Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 85

I returned to the lobby, and Qiao Yi was looking for me everywhere: “Xiao Sheng, where did you go? Where is Jiang Tian?”
“I was punched by Xi Qingchuan.”
“Oh?” Qiao Yi rolled his eyes: “He really can do it, my husband.”
“Joe, I ask you a question.”
“Oh.” She opened her eyes and listened respectfully.
“Is there a biological father who wants to molest his daughter?”
This question is obviously super-class, and Qiao Yi was stunned for a long time: “What are you talking about?”
“Let me ask you, is there any biological father who does anything to his daughter?”
“That’s a pervert, maybe one in 10,000 people.” She seemed to understand suddenly: “What are you talking about, Jiang Tian is indecent to you? He is a scumbag!”
Qiao Yi turned angrily to rush out, then suddenly stopped and looked at me in a daze: “Isn’t Jiang Tian your father, why would you behave like this?”
I also looked at her, and she thought for a long time: “I think he is a fake!”
I stuffed the hair Xi Qingchuan gave me in my hand to Qiao Yi, and pulled out one of my own hair: “You send me a test.”
“Well, wrap me.” Qiao Yi took it and held it in the palm of his hand.
I walked to Mama Xi’s table and found that my seat had been taken by my sister-in-law. Mama Xi looked up at me and didn’t say anything. When someone was toasting, she smiled and got up to clink glasses with that person.
Just now, I made Mama Xi so embarrassed, she didn’t question how kind I was already.
Later, I sat at the table of Qiao Ye, and I couldn’t eat anything anymore because of my appetite.
At the end of the banquet, Qiao Yi took me home. Mother Xi kept talking to me, and I knew she was very angry.
When I returned to Xi’s house, my sister-in-law and my second sister-in-law were packing up Xi’s mother’s presents: “These mothers like them, and they said they would be sent to her room.”
I walked through the living room and saw the jade box that I had given me thrown lonely on the corner of the sofa. Mother Xi liked it very much.
I paused and walked upstairs. My sister-in-law called my name: “Xiao Sheng.”
I stopped and looked back. I knew she was going to say something bad. I showed her the joke tonight. How could she let this opportunity go for nothing?
Sure enough, she said with a grin: “Xiao Sheng, your life experience is complicated enough, I didn’t expect to have such a father, just like a TV show at 8 o’clock.”
“Whether he is my father or not is hard to tell.” I said, “Waiting for the identification results.”
“Xiao Sheng, this testing center is the same as the one opened at your home. It is dedicated to serve you and will be tested every two days.”
I didn’t want to tell her more, and hurriedly walked into the elevator.
I am very worried. I hope that the relationship between me and Jiang Tian is what Xi Qingchuan said. He can’t be my biological father.
But if he really is, then I’m really unlucky enough, he is not only a scumbag, but also a pervert.
I went back to the room, took a shower, and then went to bed.
I went to sleep in a daze, but was awakened by the pain of lower abdomen.
I turned on the light and sat up, opened the quilt but saw a red flower blooming on the pale bed sheet.
Oh, my month is coming.
No wonder my stomach hurts so badly, every time I come here, my stomach hurts.
But how could it be so early?
I got out of bed and looked for sanitary napkins in the bedside table while counting my days.
It was almost ten days ahead of schedule. Maybe it was too much pressure during this period, so I moved ahead.
I rummaged through the bedside table but couldn’t find a sanitary napkin.
I tried to remember, only to remember that I ran out of it last month, because I didn’t buy it because the date was still too late, and I planned to buy more and put it on the bedside table in the next few days.
But now it’s all of a sudden, what should I do?
I panicked around the room.
There are not many women in the family. My sister-in-law and my second sister-in-law are women, but our relationship is tense. They may not only ridicule me but also ridicule.
Mother Xi, I don’t know if she is now at the age of menopause. If she doesn’t use sanitary napkins anymore, I’m not embarrassed to mention it.
As for the old lady, she would definitely give it to me if she had one, but she was already eighty years old.
I sighed, it’s still twelve o’clock, the night is long, I can’t sleep like this!
“Xiao Sheng, what are you doing?” Suddenly, Xi Qingchuan’s voice sounded, which frightened me.
I raised my eyes to look at him, and he was looking at me with a bottle of water in his hand.
“What am I doing.”
“Are you sleepwalking?” He looked at me suspiciously.
I looked under my feet. I didn’t wear shoes or pants. I was only wearing a short nightdress and my legs were bare.
When did I run into the hallway?
“My stomach hurts.” I had to tell him that.
“The food in our hotel is so delicious that the stomach hurts.” He took a sip of water and turned around.
“It’s not that kind of pain.” I forgot to wear slippers. The floor heating has been turned off in Xi’s house this weather, and it was still cold when I stepped barefoot on the floor at night.
“Isn’t it which kind?” He took a step forward indifferently.
I couldn’t walk with my stomachache, clutching my abdomen and curling up on the railing.
Xi Qingchuan took two steps and looked back at me: “What’s wrong with you?”
“My stomach hurts.” I really hurt, not pretending.
Suddenly, Xi Qingchuan’s face changed drastically, and he rushed towards me with an exclamation: “You, you have a miscarriage.”
what? what?
Suddenly I felt hot on my legs, and when I lowered my head, I saw that the blood had flowed down my thighs.
I’m so embarrassed that I should have put some toilet paper on it just now, it shouldn’t be so embarrassing.
As soon as my body became lighter, Xi Qingchuan had already picked me up, and then hugged me and rushed downstairs.
I banged him on the back anxiously: “What are you doing?”
“Shut up! You don’t know if you are pregnant? You have a miscarriage.” His voice tightened, as if quite nervous.
I can’t laugh or cry, this is indeed a bit like a miscarriage. He guessed that he would have this misunderstanding only after watching a lot of TV shows at 8 o’clock.
He hugged me and ran, and three steps and one step as he came down the stairs, I was so afraid that we would both roll downstairs.
I anxiously tugged at his collar: “I won’t go to the hospital, I don’t have a miscarriage.”
“Then what is this flowing down? Is it water?”
“I’m not pregnant again, what am I miscarrying!” He didn’t pay attention to me and I had to squeeze his hair. He stopped and stared at me after the pain.
I found that sweat oozes from the tip of his nose, and the small round particles are actually a bit cute.
“what did you say?”
“I’m not pregnant.”
“Then why are you bleeding?”
“Have you ever taken a physical hygiene class?” I was ashamed and angry, wishing to kick him over by raising my leg.
He still stared at me, his face ignorant.
“A girl with a stomachache and bleeding must be a miscarriage!” I growled furiously.
He seemed to understand a little bit, and blinked his eyes: “So you are in your menstrual period?”
“What do you mean?”
“Didn’t you sleep with me several times, why are you not pregnant?”
“I will get pregnant when I fall asleep?”
“So you are contraceptive?” As soon as he loosened his hand, I fell from his arm and stepped firmly on the ground.

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