Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 89

The first time I came on a cruise ship, it was the first time that I was harassed in such a desperate manner.
This Chu Feng is not ugly because he is young and he is not full of fat, but his self-righteousness and contempt in his eyes disgust me.
He put his glass into my face: “Drink a glass of wine to relax, so that you won’t be nervous.”
I pushed his hand away, and the wine in the glass spilled out.
He frowned: “Very expensive, beauty, but if you follow me, you can sprinkle as much champagne as you like.”
I just wanted to knock him over with a big slap, I walked away from him, but he rushed forward and hugged my waist.
His breath sprayed into my ears, it was really disgusting.
I remembered that Qiao Yi once gave me self-defense skills. When someone hugged me from behind, I stepped on his feet first, then smashed his stomach with my elbow, and the last big back brought him from behind me. .
Although I didn’t want to learn it, Qiao Yi forced me to learn it, so she taught me whenever she had time.
I gritted my teeth and followed Qiao Yi’s instructions. I stomped him severely, then smashed him with my elbow, and then threw him to the floor of the cabin with a big back.
Chu Feng fell on his back and screamed with his mouth wide open. I guess he didn’t know what happened just now.
Taking advantage of him being thrown by me, I ran out of the cabin in a hurry.
My clothes were a bit messy, I arranged my clothes in the corner of the deck, smoothed my hair, and raised my head when I suddenly saw Xi Qingchuan standing not far from me looking at me.
I was hesitant to tell him about Chu Feng harassing me, but I don’t know what the result will be after telling him.
I was about to walk over, he turned and left.
I’m angry. Maybe I have been in the cabin for so long with Chu Feng. It’s impossible for him to be a monkey spirit and wonder what happened to me inside.
I know that these wealthy boys and buddies get together to play with their female companions, maybe just to give each other a chance, if the other party is fancy, everyone will tacitly know, because they have business dealings with each other.
Therefore, it is not a good thing to be brought into this yacht club by him.
I think Xiao Shi absolutely never came here with him at that time.
Thinking about it, I was very depressed. I walked to the edge of the deck, where there were people fishing in the sea, and a few young models were sitting under the big parasols and whispering around, where they looked like fishing.
When I was young, my father took me to fish, but at the pier, not on the boat.
Dad said that fishing is not a leisure thing, you must concentrate on it and bring some humility, after all, what you catch is a life.
They are laughing and joking like this, I’m afraid they won’t be able to catch any of them.
I sat in a daze. I don’t know when Chu Feng and Xi Qingchuan were here. Chu Feng looked the same, talking and laughing while resting on Xi Qingchuan’s shoulders.
Xi Qingchuan is wearing sunglasses. I can’t see his eyes, but there is a smile on his mouth.
Of course he will not turn his face with Chu Feng for me.
Someone brought them fishing tackles and buckets, and Xi Qingchuan and Chu Feng sat down and fished side by side.
What Xi Qingchuan holds in his hand is a blue fishing rod. From a distance, it looks like the blue color and the color of the sea merge into one, so it looks like Xi Qingchuan is fishing with air in his hand.
The sun was getting bigger, and the shade of the parasol ran behind me, and my head was dizzy when the sun was shining.
I stood up and moved to a shady place. Chu Feng suddenly looked back at me. He looked at my legs. The hem of my skirt was irregular. The length was an inch above my knees. My legs were looming. In the skirt.
His eyes were greasy, with a slight contempt.
Xi Qingchuan should have seen it too, and he turned his head calmly again.
My chest was filled with a depressed air, and now Chu Feng and Xi Qingchuan were side by side on the deck, and it was Xi Qingchuan that I wanted to kick down the most.
I imagined him floating and sinking in the sea, even if he could swim, he might not last long.
He finally had to endure the taste of drowning and the sea water pouring in from his eyes, ears, nose, and mouth.
It’s so enjoyable just thinking about it.
I can also be obsessed here.
Suddenly, Xi Qingchuan stood up and walked behind Chu Feng, then raised his foot to aim at his ass, and kicked him off the deck with one kick.
Although there were railings on the side of the deck, the gap between the railings was very large. Chu Feng just got out of the gap, turned a perfect spin in the air, and then fell into the sea.
Everyone exclaimed, and I was also surprised, not understanding what happened.
I saw clearly just now that it was Xi Qingchuan who kicked him down.
Chu Feng should be able to swim. After drinking a few sips of sea water, he floated up and looked up at us blankly. He probably didn’t know what happened.
Xi Qingchuan leaned on the railing and slowly said, “I think you are a little hot.”
“What?” Chu Feng shouted: “Help me quickly.”
The sailor on the cruise ship was about to jump down to rescue him, Xi Qingchuan stopped him: “Master Chu can swim, where did you save his face?”
The sailor stopped hesitantly. Xi Qingchuan took a lifebuoy and smiled and said to Chu Feng: “Don’t move, see if I can get it right.”
He threw the lifebuoy down. It is estimated that when he was a child, he certainly didn’t play the game of looping. The lifebuoy was accurately placed on Chu Feng.
Xi Qingchuan clapped his hands and laughed, and everyone froze for a moment and laughed.
They don’t know if it is a joke or something, and I don’t know why Xi Qingchuan is doing this.
Chu Feng was still in place with his swimming ring, Xi Qingchuan leaned on the railing and asked him, “Is it hot?”
Chu Feng nodded: “Hot head, cold lower body.”
“Oh, that’s not even.” He nodded sensibly, “I heard that Mr. Chu likes to drink champagne, so why not drink a glass!”
“What?” Chu Feng raised his head in the water, his body was covered with a yellow swimming ring like a large jellyfish.
Xi Qingchuan turned his head and said to the sailor: “Bring champagne, remember to use your largest container here.”
Soon the two sailors carried something similar to a bathtub, filled with champagne, and the air suddenly filled with the sour smell of champagne.
Xi Qingchuan said to Chu Feng: “I will let them give you a drink!”
“Young Master Xi.” Chu Feng was a little flustered, as if he understood a little: “Mr. Xi, Dong Xi…Don’t coax, don’t coax…”
Xi Qingchuan supported the railing with both hands, and thought hard: “Oh, I know Mr. Chu likes others to drink with him, then,” he turned around and said, “Beauties, have a drink with Mr. Chu?”
Xi Qingchuan’s bodyguard gave each of the young models a cup, and the one who was given to me was a cup of hot water.
He looked at me: “You can drink, or you can pour it on his head.”
I seem to understand. Isn’t Xi Qingchuan helping me out?

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