Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1156

Lin Yu really didn’t want to talk, with red eyes, staring at Jiang Ning.
She felt that she was going to be killed by Jiang Ning.
“Do you think that if you die, I can live by myself?”
After a long silence, Lin Yu really looked at Jiang Ningdao.
“Jiangning, listen carefully.”
Jiang Ning immediately sat up straight.
“If you die, I will die with you immediately!”
Jiang Ning’s expression suddenly became serious.
He immediately stood up, walked to Lin Yuzhen, reached out and wiped the corners of her eyes, tears faintly pouring out.
“Fool, what are you talking about.”
“I’m a little scared.”
Lin Yuzhen said, “I know you are great, but now the person who is looking for you is getting worse and worse. I am worried that one day…”
She suddenly regretted it.
It is precisely because of Lin’s development that touched the interests of many people that they attracted so many people to deal with Lin’s and themselves.
And if Jiang Ning wants to protect himself, he naturally has to face those ferocious enemies!
“Husband, this Lin… Let’s not have it.”
Lin Yuzhen suddenly said, “Should we go back to the East China Sea, do a little business, and live by the house?”
“I will give you a baby, and I will be a housewife for you?”
Jiang Ning looked at Lin Yuzhen, looked at her who was a little sentimental at the moment, and gently stroked her face with his hands.
“You seem to be in a bad mood recently.”
“Is the cycle coming?”
Lin Yuzhen was startled, and immediately beat Jiang Ning’s chest in annoyance: “I mean serious!”
“me too.”
Jiang Ning smiled and took Lin Yuzhen into his arms, “I don’t like you as a housewife, I prefer you, who is full of confidence in the workplace.”
“Where can there be no trouble in life? Come, just solve it.”
“No but,”
Jiang Ning stopped Lin Yuzhen’s waist and deliberately lowered his voice, “Also, my wife, I will tell you a secret.”
He put his mouth close to Lin Yuzhen’s ear, and said mysteriously: “Until today, there hasn’t been one opponent that makes me really and feel tricky…I am a little lonely.”
Lin Yuzhen was shocked.
She gently pushed Jiang Ning away, took two steps back, and looked at the man who was too powerful to understand.
She didn’t speak, just shook her head, looked at Jiang Ning’s calm face, and nodded again, as if in her mind, she was still recalling what Jiang Ning had just said.
Lonely master?
Seeing Lin Yu really didn’t speak, Jiang Ning yelled softly.
“Husband, don’t talk to me yet, let me calm down.”
Lin Yuzhen stretched out her hand to tell Jiang Ning not to come. She held her forehead, feeling that it was impossible for her to make Jiang Ning pay attention to it.
Even the ridiculous thing who came here is known as the killing god!
“I only have one question,”
After a while, Lin Yu really raised his head and looked at Jiang Ning, very serious, “If one day I am going to die, I must let me die before you.”
“Because if you die first, I don’t know what to do.”
“Well, I promise you.”
Jiang Ning also nodded seriously, “I won’t let myself die in front of you, because I’m dead, who will take care of you?”
He took a deep breath, walked up to Lin Yuzhen, reached out and patted her shoulder.
“Well, that’s the end of such a serious topic, my wife, should we talk about something lighter?”
Lin Yuzhen, whose eyes were still red, was about to burst into tears when Jiang Ning suddenly spoke.
“For example, have you really reached the cycle?”

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