Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 76

Xiao’s administrative director came to greet us and took me to my office.
There are twenty-three floors in Xiao, and the following are the existence of some subsidiaries, and the high-level offices are basically on the 22nd and 23rd floors.
My office is on the 22nd floor. To be honest, the lighting is not good, and the office is very old and small.
Qiao Yi was very dissatisfied: “This is your major shareholder’s office? It won’t be the utility room to change it!”
“Assistant Joe.” The executive director is neither overbearing nor overbearing: “The high-level offices are all arranged by the secretarial department. Although Miss Xiao is a major shareholder, she must have no position. It is very good to be assigned to this office.”
“Let’s go here first.” Ni Yizhou looked around for a week and said, “Excuse me, please inform the senior management. A meeting will be held in ten minutes.”
The chief executive frowned: “Meeting?”
I panicked first: “What will be the meeting?”
“You have to get to know all the shareholders and senior executives on the first day today. This is customary.” Ni Yizhou is very dignified when he is serious. Because of his height, he looks condescending when he looks at the executive: “Do you have any questions? ”
Ni Yizhou is usually gentle, but he is very aura at the moment. The administrative director stunned for a moment and hurried out to inform the meeting.
Qiao Yi gave him a thumbs up: “Brother Xiaoxiao is domineering, Xiao Sheng, you see him, you have to learn from Brother Xiaoxiao’s aura, and you have to shake them in the future, don’t always be stubborn.”
“How did you learn the aura?” I sighed: “What will I say when the meeting is held.”
“According to it.” He handed me a file: “If you memorize it, just memorize it.”
I looked at the densely packed paper: “Are you all ready?”
“Well, I wrote you a temporary draft last night. It is written in your father’s will that you are the chief executive officer. This power is great, Xiao Sheng, you have a heavy burden on your shoulders.”
Not only is it heavy, I think I’m about to put myself down.
I watched Qiao Yi cry: “I want to go home.”
“You’re a little good, can’t you?”
“I don’t want to be successful, I want my dad.”
Since I graduated from university, I have no job like Qiao Yi. I married Xi Qingchuan because I just graduated.
Even if I have to work in the future, I don’t expect to be a business. I don’t know anything about it.
Qiao Yi stuffed the manuscript into my hand: “It’s not a good idea to memorize classical Chinese. It’s not a problem to memorize this. You will recite it to me without fail.”
I can endorse, but what’s the use of memorizing.
Ten minutes later, someone told us to go to the company conference room for a meeting.
I used to come to Xiaoshi when I was a child, and my father brought me here, and he said, “My little daughter.”
Then everyone praised me for being beautiful and cute. When my father was there, everyone said I was an angel.
Dad is gone, but they have become demons.
Xiao is so big that he felt like a maze when he was a child.
We walked into the conference room under the leadership of others, and as soon as we entered, we saw our stepmother sitting in the chairperson’s position.
She is very imposing, wearing a fiery red cheongsam with her hair in a bun, and the emerald pendant on her ears is shaking gently.
We went in, she didn’t even lift her eyelids.
I found Xiao Lingling was there, and her husband Xue Wen was also there.
Xue Wen should be just a manager of a subsidiary, and he doesn’t have the power to hold meetings.
I walked to my seat and called out my stepmother: “Auntie, here I am.”
She just raised her eyebrows and looked at me contemptuously: “Xiao Sheng, I bought the shares in your hand for a dime higher than the market price. You don’t have to worry about holding this large sum of money in your life.”
“Do you have so much money?” Qiao Yi laughed mockingly.
The stepmother changed her face: “Joe, what are you doing here?”
“From today, oh no, I have been Xiao Sheng’s special assistant since yesterday, and I have already registered for the job yesterday.”
The stepmother wanted to have a seizure, but she might hold back in front of the people in the room: “What kind of meeting should we call all the high-level people?”
“President Xiao is going to make a job report, and get to know you by the way.” Ni Yizhou said.
Everyone was speechless, Xiao Lingling’s chest was up and down, but maybe her stepmother had vaccinated her before she came, so she still didn’t jump up today.
I was about to recite my report, but Ni Yizhou looked around at the meeting table: “Today is just a meeting of directors and senior executives. Please leave the meeting room if you are below the general manager level.”
Someone’s eyes fell on Xue Wen, and Xiao Lingling finally couldn’t help but jumped up: “What are you talking about? My husband is Xiao’s son-in-law, why can’t he be here?”
“It doesn’t make sense to call the security guard.” Ni Yizhou said that the temperature was mild, but there was no doubt about it.
“Mom, look.” Xiao Lingling bit her lip and stomped her feet.
“Xue Wen, you go out first.” The stepmother was calm.
“Mom!” Xiao Lingling shouted half coquettishly and half pompously.
“Get out!”
When the stepmother spoke, Xue Wen finally couldn’t hold his face, stood up and walked out.
I started to stutter and recite the report. In fact, I remember it very well, but there is no way to tell it more completely.
When I saw the contemptuous smile on the corner of my stepmother’s lips, I became even more flustered.
Therefore, the mess of my debriefing report is completely illogical, and all the executives and shareholders frowned or looked disdainful.
Today’s self-introduction was very unsuccessful. I think the first impression is very poor.
When I returned to my office, I was still very depressed. Looking out the window, it was too high, the people on the ground became very small, and the car became very small.
Qiao Yi stuffed a glass of water in my palm: “Did you remember it just now?”
I recite it to her again. After she finished listening, she said, “You almost remember the punctuation, and you know where the sentence is. Why did you recite it like that just now?”
I sighed: “I’m just nervous in front of so many people!”
“Hey.” Qiao Yi also sighed: “Forget it, it’s the first time anyway.”
“I think it’s good.” Ni Yizhou came over: “The first impression should not be too strong. Weak first and then strong is the correct way to open.”
“I’m afraid that I won’t be able to make it stronger in the future.” I was downcast: “Those high-level officials just ignored me.”
“Don’t worry.” Ni Yizhou patted me on the shoulder: “I will be here this month.”
I looked up at them and suddenly felt that I was incompetent.
If Qiao Xie and Ni Yizhou are not with me, I feel that I have no way to do anything. Even standing in front of everyone and reading the report, it is like a student endorsing in front of the teacher, full of aura. no.
Is Dad’s choice wrong? Give me the responsibility of the company. I’m afraid that I will be finished by me in less than half a year, as Xiao Lingling said.
I don’t want to pay the tuition with this because it is too expensive.

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