Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 73

I was lying on the toilet in Xi Qingchuan’s bathroom and threw up faintly, and vomited all the dinner out.
I vomited for a long time before I got up from the toilet and went to the washstand to rinse my mouth.
I felt dizzy when I vomited. I rinsed my mouth and wiped my mouth with a tissue and turned around. Xi Qingchuan lazily leaned on the door frame to look at me for a while, making fun of him.
“Drinking fish and insects will not die, it is very nutritious.”
I don’t want to quarrel with him, because I don’t have the strength, and there are things to ask him.
I sat on the sofa again, breathing well.
“Do you still have the strength to discuss business with me?” He went to the refrigerator and took a bottle of water, unscrewed it and took a sip, then poured the rest into the glass: “You can drink this.”
I see the teacup is a little nauseous now, so I won’t drink it anymore.
“I’m sorry for what happened in your office today, but I still don’t officially take over the affairs of Xiaoshi, and I don’t understand anything, so I can’t respond. I hope you can give us Xiaoshi this opportunity.”
“My chance is only given once. I will work with your stepmother. I said it.” He was very arrogant, and I was about to explode, and I had to pretend not to be angry at all.
“No,” I said, “I am a major shareholder of the company. Some major decision-making powers of the company are still up to me. Even if you cooperate with my stepmother, some things have to go through me.”
“Who taught you to say these things?” He raised his eyebrows. “That lawyer?”
It was indeed Ni Yizhou who taught me. I am a managerial novice, and I don’t know anything.
I kept silent, and he said again: “Your dog-headed sergeant didn’t tell you that even if I choose someone whose decision-making power is not as good as yours, since I chose her, I must have considered this part.”
“It’s because my stepmother doesn’t have the right to make decisions, but her roots are deeper than mine, and she is supported by a strong board of directors?”
“Is that what the lawyer taught you?”
Actually it is not, I just remembered it, but I smiled and didn’t talk.
Xi Qingchuan always thinks I am stupid, but in fact, I know that I am not stupid.
When I was young, my mother always taught me that a smart person knows how to hide his cleverness, and it is a fool to show his cleverness everywhere.
He lowered his eyes: “You made me very unhappy in the afternoon. There is a strong reason why I won’t cooperate with you. You can go now, and I want to rest.”
His eyelashes are really long and they are still curled up.
Xi Qingchuan is really the proud son of heaven. God must love him extraordinarily and give him the best.
The best looks, the best life experience, the smartest mind.
However, he is not perfect.
His emotional line is super messy and complicated.
I looked at him in a daze, he was already very impatient, and threw me with the pillow on the sofa: “Get out.”
Just now he was arrogant to me and now he wants me to get rid of him. I am used to his moodiness.
I was kicked out of the room by him, and I knew he would not easily agree.
I turned him down this afternoon, and someone like him would definitely retaliate in every possible way.
When I returned to my room, I suddenly found Xi Jinyuan sitting on my sofa holding cotton candy.
“Why are you in my room?”
As soon as he loosened his hand, the cotton candy ran down from his arms to my feet, and fell down.
It saw me being soft and easy to push down. I squatted down and rubbed its soft and fluffy fur. I didn’t see it gaining weight in a few days, so it must be very edible.
“Marshmallow missed you, bring it to see you!” Xi Jinyuan grinned.
“It can’t speak, how do you know.” I picked up the marshmallow and felt it grow up in a circle: “Why does it grow so fast? It doesn’t feel like this body shape looks like a puppy!”
Xi Jinyuan also came over and squatted down and touched Marshmallow’s head: “It’s fat, how cute you look.”
It’s very cute. It feels much better to see that the marshmallows have just eaten Xi Qingchuan’s suffocation.
I sat down on the sofa holding the cotton candy, “Then, it’s in my room tonight, you can go.”
“Why are you treating me like this?” The little boy squashed his mouth: “I have taken care of it by myself for several days, but you are so indifferent to me.”
Qiao Yi is the favorite boy who can sell cute like this, but I don’t like him.
If Xi Qingchuan knew that his brother was cute, he would kill him with an axe.
“It’s you who want to raise it, whoever you don’t take care of.” I coaxed Xi Jinyuan out with the cotton candy, “Don’t come to my room in the future.”
“The identity is embarrassing.”
“Xiao Sheng, you are obviously a young girl, why are you so old-fashioned in your thinking.”
“Yes, I’m old-fashioned.” I drove him out of my room door, and he blocked the door and refused to leave: “I would be lonely without marshmallows.”
“It won’t be alone when you go back to study abroad and take it away.” I closed the door hard, and he cried out strangely: “It hit my nose, my goodness!”
I hurriedly opened the door, and he smiled unscathed and stood at the door: “Xiao Sheng, you have a good heart!”
I slammed the door again, and his scream came from outside the door: “It hurts, I really hit my nose this time.”
“Deserve it.” I put the marshmallow on the ground and patted its head: “Sleep.”
Marshmallow consciously lay on the empty side of my bed, I leaned sideways with its big eyes to small eyes.
Dogs have always been very spiritual, their eyes are black like black beans, very cute.
I felt sleepy under the loving gaze of Marshmallow.
Although I didn’t persuade Xi Qingchuan to talk about it before I got enough sleep, I’ll talk about tomorrow’s affairs tomorrow.
I was about to fall asleep when I suddenly heard his scream from Xi Qingchuan’s room next door.
“Ah, oh, eh!”
I sat up from the bed and listened to the wall with my ears, and Xi Qingchuan seemed to scurry around in the room.
What’s up with him? Why do you make this sound?
I was listening carefully, and there was a knock on the door.
I didn’t say anything, and the door was pushed open.
Xi Qingchuan walked in from the door, and cotton candy was lying beside me.
I hurriedly pulled up the quilt to cover it up, and he had walked to my bedside.
I looked at him in amazement: “What are you doing?”
“I sleep here tonight.”
“Then where do I sleep?”
“Whatever you want.” He lay down beside me without saying a word.
“Why?” I was panicked, there must be marshmallows on the bed. Xi Jinyuan said that he didn’t like small animals very much and he would definitely throw them out when he found marshmallows.
“There is no reason.” He closed his eyes.
“Why did you scream and scream in your room just now?”
“You got it wrong.” He rolled over and pulled my quilt on top of him.
Now, two of us and a dog are sleeping on the bed.
Fortunately, Marshmallow is still a dog, it fell asleep very well, not moving.
I’m very afraid that Xi Qingchuan will crush it to death by turning over.

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