Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 102

Wu Ping’s heart sank suddenly, so serious?
“What are you still trying to do, apologize to President Lin!”
“Yes, I’m sorry.”
Wu Ping hurriedly walked up to Lin Yuzhen, lowered his head, like a child doing something wrong, his voice was quiet.
Lin Yuzhen still shook his head, “I’ll wait for your notice.”
After speaking, he just turned around and left.
Leader Zhang’s heart sank suddenly, dare not!
He hurriedly walked up to Lin Yuzhen and put on a smiling face: “Mr. Lin, don’t be angry, the people underneath are not clear about what they are doing. Lao Li will definitely take care of him, and he can’t stop the company because of this.”
“I came today just to come and see what kind of company that contributes to the economy of Donghai City and is keen on public welfare, and how can it cease business?”
Lin Yu really didn’t know who the person in front of him was, but he could see that his identity was definitely unusual.
“But we haven’t been notified yet.”
She is serious.
“Notified! Notified!”
Director Li hurriedly said, “I will be notified by an official letter immediately!”
After speaking, he called.
Lin Yuzhen nodded: “But my employees have already left a lot and can’t receive everyone anymore.”
“It’s okay, you work hard, and it’s okay to take a day off. I’ll visit again another day!
Leader Zhang breathed a sigh of relief.
Lin Yu really went upstairs.
Downstairs, Leader Zhang’s face is still ugly.
The dozen or so people behind him were equally horrified. They now knew that the Lin family could never move.
“Old Li, tomorrow, I have to deal with the result.”
He turned his head and looked at Director Li with a serious expression, and Wu Pinghun was shocked to see him, “If you can’t handle it well, hand in your resignation letter yourself!”
Lao Li is even more frightened!
The crowd dispersed, and Leader Zhang went round and round again, and cautiously knocked on the door of the Security Section.
Seeing Jiang Ning sitting there, he stood up straight, not daring to breathe.
He knew a little bit about who this was in front of him, but just this little bit made him feel terrified. Such a great god would actually be in the East China Sea!
“What do you do so politely, sit down.”
Where does Leader Zhang dare to sit? How can he be qualified to sit with Jiang Ning!
Jiang Ning said lightly, “The underground circle is now clean. Can you let go of your hands and feet and do something for this city, right?”
This sentence opened up the pores of Leader Zhang’s whole body!
The person who cleared the underground circle overnight was Jiang Ning!
Leader Zhang was afraid to speak.
He was still thinking last night that the only person who can do this kind of thing is probably the legendary person.
And today, this person is sitting in front of him!
“Donghai City is the entrance to the coastal area, and it has a unique advantage. In recent years, it has failed to develop. You have a responsibility.”
Jiang Ning wrote lightly.
Leader Zhang nodded repeatedly: “Yes, it is my responsibility.”
“Now that the biggest obstacle is cleared, do you have any questions?”
“No more!”
Leader Zhang said immediately.
“The development of this area is very important. I think you know in your heart that you should do everything that should be developed and governed.”
Jiang Ning poured a cup of tea, “To make the people live better, this is your duty, remember.”
Leader Zhang took the teacup with both hands and solemnly said, “I remember it!”
He took a sip, still having difficulty suppressing his nervousness: “Then you?”
“You treat me as if I don’t exist.”
Jiang Ning said casually.
Leader Zhang understood, put down the teacup, and withdrew.
Jiang Ning helped him solve the problem that he had had a headache for several years. This was a great favor.
Although Jiang Ning asked him not to reveal his identity, Leader Zhang knew that he should help Jiang Ning handle some things.

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