Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1009

Jiang Ning was relieved after seeing the mine filled with cement.
It was already late at night, and he immediately asked Watson and the others to go back and rest.
Jiang Ning returned to the hotel. Lin Yu really woke up early. Seeing him back, he immediately ran off the bed and threw himself into Jiang Ning’s arms.
“You are not here, I dare not sleep.”
Jiang Ning rubbed her hair, “Now I am back and go to sleep.”
He hugged Lin Yuzhen by his waist. Lin Yuzhen blushed and shrank into his arms, letting Jiang Ning treat himself as a child, gently laying on the bed, and gently covering the quilt.
Say good night, then slowly close your eyes.
Jiang Ning did not rest.
He walked to the balcony, took out the page of Ji Dao boxing, and looked at the moves on it, it seemed that instantly, he entered a strange state!
On the parchment, there is only one movement, but in Jiang Ning’s eyes, it seems that there are thousands of them, right now in his mind, constantly tumbling and jumping!
He sat there quietly, staring at the parchment, seeing the early morning.
It wasn’t until Jiang Ning heard the sound of Lin Yu really stretching in the room that he withdrew from the gods.
He wasn’t tired at all, but he was energetic, and the light in his eyes was like a cold star.
“This boxing score is really weird.”
Jiang Ning rolled up the parchment, stuffed it into his pocket, got up and entered the room.
Lin Yuzhen just opened his eyes, still a little confused.
“Are you full?”
Jiang Ning walked over and scratched Lin Yu’s real nose lightly, “You have to go back today. There are still many things in the company that you need to deal with. If you don’t come out, Dad can’t be busy alone.”
“Aren’t you going back?”
Lin Yu really understood the meaning of Jiang Ning’s words.
The two originally planned to go back together.
“There are still some unresolved things here.”
Jiang Ning said, “I want to take care of everything here, so that Watson and the others will have no worries.”
“Forget it, help them do more.”
Jiang Ning originally wanted to let them do it directly, solve problems by themselves, and constantly explore, but now it seems that they still lack too much experience in this area and may not be able to do well.
The tone took that time, so it’s better to do it yourself and help them solve it, so as not to have extra troubles and make Lin Yu’s real hard work wasted.
“Well, I’ll listen to your arrangements.”
Lin Yu really nodded her head obediently and didn’t ask another question.
She listened to Jiang Ning’s decision.
“Well, get up, wash, eat breakfast, and take you to the airport.”
Jiang Ning really chased Lin Yu like a pig.
at the same time.
Gao Shi didn’t sleep all night!
His eyes, bloodshot, looked scary.
He had negotiated with Zhao Quan, and Zhao Quan went to get back several mining areas, and he re-registered the company, preparing to rebuild the Black Star Mining Company, and once again control the mining industry in Xishan City.
But where did he think that the news he got, Zhao Quan was dead!
He was beaten for half his life, thrown to the side of the road, and bitten to death by a stray dog!
Gao Ciguang felt his creeps when he saw a few photos.
Especially, the master that even Zhao Quan invited, Guo Meng in the hidden gate, was a ruthless person, and the professor had heard of it.
But even Guo Meng was beaten up and thrown into the stinking ditch!
Is that Jiang Ning a lunatic?
He even dared to do this, even the people of the hidden door dared to start!
“This Xishan City, I am afraid that there is no place for me. If I don’t leave again, Jiangning will definitely not let me go!”

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