Bewedded, Not Beloved

Chapter: 92

Why should I have a baby with him?
Our marriage contract is over in half a year. What should we do if we give birth to a child? When we divorce, we will split one person and half?
The sunset is like an orange duck egg yolk slowly sliding down from the sky. I have never seen the sunset on a boat. It feels very close to the sun and beautiful.
Nina wore the clothes Xi Qingchuan chose for me and came out and turned in circles in front of me: “Does it look good?”
“Good-looking.” She is a model and looks good in everything she wears.
“Then I will wear this, it’s so noble, and I want to comb your hairstyle.”
What is my hairstyle? I just pulled up a bun and inserted a hairpin.
Because my hair is soft, I can do it whatever I want.
I smiled with her, and then went on to watch the sunset.
She was too excited and sat down beside me: “What are you looking at?”
“Sunset.” I pointed to the horizon.
“What catches your eyes?”
“It’s beautiful.”
“The sky for the rich is beautiful,” she said.
I turned my head and looked at her in astonishment: “Does the sunset belong to the rich?”
“Of course, where do we poor people have the opportunity to watch the sunset on this cruise ship? Usually at this time I drag my tired body and squeeze the bus home. Everyone on the bus is sweaty and sometimes there are salty pigs. Who Free to look up at the sunset?”
What Nina said is a little bit right. Although I don’t agree with it, my biggest characteristic is that I don’t want to argue with others.
Everyone has their own set, and there is no need to convince others.
The sun went down after a short whistle from the horizon, and then the moon rose, and the lights on the boat lit up. Nina pointed to the distance and exclaimed to me excitedly: “Look, the boat is coming here, coming here!”
I followed the direction of her finger, and there were several yachts converging towards us from different directions.
On the opposite deck, there are many beautiful women jumping excitedly.
Suddenly I was intrigued and said to Nina: “I’ll go in and change my clothes.”
“Oh, don’t be too pretty, you already have a son, give us a chance.”
I went back to the room to change clothes, Nina took my clothes and I just picked something else and put on a light makeup.
When I was ready, the sailor came knocking on my door and handing me a mask.
I took it over: “What is this?”
“Tonight is a masquerade.”
Hey, rich people really know how to play, knowing that most of the female families who can come here are big beauties, so I cover my face and only look at the figure.
Wearing a mask is okay, you don’t need to make a fake smile.
I lingered in the room for a long time, Xi Qingchuan’s phone called, and when he was connected, it was vicious: “Are you asleep?”
“No, I will come out right away.”
I went out of the room, and the deck was already full of people.
Nina guessed right, our boat is big, and people on other boats come to our boat.
Many people are standing next to each other, everyone is dressed in beautiful clothes, but they all wear masks and don’t know who is who.
I can recognize attending Qing Chuan at a glance, because he is the tallest, wearing a black dress, although he also wears a mask, but it seems that he has the ability to gather all the light on this ship on his body.
My gaze followed him involuntarily, but he didn’t seem to see me, and I was too happy to shrink in the corner.
The cocktail party began, the host exaggerated the opening remarks, and the clowns wandered through the crowd to create the atmosphere.
The young models are like wolves looking for their favorite prey.
I was hiding in the corner and drinking hot water. At this moment, a person walked up to me and stretched out his hand to me: “Miss, enjoy a dance with your face?”
I heard Chu Feng’s voice. There was a strong smell of cooling oil on his body. He was sunburned today, and he could see mottled skin from the edge of the mask.
I lifted the mask and showed him my face. He stepped back as if he had seen a ghost and almost fell.
“Ooh oh oh…” He panicked.
I didn’t bite him again, his reaction was a bit too much.
“Princess Chu.”
“Auntie.” He raised his hands and surrendered: “I didn’t know it was you. From this moment on, I will avoid you wherever you are.”
He crawled and ran away, and Xi Qingchuan really frightened him.
The effect is really good. I don’t have to worry about the Chu Summit harassing me in the past two days.
My side is like an insulator, no one comes to look for me, I just hold the cup and watch the heat, and I am very happy to see it.
I saw Nina in the crowd. She wore the same hairstyle as mine and wore the skirt Xi Qingchuan helped me pick. I suddenly found that our body shapes were quite similar.
At this time, Xi Qingchuan walked up to her and led her away directly.
Does he treat her as me, or does he know she is not me?
I watched Nina uncomfortably followed Xi Qingchuan.
They soon disappeared from the crowd.
The sea breeze blew over and blew the hem of my skirt.
I was lying on the railing and watching the clear sea illuminated by the lights of these yachts, and occasionally a large fish swam past.
My phone is in the cabin, otherwise I can show Qiao Yi a video of the beautiful scenery here.
Really, as Nina said, is the scenery of rich people the most beautiful?
Do I count as a rich person?
Have 30% of the shares in Xiaoshi Company, and still have a lot of cash and securities?
Thinking of this, I suddenly thought of that Jiang Tian, ​​I wonder if Qiao Yi has sent our samples for testing?
I was immediately intrigued, and hurried back to my room to call Qiao Yi.
She took a long time to answer: “Hey, are you okay?”
“Well, did you test my DNA for me?”
“I made several calls to you, but you didn’t answer them.”
“I was on the deck just now.” I was inexplicably nervous: “What was the result?”
“Don’t be nervous, I don’t want to sell off, don’t worry, Jiang Tian has no relationship with you for half a cent. It was your stepmother deliberately looking for you to hit you, but he really had a marriage with his godmother.”
My heart finally fell in my stomach, and I let out a long sigh of relief.
“Xiao Sheng, just the past few days, I have thought of a way to fight back. I can’t let your stepmother do whatever he wants.”
“Joe, don’t mess around.”
“Don’t persuade her, the more you persuaded her, the more excessive.”
Someone was knocking on the door, and I said to Qiao Yi: “I won’t tell you anymore, that’s it.”
“I’ll go to see the marshmallow at Brother Boat’s house later, it’s so cute.”
“Oh,” she suddenly mentioned Ni Yizhou, and my heart suddenly seemed to be knocked by something, a little bit painful.
I don’t know where the pain comes from, anyway, thinking of Ni Yizhou at this time makes me very oppressive.
“Joey.” I called her.
“What are you doing?”
“Don’t tell Yizhou that I and Xi Qingchuan are coming to the cruise ship.”
“I understand, don’t worry, I’m not stupid, Brother Boat is your white moonlight, I will take good care of it.”
I sighed, I’m afraid I am no longer the white moonlight in Ni Yizhou’s heart.
I hung up the phone and opened the door. When I opened the door, I found that Xi Qingchuan was standing at the door. He was too tall and the beams in the cabin were so short that I had to bend over to see me.
“Xiao Sheng, what are you doing?” He looked frustrated, his face was already wearing a mask, and I didn’t wear it either. I took it off when I entered the room, and the thing was uncomfortable on his face.
“What?” I’m a little inexplicable, he always gets angry with me like this for no reason.

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