Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1008

Jiang Ning looked at several people and let out a long breath.
He knew that it was useless to say anything else, as long as it was what he wanted, even if they were not sure, they would definitely try their best to enter the mine and get it out for himself.
Do good people get rewarded?
But he, no matter how good he is, he just did some trivial things.
But in the eyes of Watson and the others, that is a great grace!
“Mr. Jiang, rest assured, we will not be impulsive in the future. Everyone will do a good job in the No. 8 mining area and develop Xishan City. We will definitely not lose our lives.”
“Yes, Mr. Jiang, don’t be angry, this thing… for you.”
Watson walked over, still worried that Jiang Ning would be angry.
Jiang Ning didn’t know what to say.
Looking at these simple and sincere eyes, he felt more and more that it was worthwhile for him to protect this country and these ordinary people from his birth and death for so many years.
“thank you all.”
Jiangning Road.
He didn’t say extra words.
No matter how much they said, they couldn’t match these four words, which made Watson and the others even more happy.
Watson and the others became more excited when they heard Jiang Ning say thank you, and hurriedly waved their hands and said, “You’re welcome!”
Jiang Ning took the box and took a look. The brass lock on it had been corroded a bit. Watson handed it a pair of pliers and opened it easily.
“Mr. Jiang, the grave inside has been around for a few years. We usually mine mines and have seen a lot. It is estimated that it has been at least a hundred years old.”
Watson said, “This tomb is an empty tomb. There is no coffin inside. There is only such a box, but there is a stone tablet with some words written on it. At least, we tried our best, but we couldn’t bring it out.”
Jiang Ning nodded: “It’s fine when people come out, let’s talk about the others.”
He opened the box, and there really was a page of boxing book inside!
The rolled brown-yellow parchment was exactly the same as the one on my own, and even the lines of the wrinkles were exactly the same.
Jiang Ning directly untied the rope and unfolded the fist sheet, and his eyes suddenly lit up.
“It seems that He Linbei is right,”
He said in his heart, “This boxing sheet is not just a boxing sheet, but the lines on it… seem to have some problems.”
It’s just one or two, nothing can be seen at all, but Jiang Ning has this feeling, the direction of these lines is indeed a map!
There is only one move in the fist sheet, but this move can be changed in all kinds of ways, and Jiang Ning is already very familiar with it, and there is no difficulty in controlling another page.
“Mr. Jiang, is this this thing?”
Seeing that Jiang Ning had not spoken, Watson worried that the things they brought out were not what Jiang Ning wanted.
“You helped me a lot.”
Jiang Ning looked up and looked at Watson and others, “Even, maybe because of this, you can save a lot of people!”
Hearing this, Watson and the others, their expressions shook, and their bodies trembled slightly.
It is their honor to receive such praise from Jiang Ning!
They are not good at words and emotional, but they can only flush their faces and clenched their fists, but the joy and excitement in their eyes cannot be concealed at all.
Jiang Ning looked at several people, all covered in dust, and there were some scratches on the faces of several people.
Obviously, underneath the mine is very dangerous!
People who haven’t been there can’t experience it.
“You guys are so good!”
Jiang Ning solemnly said, “Now, this mine must be buried, and no one is allowed to go in to avoid danger.”
“I’m just watching, so I don’t have to lie to me again.”
Several of Watson couldn’t help laughing.

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