Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1271

With a puff–
The flame rises into the sky!
The heart-piercing screams penetrated the entire street and echoed in the sky.
In the street late at night, a burning man screamed sorrowfully, causing several others to tremble with fright.
No one dared to approach, no one dared to save.
They still have gasoline on them!
Whoever is close to die!
“Save me! Save me!”
He rushed to other people, but they could only hide, where would they dare to save.
In the tall building, when he heard the sound below, Ge Ge looked down and squinted his eyes.
From the fifty-fifth layer of view, you can only see a ball of flame, spinning and jumping, non-stop…
At that time.
Hilton Hotel.
Compared with domestic hotels, overseas hotels have a different place.
Go inside, and always don’t tip outside.
Jiang Ning was a little reluctant.
He was held by Lin Yuzhen and gave a lot of tips along the way before he got on the elevator and went straight to the reception hall tonight.
“Lin’s channel still needs to be opened by ourselves, and the partners here also need to be established by ourselves.”
Lin Yuzhen said as he walked, “This Amel, so actively helping us, I say that the drunkard’s intention is not to drink.”
“That also has to drink and he agrees.”
Jiang Ning had no good air.
“My wife, you weren’t like this before.”
He looked at Lin Yuzhen, “Long Linger’s girl is trying to steal me. You haven’t worried about it. Why, this foreign girl, do you care?”
Lin Yu really laughed.
“I’m not afraid of you being snatched away,”
She said seriously, “I’m thinking about how their Sri Lanka family has made the brand of Sri Lanka so big.”
“Emmel, there must be something I can learn from, I have to learn it secretly!”
Seeing Lin Yuzhen in front of him, Jiang Ning couldn’t help but wonder, is this cultivation crooked?
Too hard, too easy to learn, right?
“All you have to do is to cooperate with me, understand?”
Lin Yuzhen stretched out his hand and twisted it lightly on Jiang Ning’s waist, “Okay, husband~”
Jiang Ning couldn’t handle the elongated tail.
He could fight with dozens of great masters at the same time, or he could be hostile to thousands of troops alone, but facing Lin Yu’s real coquetry, he had no choice but to raise his hand and surrender.
The elevator has arrived.
Jiang Ning took Lin Yuzhen’s hand and walked out.
Before reaching the hall, I heard soft music.
It’s the classical music of China.
A lot of people have already arrived inside. It is obvious that all of them are the same Chinese businessmen, the same eyes, and the same skin color.
Jiang Ning signed the name at the entrance and was taken in by Lin Yuzhen.
When we communicate in the same language, there is no big problem. We feel more cordial here overseas.
Lin Yuzhen nowadays is more talkative and more elegant and generous. A beautiful evening dress and long skirt is stunning enough to attract people’s attention as soon as she appears.
She wanted to say hello, and she just nodded her head.
And Jiang Ning, who put on a suit, has the same temperament, and the two of them are simply beautiful and talented!
After a while, Lin Yuzhen started talking with a few Chinese businessmen from the southeast region.
Knowing that it was Lin’s person, the other party was obviously pleasantly surprised, after all, in the southeast, Lin’s name is still very loud.
at the same time.
Inside the hotel VIP box.
Aimee sat there, graceful, like a goddess, making people want to see but dare not be too direct, not looking, and can’t help.
With a faint smile on Li Genhong’s face, he looked calm and relaxed. Although he was staring at Amel, his eyes were clean and there was no desire in it.

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