Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 70

“Try the milk tea.” He was enthusiastic.
I didn’t want to drink it, but he is so hospitable that I can only take a sip. I am afraid that he will be drugged in it. I vaguely think he can definitely do this kind of thing.
Milk tea is good, but I don’t know the taste.
I put down the milk tea and looked at him: “I will not give or sell the shares I hold to you. It is impossible for you to kill me.”
“Don’t think of me as a robber.” He didn’t know when he had a pair of rimless glasses on his face, and he gently pushed with his hands.
He wears glasses really nice, really looks like a gentle scum.
“Then what do you want?”
“Talk about business.” He pushed me a file: “The Dingyue Star City project has just been taken by Xiao’s. It stands to reason that you are a major shareholder and the decision-making power is yours. You Xiao’s are still not under construction and are looking for cooperation. people.”
I took the file and opened it. It is a cooperation contract.
I looked at him inexplicably, and he explained to me: “In the entire Huacheng, there is no better partner than our Xi family.”
I don’t have any contact with the company’s affairs. I only know that Xiao has a real estate development project. Dingyue Star City is an old-fashioned entertainment city. I don’t know what Xiao is going to buy it for now, Xi Qingchuan But inexplicably want to cooperate.
I licked my lips: “In this way, I still don’t know the company’s business very well. I will go back and study it again.”
“Who are you looking for? The lawyer? He only knows legal copywriting, but doesn’t know how to do business.” He suddenly sat next to me and put his arm around my shoulder, smiling like lotus: “You are my wife, I don’t make sense. It will pit you. If you don’t cooperate with me, your stepmother will come to me and cooperate with her. I am giving you the opportunity to strengthen you. Don’t let it go by such a good opportunity.”
The palm of his hand is hot, and I can press it to a scorching temperature through the coat.
My mind is super messy, and I looked at him vaguely: “Xi Qingchuan, I don’t understand me about the company, and I can’t easily promise you.”
“Do you know what your eyes look like?” He squinted at me.
I shook my head.
“Like an idiot.” He sighed, “Your father has misunderstood the wrong person. You shouldn’t bear such a heavy burden on your shoulders. I’m sure you won’t have 30% of the shares in a year. Will be tricked to clean and slippery.”
His mocking eyes are really annoying, but I don’t have the confidence to be angry now.
I don’t think I’m a fool, but I still don’t know the situation.
“Xi Qingchuan, I didn’t go to Xiaoshi to take over as soon as I went to court today, so you should talk to me about business. You are taking advantage of the fire.”
“Hahahaha.” He suddenly laughed out loud, scaring me to death.
“Okay, I will go to Xiaoshi tomorrow. When you see your stepmother’s attitude towards me, you will know if I took advantage of the fire.” He loosened his arms around my shoulders and held up both hands: “Do A good decision-maker needs to see the strength of the opponent in the first place to make the right decision. You have already lost the best opportunity in your career.”
He took back the contract, held it in his hand and shook it to me: “This contract will appear in your stepmother’s hands tomorrow. You just gave up on me as your partner, and I am now your enemy.”
I am still dumbfounded, but he is already calling Baiyu’s name: “Boyu, see off the guests.”
I was kind and amiable just now, but now he swept me out with a cold face.
When I was taken to the elevator entrance by Baiyu, I was still floating in the clouds. Baiyu helped me press the elevator, and I took his hand: “What the hell is Xi Qingchuan doing?”
“Cooperating with the project of Dingyue Star City, Mr. Xi wants to transform it into a film and television base.”
Huacheng is a modern metropolis with a vast area. Many TV series and films were shot in Huacheng, but Huacheng does not have a formal film and television city. To be honest, Xi Qingchuan’s idea is quite good. He can always be a step ahead. .
“But, it was taken by our Xiao Shi.”
“Xiao Shi has also been looking for a partner.”
“Why didn’t Xiao do it on its own? We Xiao has the ability to build a movie and television city on its own.”
“As long as a large company has this strength, the problem is that the film and television city covers many areas that Xiao can’t reach. In Huacheng, if you want to eat the cake of the entire entertainment industry by yourself, Xiao does not have such a big mouth. Can find the most suitable partner.”
Oh, I see, financial support is not enough, and now that my father is gone, Xiao’s ability is also weakened.
In fact, calm down and think about Xi’s as the best partner.
But just now Xi Qingchuan didn’t give me time to think at all. I just threw a contract to me and I took it away even though I couldn’t understand it.
I looked at Bai Yu: “Then, will Xi Qingchuan cooperate with Xiao Shi?”
“Maybe with your stepmother.”
“That’s also Xiao Shi.”
“That’s different.” He smiled: “Maybe you don’t understand. Although you both work for Xiao’s family, you and your stepmother are already enemies. She won the cooperation with Xi’s family. In the future, you will be very good at Xiao’s family. It’s hard to convince the crowd.”
In other words, I just gave up this opportunity for nothing?
I was stunned, and my mind was like a pot of porridge.
“But Xi Qingchuan just didn’t give me time to think.”
“This is Mr. Xi’s habit. He always has a very keen sense of business, and he will immediately notice that there is something wrong with this business.”
“But I’m different from him, I’m still a noob.”
The elevator came, and Bai Yu blocked the elevator door with his hand: “Mr. Xi can talk to you first, because you are a husband and wife.”
“But, is the posture he talked about just now scary at all.” I stepped into the elevator: “Assistant Bai, I want to see the contract, can you think of a way to take a photo for me, I’ll find someone to help Let me take a look, I really don’t understand.”
“Do you think that even if I give you a contract, you still have the opportunity to cooperate with Xi’s?”
“You also said that we are a husband and wife. See you without looking up, there is always a way.”
He thought for a moment: “Okay, I’ll find a way later.”
“Thank you.”
Talking about business with Xi Qingchuan really makes my scalp numb. The speed is too fast and I can’t realize what he is talking about, so he tells me that I have lost this opportunity.
I have to get the contract and ask Ni Yizhou to help me see it before I can determine whether this cooperation is good for the Xi family.
I don’t understand anything, I don’t trust Xi Qingchuan, but I believe in Ni Yizhou.
How long has it been before I walked through the gate of the Clan’s family, and Bai Yu’s photos were sent over, and he took every picture of the contract to me, which was very clear.
I made an appointment with Ni Yizhou and Qiao Yi to meet at the coffee shop, and then showed the contract to Ni Yizhou.

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