Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1268

Jiang Ning nodded.
These little things don’t need him to act.
“Tonight, I also want to accompany Yuzhen to a reception. Let Agou go over there.”
After he finished speaking, Brother Dog took a step forward, split his mouth and laughed.
“Old Xiang, I really like you more and more.”
Looking at the innocent smile of Brother Gou, he shook Gaohu’s body and couldn’t help but tightened his thighs. He laughed again and again, “Brother Gou, don’t tell me, you still don’t like me that much.”
The night was gradually sinking.
Lin Yuzhen put on a long black dress to bring out her graceful figure.
The jade neck like a swan made Jiang Ning startled.
“My wife, it’s a little grand.”
Jiang Ning liked Lin Yuzhen’s good-looking dress, but didn’t like Lin Yuzhen, who was so beautiful, being seen by others.
He is such a stingy person.
“Ms. Emmel will also be there tonight, right?”
Lin Yuzhen turned his head, glanced at Jiang Ning, raised his head slightly, “You said, should I dress better?”
Hey, woman.
Jiang Ning stopped talking.
He wanted to dress casually, but Lin Yuzhen let him change into a suit.
Lin Yu was really dumbfounded when he was wearing an Armani.
With a well-proportioned figure, resolute facial features, and a stubborn, mature man’s breath all over his body, Lin Yu really did not expect that Jiang Ning would look so good in a suit.
“Wife? You drool.”
Jiang Ning laughed, buttoning the buttons proficiently, and ignoring Lin Yuzhen’s wide-open eyes, he pulled her out and went out.
The party was arranged by Amel, Jiang Ning didn’t want to bother, but Lin Yu really insisted on going.
No matter how simple a woman is, when it comes to the issue of sovereignty over a man, it is not a small problem.
Ai Meier said that he wanted to help Lin to open up the overseas market. Not only did he take the initiative to introduce people from the Huameng Chamber of Commerce to Lin, but also to introduce his many years of beauty industry partners to Lin.
Such enthusiasm is unbelievable. Not long ago, Sri Lanka’s general agent in China was just kicked out by Lin.
at the same time.
Lin’s overseas branch headquarters!
In one afternoon, the marks on the wall were cleaned up, the wall paint was repainted, and the water and electricity pipelines were re-arranged.
Desks, office chairs, office computers and other equipment, everything is ready.
Even the broken security door was replaced by a new one for Xiang Gao.
The night is getting dim, and the lights in the corridor are flickering and dimming. Obviously, the renovation here has not yet been completed.
Several figures flashed by quickly.
“Tap! Keep up!”
The voice is the same as those of those people last night.
The leader looked around carefully, reached out to hold the doorknob, and sneered: “I don’t know if I change the door, I don’t know if I change it to a better one. You want to stop me with this kind of bargain?”
He really thought it was funny. The security door last night was obviously more advanced. What is it changing today?
Did you buy it from the second-hand market?
He took out the tool and moved it three or two times, and with a click, the lock was opened!
“Go in!”
A few people got in immediately, and in the dimness, one could see neatly arranged tables and chairs, brand-new computers, and redecorating the painted walls.
And sitting on the hospitality sofa…one by one…people.
Damn, why are so many people!

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