Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1185

Ye Shan and Tan Xing were dumbfounded.
They looked at Jiang Ning at the same time, their faces were full of disbelief, and they couldn’t believe their eyes at all.
In this world, can there be someone more brazen than Jiang Ning?
Not the generals?
Are all master-level masters?
If they don’t know Jiang Ning’s strength, they might still feel that Jiang Ning is very humble, but in Jiang Ning’s mouth, these are not the general master level masters, Jiang Ning can pinch to death with a finger!
It is clear that he deliberately exposed the gap, so that these rotten fish and shrimps from the Qingmen can find a chance to enter the East China Sea. Now it is the people from the Qingmen who are too bullying?
Who the hell is bullying?
“I said a long time ago that in the East China Sea Forbidden Land, no one is allowed to run wild here. This blue door really didn’t take my words into consideration!”
Jiang Ning said eloquently, “If I don’t respond, what will others think of me?”
“They will say that I am no longer in the East China Sea!”
“Anyone can bully!”
Not far away, Brother Gou and others were already enthusiastic.
And sitting on that Ye Shan, holding his forehead, waved his hands again and again: “See it? See it! What virtue is this kid!”
Tan Xing smiled: “I knew it a long time ago.”
People like Jiang Ning cannot be judged by common sense at all.
He has extraordinary strength, so powerful that people suspect that he is not a human being, but at the same time, his strategy, his mind, and the city are equally unattainable by ordinary people!
More importantly, Jiang Ning has never played cards according to the routine, and no one can figure out his temper.
Maybe Lin Yu is really one.
Ye Shan didn’t want to talk anymore. He pushed the chessboard and left with his hand. He had to tell Ye Qingwu to keep his distance from Jiang Ning.
This kid is a scourge!
“Eh! Eh!”
Tan Xing stopped doing it, “Ye Shan, what do you mean? I’m going to win soon? You shameless!”
Ye Shan didn’t hear it.
“You old thing, don’t admit it! Are you embarrassed to say Jiang Ning?”
Ye Shan covered his ears, walking quickly, and suddenly disappeared.
Tan Xing could only shake his head.
He turned around and looked at Jiang Ning.
“What do you plan to do next? This blue door is not easy to provoke. It was surprising that you suddenly went overseas. Now you want to come back, but you stop them.”
Tan Xing wanted to say that Qingmen’s desire to come back was very strong, and Jiang Ning’s prevention in this way would probably be an enmity with Qingmen.
But he knew that Jiang Ning was never afraid of enmity.
“It’s all riding on my head, so deceiving people so much, what else can I do?”
Jiang Ning snorted, turned his head, looked at Brother Dog and the others, “What do you guys say!”
The roar is loud!
When Tan Xing heard it, he understood.
Qingmen, it’s gone.
I haven’t had time to take a look.
He got up and patted the dust on his robe.
“I’m in the East China Sea. It seems that I have to stay for a while.”
After that, he went to chase Yeshan, instead of playing chess, let’s make two moves.
Soon, Jiang Ning let out a word. The people who talked about Qingmen sneaked into the East China Sea and injured a dog raised by Lin’s family. They broke the rules of the East China Sea Forbidden Land, and Qingmen must pay the price!
He let it go and asked the Bao family and Qingmen to come to the East China Sea to find him if they had the ability. If they didn’t dare, they would stay overseas. When his head shrank, don’t return!
Bao Rongdong could not bear the news spread overseas.
He has chosen to bow his head, letting others be ridiculed and ridiculed, Jiang Ning actually humiliated him so much!
Who the hell is deceiving too much?
He is going crazy.

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