have an appointment with that lawyer in the afternoon?”
Does he want to be so smart?
I have no secrets in front of him.
I was silent and did not speak, he knew he was right.
He sneered on the phone: “Do you know that for men, it doesn’t matter what you wear, what matters is the body under the clothes.”
“I can’t go naked.”
“I remember you have clothes in your closet. Okay, I’m on my lunch break, don’t disturb me.” He hung up the phone and didn’t tell me the verification code.
I was furious, and there was another piece of cotton stuck in my chest.
What to do, if he doesn’t give me the verification code, I can’t buy my clothes.
In fact, Qiao Yi has money, but I am embarrassed to talk to her, although her money is drizzle to her.
I can’t buy clothes with Qiao Yi’s money and wear them to Ni Yizhou.
I suddenly felt a sense of disgust towards myself and felt very unbearable.
I went back to the store and explained to the waiter that I could not buy clothes, and that expression immediately appeared on their faces, which was indescribable.
In their eyes, I should have been wrapped up, but the other party was suddenly unwilling to pay the bill.
I left the mall in a desperate manner, feeling very embarrassed.
Of course, there are also shameful deeds in my younger half of my life.
For example, at my eighteen-year-old coming-of-age ceremony, my father specially opened a Patty for me and prepared a very beautiful dress for me, but Xiao Lingling removed my waist, and I held my skirt all night because As soon as you loosen your waist, your waist becomes big, like a bucket.
My father was very happy that night, so I didn’t have a complaint against Xiao Lingling. I knew that whenever I said, my father would scold Xiao Lingling and deduct her pocket money, and then she would cry to her stepmother and they would just Will quarrel.
I don’t want to make my father’s life messy and restless because of my presence, so I took it all wisely.
Qiao Yi often said that I was stupid, saying that only my worries would be so many. If she did, she would throw the skirt on Xiao Lingling’s face at that time.
So, that day, I didn’t even dare to tell her Qiao Xie, she asked me why I pinch the skirt, and I said I like it.
I wanted to go back to Xi’s house to change clothes, but it’s not too early to see if it’s too early. I happened to be on Yijiang Road, and Father Star was not far ahead.
I looked down at myself. I was wearing a big sweater and jeans with a loose wool coat on the outside.
No matter what, I will go like this!
When I arrived at Father Star, Ni Yizhou had already arrived.
He was sitting in the seat by the window. Today he was wearing a suit and leather shoes, haze blue pullover and light blue denim jacket, as fresh as the blue sky above my head at the moment.
The seat where he sits is opposite to the swing, he must have chosen this seat specially.
Because when I was young, I especially liked swinging, and I liked the feeling of people floating in the air.
He saw me and stood up and waved to me.
I ran to him quickly, just like when I was a kid.
Every time Ni Yizhou came to see me at my house, I ran to him like this.

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