Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1026

“Go to Xishan City! Hurry! Hurry!”
He yelled and scared the driver into a nervous state. He didn’t know what happened, how could Mo Chenglin be so flustered.
“I hope it’s too late! I hope it’s too late!”
Mo Chenglin was muttering words, thinking about what might happen, thinking about how to deal with…
How the hell is this to deal with?
The Lin family… can’t provoke them at all, and even the Pang family died in their hands. Compared with the top wealthy family, his Mo family is a fart.
Mo Chenglin urged the driver to accelerate all the way, as if he was crazy.
At that time.
Xishan City!
Mo Bei sat in the Bentley, lowered the window, and watched the people passing by on the street.
“Compared with Tongshan City, it is indeed a bit worse, and it has not developed enough.”
He said indifferently, “However, the mineral resources here are not bad, and the ability to develop them is still a bit worse.”
When the No. 8 mining area is in his hands, the wild mine will have to be sealed and preserved and developed secretly, which can bring huge benefits to him.
As for other mining areas, just share them with others, he doesn’t care too much about them.
“How is the situation now?”
Mo Bei leaned there, turned his head and glanced at Cheng Fan.
“Lin’s cooperative sales are all broken.”
Cheng Fan gloated, “Mr. Mo, choose one of the two. One is a huge market and the other is Lin. Everyone knows how to choose. Lin… is destined to withdraw from the Great Northwest Region.”
He sneered, “I’ll just wait and see that Jiang Ning’s face is as gray as death!”
Mo Bei laughed.
“You, you are too vengeful.”
He said in a reprimanding tone, “Those who do big things must have a broad mind and a more open mind, do you understand?”
“What Mr. Mo said is that I will reflect on it.”
Cheng Fandao.
“The Lin family is a layman. Naturally, he doesn’t know anything about the business model of this industry. It’s no wonder they make such mistakes. Everyone has to pay for naivety and impulse.”
“They rushed into the mining industry. This is a mistake in itself. That Jiangning might think that this industry is a money-picking industry, and if an individual comes in, he can make money. Haha, it’s really naive.”
The disdain on Mo Bei’s face and the mockery in his eyes made no secret of it.
The water in every industry is very deep. How can we easily stand firm if we don’t work hard in this industry?
Does Jiang Ning think he is a god?
It’s ridiculous!
“What Mr. Mo said is that today, their Lin family will pay the price!”
Cheng Fan smiled and said, “Fortunately, Mr. Mo will give them the opportunity to exit, otherwise, their entire company will be consumed here!”
The two smiled at each other, with a smug look on their faces.
Soon, the Bentley drove to the gate of the eighth mining area.
The driver slapped the horn and signaled the security to open the iron door and he wanted to drive in directly.
But the security guard at the door poked his head and glanced at the license plate. It seemed that he hadn’t noticed that the expensive car logo, just glanced at it, was the license plate of Tongshan City, not from the north. He opened his throat and shouted stand up.
“Line up! Line up! The cars in the north are advanced, the gates of Shenghai are waiting, the coast is aside, the locals in the northwestern region…what are you doing here? There is no parking space for you inside!”
The security guard didn’t open the door at all, looked at Mo Bei and the others with contempt, and directly yelled at him without showing any face.
Cheng Fan was stunned, and Mo Bei was also stunned.
What’s the situation?

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