Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1309

Hearing this, Li Zhengshang suddenly felt pressure and rushed to his face!
Jiang Ning didn’t show the mountains or dew, and he didn’t even have any major emotional fluctuations on his face, but he could still feel that kind of surging aura that could be overwhelming!
Li Zhengshang suddenly thought how desperate Bao Rongdong was when he faced Jiang Ning!
“I can bring down the Huameng Chamber of Commerce…”
“It doesn’t need you, they will soon collapse.”
Jiang Ning shook his head directly.
Where does the Li family need to do anything? Now the Lin’s overseas branch has been established, and even the news of the Li family’s plea at Lin’s door spread.
As long as the ears are not deaf and the Chinese businessmen are not blind, they must know.
With Lin’s support in front, even if they do not cooperate with the Huameng Chamber of Commerce, there will be no more people who dare to trouble the Chinese businessmen.
Because Jiang Ning said that if Chinese businessmen do business overseas, as long as Lin’s is in place, then no one is allowed to bully!
The Huameng Chamber of Commerce has no meaning anymore, and it will naturally disappear. Where does it need to be done?
“I have extensive experience in overseas markets…”
Li Zheng was in a hurry.
“I have that too.”
Standing on the side, Xiang Gao coughed twice, then pointed to the thick pile of business cards on the table in front of Jiang Ning, “They all have them, as long as Lin needs them.”
Li Zhengshang was even more anxious.
This is all he can have. Regarding money, the entire Li family combined, Jiang Ning probably won’t be bothered.
“I can do anything for the Lin family! Even to die!”
Li Zhengshang said loudly.
The office suddenly became quiet.
Jiang Ning looked at Li Zhengshang and suddenly laughed.
“At this point, I am somewhat interested.”
“But you are sure, can you do what you say?”
Li Zhengshang nodded.
Even if Jiang Ning tells him to die now, he probably won’t regret it anymore.
But he believes that Jiang Ning is not such a boring person, and his Li family definitely has value and the value of life.
“The overseas market is huge. Lin really needs people like you with rich experience. In addition to North America, there are also overseas markets such as Eastern and Western Europe, the Middle East and South Africa, and they all need people to expand.”
Jiang Ning turned his head and glanced at Xiang Gao, “Which area of ​​our team is still unsure?”
“middle East.”
Xiang Gao narrowed his eyes and said immediately, “Only the Middle East is left.”
Upon hearing this, Li Zhengshang’s pupils shrank suddenly.
middle East?
A zone of war?
Lin still wants to go to the Middle East to explore the market? What a joke!
“Patriarch Li.”
Jiang Ning looked up and glanced at Li Zhengshang.
Li Zhengshang responded quickly.
“There is only a shortage of people in the Middle East market.”
Li Zhengshang’s face turned pale, and his heart was beating violently. Going to the Middle East meant giving up everything in the Li family!
Even after going to the chaotic region of the Middle East, I don’t know if I can survive.
But if he didn’t go, the Li family would definitely not be able to survive.
“I go.”
Li Zhengshang immediately said, “I can open up the Middle East market for Lin’s family. I can complete any task that Lin’s confided to me. I only hope that Mr. Jiang can spare the dog.”
Li Genhong couldn’t help it anymore and shouted hoarsely.
If it hadn’t been for him to provoke Jiang Ning, how could the Li family fall to where it is today?
Where is that in the Middle East?
In war-torn regions, where are there any markets, where lives are worthless, and what else is worthwhile!
“Jiang! Kill if you want! Lao Tzu is not afraid of death!”
Li Genhong furiously said, “If you have the ability, just kill me, don’t want to kill my dad like this!”

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