Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1172

“Miss Amel, with all due respect, you are not sincere,”
There is a hint of confidence on Li Dong’s face, “I, Lin, don’t need any signs, because our own Lin is the biggest sign in China!”
“So don’t we have to talk about it?”
Emmel got up, her high heels clattering.
“Talk, there are still talks, I said, let’s see what Slanka is sincere.”
“Is that what you mean?”
Amelie walked to the desk, looked down at Li Dong, the proud curve, Li Dong did not divert his attention.
“What do you think?”
“I understand.”
Emmel nodded, did not say anything, put her finger on the table, tapped twice, then turned and left.
“I need to think about it, goodbye.”
After speaking, she opened the door of the office, walked out, and slammed the door shut.
Li Dong took a deep breath and spit it out again, reaching out to loosen his belt.
Just about to release a button, the office door was pushed open again, and Li Dong immediately sat up straight.
“Next time, I hope to talk to Jiang Ning, you are too weak.”
Amel looked at Li Dong, smiled charmingly, and closed the door again.
Even after experiencing a lot of strong winds and waves, Li Dong still blushed at this moment, and he felt a sense of being humiliated.
For any man, this sentence, you are too weak, that is the most vicious blow!
Li Dong took a deep breath, and suddenly understood that Amelie had just approached him and revealed his career line, which was clearly intentional.
She wanted to tell herself that she was not worthy to negotiate terms with her.
“Can’t stand it.”
Li Dong shook his head and sighed, “This kind of woman, who can sit back and relax?”
In his mind, Jiang Ning’s face immediately appeared, repeatedly denying himself: “There is still one.”
Thinking of Jiang Ning, Li Dong laughed again, sat up straight, and a trace of triumph flashed across his face.
He knew that he was not as strong as Jiang Ning, nor as attractive as Jiang Ning, but he…not afraid of his wife.
At this moment, Brother Ning, I’m afraid he is brushing his teeth frantically.
At that time.
Overseas, Bao’s family.
Bao Rongdong’s face was already extremely cold.
“Check! Check it out again! Check it out, what’s wrong!”
He was furious.
The crash caused heavy losses to his Bao family!
Not only is the loss of vitality too great, but the face of his Bao family is even more lost.
Who is it, so cruel and cruel, so cruel hand, is it to make him the Bao family, cut off the reserve force?
“Is there any news from Chen Lantang?”
Bao Rongdong squinted his eyes and looked at the people around him.
“Still not, his body was taken away. Our people are still looking for it.”
“Find it for me!”
Bao Rongdong squinted his eyes and felt a faint feeling in his heart, “I want to see people in life, and the corpse in death. No matter what, he must be found!”
He is really going crazy.
On the other hand, it was at home, Jiang Ning let out a word, the Bao family dare to go back, come one, he kills one!
On the one hand, overseas, the environment around Bao’s house suddenly became bad.
Not only on the Silanka family’s side, their attitude has become tougher, and they want to withdraw the power of attorney given to the Bao family. Even the Bao family members have had accidents one after another.
In just two days, three important people in the blood of the Bao family were killed!
Bao Rongdong didn’t think that the yellow-haired boy could stretch his hand so long.
But obviously, the Bao family has entered a round, but he doesn’t even know when he was involved in this round!
Suddenly, his eyes contracted.
“Since Lin started to deal with Slanka, the Bao family can’t hide in this round!”

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