Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 72

There were no people in his room, and there was a rushing sound from the bathroom, and he took a shower in it.
Xi Qingchuan’s bath is very dangerous. I can only sit on the sofa in the outer hall and wait for him to come out.
He has been washing it for a long time, and he feels that he will peel off after washing it again.
Then, he finally came out from inside, his upper body naked, and his lower body surrounded only by a light blue bath towel.
Does he have clothes to wear, and why is he surrounded by bath towels?
I hurriedly moved my eyes. He didn’t seem surprised to see me. He walked in front of me, and my eyes were looking straight at the side of the towel around him. He was surrounded very low, and I could see him. Clear mermaid lines and sexy hip bones.
I’m really worried that his bath towel will fall off.
I turned my head and wanted to stand up but he was so close to me that I couldn’t stand up at all.
I looked up at him: “Xi Qingchuan.”
“If you want to talk to me about official affairs, call me Dong Xi or Mr. Xi.”
“I don’t think you can talk about business affairs with your upper body naked.” I whispered.
He suddenly bent down to catch my chin, and in a panic, I almost fell off the sofa.
“Your strength and courage are not worthy of your sharp teeth.” His hands were so powerful that my jaw was about to break.
What does he want to do? Let me apologize?
I’m not doing anything wrong.
He squatted down in front of me, looking straight with his eyes.
His eyes are dangerous and sharp, and I think it’s better to look at the edge of the towel he is surrounding.
“You showed Ni Yizhou the contract, and he told you that he could cooperate with me, so he found it now?”
“How do you know?” I jealously suspected that he had installed a monitor or something on me.
“Bo Yu’s bidding contract gives you my consent, he will take selfies privately?”
“Then why do you agree? Waiting for me to beg you?”
He grinned: “How did the pig die?”
“Don’t be stupid, we stopped talking about this ten years ago.”
“Just stupid.” He let go of his hand holding my chin.
“What did I say wrong?” I followed and stood up, because he was very close to me, so I rubbed the bath towel on his lower body, which was not tightly fastened, and then the light blue bath towel was in front of me The brush fell apart.
For several seconds, my mind was blank, only to see Xi Qingchuan standing naked in front of me.
There are really no shorts in his bath towel. I thought he had to pretend to wear shorts in it.
I probably saw him all before knowing that I turned around and covered my eyes, but I looked at everything I shouldn’t.
“Pick it up.” Xi Qingchuan’s voice was calm, but very annoyed.
“You pick it up yourself.” I said.
“You got it off, Xiao Sheng.” He was already trying to suppress it. If I didn’t pick it up, I would lose the qualification to negotiate with him.
I closed my eyes again and turned around and squatted down and fumbled on the ground. I couldn’t feel it when I used my eyes to see things. I just touched Xi Qingchuan’s ankle.
He suddenly grabbed my clothes, pulled me up, and pressed me on the sofa.
In the panic, I could only open my eyes and meet his dangerous eyes.
“Your teasing is hardcore.” He sneered.
“No, I can’t see it, I didn’t touch you on purpose.”
“But, you have touched me.” He drank, and there was a slight smell of alcohol, but it didn’t smell bad.
He started kissing my neck and biting my earlobe like a beast.
I was finished, and delivered it to the door for nothing.
Qiao Yi was right. This kind of thing happened once to a man and a woman is usually equal to one hundred times. If the line of defense is broken the first time, the rest is nothing.
I was dressed neatly, but it was quickly solved by him.
My sanity still didn’t slip away, and I struggled desperately: “I’m here to discuss business with you, and I don’t intend to exchange it with **.”
He bit on my shoulder and I almost screamed in pain.
He raised his head from my chest and looked at me, his eyes burning, so bright that I couldn’t look directly: “Your sex is not worth that much money.”
“Then what are you doing now?”
“You slept because you teased me, it has nothing to do with business.”
In other words, I am a loss-making business?
No matter how hard I struggle, I am not Xi Qingchuan’s opponent, but at this moment I don’t want to have anything to do with him.
I bent my leg hard and kicked him hard. Maybe I kicked him to the point. He frowned and straightened up from my body.
I tried too hard and looked at him with a guilty conscience.
Seeing his handsome faces are twisted together, I am really worried that he will pinch me to death.
Fortunately, he doesn’t hit women.
His nasal voice was thick and annoyed: “Pick up the bath towel!”
I immediately bent over and picked up the bath towel and handed it to him.
“Surround me!”
I closed my eyes and fumbled around the towel around him. He turned around while holding the towel and walked into the bedroom.
My heart thumped and thumped, the feeling of drums in my chest.
I was still sitting on the sofa and didn’t leave. I kicked Xi Qingchuan’s key point. He wouldn’t be crazy to find a knife and cut me into small pieces, right?
I was panicked, I think he should do it.
He came out soon, wearing a royal blue pajamas with white edges, his muscles hidden and his whole body softened a lot.
He doesn’t have a knife in his hand, so it seems he won’t hack me to death.
I was relieved, he walked in front of me, walking a bit awkward.
I kindly asked him: “You have nothing to do, I didn’t mean it.”
“Aren’t you talking about business?” He sat down opposite me.
His business tone relieved me a lot, and I nodded quickly: “Yes, talk about business.”
“Tell me.”
I licked my lips. Originally, I had already typed the text in my heart before, but I didn’t expect to be messed up by him. Now my mind is messed up.
I randomly picked up the cup on the coffee table and took a sip, feeling cool and comfortable, so I drank it all.
He kept looking at me, and I put the cup back: “I’m sorry, I drank your water.”
“Don’t be embarrassed, that’s the water in my fish tank.” He smiled, no wonder he looked happy when he watched me drink the water.
I looked back in his room and saw the whole wall of fish tanks inlaid on the wall. Inside, there were many strange-looking fish that were not cute at all.
I suddenly felt gurgling in my stomach, as if there were a lot of small fish swimming: “Why put the water in the fish tank in the teacup?”
“Who said that the water in the fish tank can’t be put in a teacup, and I won’t let you drink it again.”
Also, this is his room, he can do whatever he wants, who makes him a pervert.
My stomach was tumbling, and I covered my mouth to hold back the feeling of nausea.
“It’s just the water in the fish tank.” He also said coldly.
“Yes.” I can only give myself psychological counseling.
“It’s just some fish and insects in it.”
I suddenly looked up at him: “What?”
“Fish and insect, my fish love to eat meat.” His smiling white teeth glowed under the light, and I really wanted to smash it all with a hammer.
I couldn’t help it, covering my mouth and rushing to his toilet.

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