Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1226

The man screamed, madly, and rushed towards Jiang Ning.
Jiang Ning’s figure flashed, and directly avoided the attack, the speed was astonishing, and immediately grabbed the man and punched three times in succession!
The man screamed, and three big bags bulged up on his back!
It seems to be pierced through.
Jiang Ning let go of his hand without looking at it again, letting his body fall down heavily.
Thirty seconds!
Just like Jiang Ning just said, to deal with such a person, thirty seconds is more than enough.
But… that’s two masters at the master level!
“help me……”
Seeing Jiang Ning turned to leave, Bao Rongdong hurriedly raised his hand and hurriedly shouted, “You promised me…you promised me…”
On both sides of the waist, blood was still flowing, and Bao Rongdong felt that his life was passing by little by little.
“If you hold on, you can bleed a little bit more, it’s okay.”
Jiang Ning walked straight out of the study. Outside, the Bao’s housekeeper shrank under the sofa, shivering.
“Don’t shake.”
He kicked, “Go save your master, but there are not many chances.”
The housekeeper hurried in to rescue people.
Just as Jiang Ning was about to take two steps, he suddenly stopped.
He raised his head, looked at the people standing at the door, looked at the strange mask that looked like a smile but not a smile, like a cry but not crying, the murderous in his eyes gradually became thicker!
The robe is straight, no wind, automatic, hunting!
The Lord stood there, like a person, propped up the heaven and the earth, with an amazing aura.
He looked at Jiang Ning, put his hands behind him, and said lightly:
“This boxing score belongs to me.”
“Oh, isn’t it?”
Jiang Ning responded.
From his pocket, he took out the boxing score he had just obtained from Bao Rongdong, and shook it, “Call it and see if it will agree.”
The eyes under the mask of the Lord gradually became deeper, and a trace of cold air kept circling in his pupils!
“I don’t want to kill you.”
“But, I want to kill you.”
Jiang Ning put away the fist sheet, and suddenly moved——
“Since it’s here, don’t leave!”
Almost instantly, Jiang Ning directly improved his state to the extreme!
He took seven steps, each step almost shook the ground, punch after punch, hitting seven punches in succession, each punch became more turbulent, and it seemed that an instant, it set off a frenzy!
But in the blink of an eye, Jiang Ning came to the master, blasted out a punch, and slammed into the master!
The Lord’s eyes changed slightly, he punched Jiang Ning hard, and stepped back one after another.
Immediately, he stood still, flicked his long sleeves, and shot likewise.
Two people fight together in an instant!
Fists and feet, deafening!
In the eyes of outsiders, this is where they are fighting, it is clear that they are two wild beasts, slamming each other with their bodies frantically.
Every punch seemed to hit the steel plate, making a dull sound.
Jiang Ning became more and more brave as he fought, and his boxing power became more and more violent, as if tirelessly.
The mask on the Lord’s face made Jiang Ning unable to see his expression at all!
It’s faster!
Jiangning’s speed is getting faster and faster!
His fists are getting more and more domineering!
As strong as the Lord, he didn’t respond in time for a while, was hit by Jiang Ning’s fist on the shoulder, and took five or six steps back again and again.
“I underestimated you.”
The voice of the Lord is gradually full of murderous aura!
It seemed that in the next moment, he was going to fight Jiang Ning until one person fell down!
Before he could take a shot, a figure flashed in quickly, throwing a smoke bomb, and suddenly, the whole hall was full of smoke!
Jiang Ning stretched out his hand and waved to disperse the smoke, but where is the shadow of the Lord?

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