Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 88

Blind date? I was really taken aback, but then I blurted out, “The other man is still a woman.”
When I said it, I felt very impolite. Looking at Baiyu, his whole face was a little red.
I hurriedly apologized: “I’m sorry, I was speechless.”
“It doesn’t matter.” He smiled modestly: “Mr. Xi is over there.” He pointed to one end of the dock, and I saw Xi Qingchuan.
It is warmer than Huacheng. He is only wearing a loose white silk shirt and light blue jeans, with one hand in his pocket and chatting with his friends.
He has a pair of sunglasses stuck on his head. Although he has a flat head, he is still glamorous. The beauties who come and go can’t help but look back at him.
When I saw Xi Qingchuan, I felt a little liver tremor. I wished that Bai Yu stayed at least a little bit safer.
However, people also have their own private affairs, how can I force it?
Bai Yu escorted me to Xi Qingchuan’s side: “Mr. Xi, Miss Xiao is here, I will leave first.”
“Hmm.” Xi Qingchuan nodded.
The man who was chatting with him saw me, and I clearly saw a flash of light in his eyes.
Qiao Yi told me that women don’t need to look in the mirror if they want to know if they are beautiful, they just need to think about the way men look at them.
So, I can know from his eyes that I am beautiful.
But Xi Qingchuan seemed very dissatisfied. He pulled the coat on my shoulder: “Do you think of prickly heat?”
It’s warm here, about thirty degrees, but the clothes are exposed too much, and most of my back is outside.
I pulled my coat tightly: “It’s windy here.”
He pulled it off and threw it to someone, probably his secretary.
There are so many secretaries, and Boyu is his personal assistant, not the same.
My coat was snatched by him, and the eyes of the person on the other side lit up again.
In fact, I really don’t like the light in his eyes, I think it’s a bit wretched.
Xi Qingchuan briefly introduced: “Xiao Sheng, Chu Feng.”
I nodded with him, and the one named Chu Feng stretched out his hand to me: “Fortunately, Miss Xiao, my name is Chu Feng, Chu Feng, the savings manager.”
I shook his hand, his hand was wet and it was very uncomfortable to hold.
We got on a big yacht, the big one I think can skate on it.
I asked if it was Xi Qingchuan’s, but since I saw the Titanic, I have been a little confused with the ship, and I think it is possible to hit an iceberg anytime, anywhere.
Sure enough, as Qiao Yi expected, a lot of tender models came up before sailing. They were very young and had great figures. They took off their coats when they were worn. They were all more than genes. I was full of youthfulness before my eyes.
A beautiful woman came over and asked me: “Which company are you from?”
I was stunned for a moment, thinking how to answer, Xi Qingchuan passed by my side and dropped a sentence: “She is from Parkson.”
“Really? I’m from Parkson too, why haven’t I seen you?” The beauty stretched out her hand to me very happily: “My name is Nina.”
This kind of name is mostly not the real name, and I don’t have a stage name and I can only tell her: “My name is Xiao Sheng.”
“I heard that you got on the boat with Master Xi?”
“Ah.” I nodded, and Xi Qingchuan had already walked to the railing to feed the seagulls.
The seagulls here are not afraid of people, they all fall on the railings waiting for people to feed them bread.
“You know Master Xi?” Her envied face was gleaming.
None of them knew who I was, and probably none of the people on the ship knew it.
I curled my lips: “Ah.”
“I envy you.” She exclaimed: “You actually know Master Xi.”
“You weren’t invited by him?”
“Where?” She sighed regretfully, “We were invited by Master Chu.”
I’m bored, it’s rare for this young model to be willing to talk to me, she should look like a fledgling and jerky, and few other beauties are willing to take care of her.
She touched my skirt: “Wow, it’s a famous brand, it’s so expensive?”
I don’t know how much money, and smiled with her.
“It must be very expensive. Did Master Xi give it to you? I heard that Master Xi is very generous.”
“Do you want to be his girlfriend?”
“Where do I have such a good blessing? I don’t need to be Master Xi’s girlfriend. I just need him to look at me more and he will work a little more in the future.”
Isn’t it true that after Xi Qingchuan takes a fancy to his life, will his life be broken?
I was still in the same room with him, and I didn’t see me open up.
My stomach is uncomfortable, every time I drink brown sugar water at this time.
I went into the cabin to find hot water to drink, and the Chu Feng came over to talk to me.
He leaned against a pillar with a glass of wine, arched one leg, and put the sole of his foot on the pillar, posing a very handsome standing posture that he thought he was handsome.
“Hi.” He waved to me: “A drink?”
“No.” I searched for hot water in the cabin, but I couldn’t even see a hot water bottle.
Don’t everyone on this boat drink hot water?
Chu Feng seemed to be quite interested in me, he circled me: “What are you looking for?”
“I want to drink hot water.”
He looked at me curiously: “Why?”
I went to find it in other places. I don’t believe it is so big, I can’t even find a bottle of hot water.
Chu Feng followed me all the time: “What is your relationship with Master Xi?”
“How does he introduce me to you?”
“No introduction.” He shrugged.
“That’s it.”
“So, are you just one of his many women?” He smiled badly.
I am not only one of his many women, but also one of his men.
I laughed with him as an acquiescence, he suddenly grabbed my wrist: “Miss Xiao, you are very beautiful, and you are very sexy, your sexy is very restrained, different from those young models.”
He touched the back of my hand with his fingers when he took my wrist, and I hurriedly shook off his hand: “Master Chu, don’t do that.”
“You are not Xi Qingchuan, besides, I am gentler than Xi Qingchuan, and there are fewer women around him. Don’t think he is bigger than me, but if he has a future, he won’t help any woman around him.”
Could it be that he didn’t know that Xi Qingchuan was married?
I pushed away his hand: “Aren’t you Xi Qingchuan’s friend, why did you bring the digging wall footer?”
He smiled very happily, and his whole body blocked the door of the cabin: “Don’t say it is so ugly, what about digging a wall, Xi Qingchuan looks bright and beautiful on the outside, he is a plastic apple, it is better to follow I?”
Now these so-called brother brothers are so straightforward, what friends, what yacht clubs, but ancient brothels in a gorgeous coat.
It’s a pity that the boat is already sailing, otherwise I will get off the boat immediately.

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