Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 67

He approached me step by step, getting closer and closer, and all the buttons on his chest shirt were unbuttoned, revealing his pectoral chest.
Suddenly, the smell of meat overflowed in the room, and I really wanted to shout to Xu Ma to take this scammer away, but it was the Xi family who had the final say.
I stepped back until I couldn’t go back anymore.
My back is pressed against the cold wall, and I secretly swear in my heart that as long as he touches me, I will scrape my ears up.
In fact, my hand has been raised high.
However, before he had time to fight, he took my wrist and leaned toward his chest.
I screamed: “Xi Qingchuan, don’t make it difficult for others, there is no woman you want…”
“Shut up!” His voice sounded annoyed: “Open your eyes!”
He forced me to open my eyes to see, is he perverted?
Yes, he is perverted. He likes women and men. He also likes to be in different places. Isn’t he perverted?
His hands are like iron tongs: “Open your eyes and see who was nervous last night! I only let you drink a drink, and the rest of the wine is your own drink one after another. You can’t hold it. Then you go. The yelling and yelling on the terrace, from your father, your mother, to the lawyer, and the eighteenth generation of your ancestors greeted you again!”
I opened my eyes, and what was printed in my eyes was Xi Qingchuan’s chest, and his chest was densely distributed with many round red tooth prints.
I blinked, getting too close, those teeth marks flying in front of my eyes.
“Then you called Qiao Yi and the lawyer, laughed and cried, dragged you home, and I asked Xiaozhu to take a bath for you, and you crawled out of the bathtub just like the midnight bell.”
“Midnight Furious Bell climbed out of the TV and was dressed.” I corrected him weakly.
However, Xi Qingchuan seemed to have lost his reason angrily: “I made all three of them look down on you. I don’t know why you climbed onto my bed in the middle of the night, and bit and gnawed at me.”
Oh, my head hurts, I should be quiet.
I bowed my head and tried to hide from him, but he was holding my shoulders tightly: “Why, my guilty conscience is going to escape? Don’t you say I’m taking advantage of the danger?”
No wonder I woke up in his room, I don’t think Xi Qingchuan will lie no matter how bad he is.
I rubbed my nose: “Then, why do I have small strawberries on my neck?”
“I’m a man.” He stared at me with piercing eyes: “Also, you hold me and call Ni Yizhou’s name.”
A particularly dangerous smile suddenly appeared on the corner of his lips, and my little heart trembled with fright.
“Me, I drank too much.”
“I know, otherwise you wouldn’t think of me as Ni Yizhou.” His hand squeezed my shoulder harder: “You haven’t slept with that lawyer? He must be no better than me.”
Xi Qingchuan is really too strong to win and lose, even in this respect.
I turned my head and tried not to look at the small circle on his chest, as if there was still on his neck.
“I’m really fragmented, I don’t remember at all.”
“Now you can reproduce the plot.” He sneered: “I promise you will remember every link.”
“Don’t.” I shook my head, and the tofu flowers swayed all over my head: “I’m about to fall apart now.”
“It doesn’t matter, even if you fall apart, I will help you fight one by one.”
“No, Xi Qingchuan, no, don’t get close to me, don’t…” I yelled indiscriminately with both hands folded in front of my chest.
Looking up, he was looking at me coldly: “Do you really think I am so interested in you? But for the first time in my life, I was strengthened by a woman.” He gritted his teeth: “I warn you, you If I dare to climb into my bed a second time, I will make you never get out of bed!”
It was terrible, my head shrank and hurried away.
Who wants to sleep in his bed, it’s not because I drink too much.
I slipped back to my room, locked the door and got into my bed, pulling the quilt on top of my head.
Alcohol really kills people, it really messes up people’s minds, and they do things that they would never do.
I touched my neck and thought of the tooth marks on Xi Qingchuan’s chest.
What did I do last night!
The sequelae of drunk lasted for several days. I was flustered, short of breath, and had a splitting headache. I didn’t go out for several days, even eating in the room.
Grandma came to see me, only as if it was me who accompanied Xi Qingchuan to Father Hu’s birthday banquet and was drunk by him, and scolded Xi Qingchuan for several days.
Although Xi Qingchuan is hateful, he is still filial. Although he was so angry when he was scolded by his grandmother, he couldn’t fight back and he couldn’t fight back. Grandma scolded until he was so angry that he would use the wooden wedge to knock on the wooden fish. Knocking on his head, the clappers, I really wanted to laugh, but I still held back.
“If you still dare to drink Xiaoshengsheng in the future, Xi Qingchuan, I will break your leg! It hurts you to let you go home with your wife, not to help you drink, Xi Qingchuan, you heard that Your grandma is talking to you and you are still looking at the phone, aren’t you? Your grandma can’t speak well?”
“So good, you are the Jade Emperor.” It’s really rare for Xi Qingchuan to flatter.
My grandma ventilated me, and then Xi Qingchuan didn’t mention it, and it just passed.
I have been training at home for a few days, and it’s time to go to court.
Qiao Yi came to meet me at Xi’s house specially, and brought me a battle suit, a white suit and pants, and super high heels with thin 2B pencil heels. It was quite aura to wear.
Qiao Yi cheered me up along the way: “Don’t be afraid, we will definitely win. You have to have confidence in Brother Boat.”
“Yeah.” I looked at the shadow of the tree retreating outside the window, I didn’t dare to tell Qiao Yi, I actually didn’t care if I won or lost.
Money and shares are not the most important thing to me, but Ni Yizhou is right. I don’t want it, but I must respect my father’s decision.
That’s why I faced the battle, or I would just hand them over.
We met our stepmother and the others at the door of the court. They were also regarded as Yuanjialuzhai.
Xiao Lingling pointed to my nose: “Xiao Sheng, you wild species, you will soon get out of our house naked!”
“Xiao Lingling.” Xiao Shi on one side frowned: “What about your demeanor?”
Xiao Ling adjusted the collar, snorted, and helped her stepmother walk away from me.
“Pretending to be.” Qiao Yi gritted his teeth: “The most hateful thing in the Xiao family is not Xiao Lingling and your stepmother, but Xiao Shi. A dog that can bite people will not bark.”
“Don’t always aim at her, Xiao Shi is very good, at least it never embarrassed me.”
“Don’t look at the surface in everything, why are you so naive?” Qiao Yi took my arm and said, “Go, go in, so that they can’t cry today!”

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