Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1334

Tan Xing’s second sentence made all these students stunned.
Can you see that boxing score?
So mysterious things, you think Jiang Ning should be a big man who is qualified to control and watch, right?
They also have a chance.
“Old Tan, Mr. Jiang wasn’t kidding, right?”
“No kidding.”
Old Tan said, “You guys are responsible for this matter, announce it, and prepare well.”
After speaking, he turned and left.
“and many more!”
Fang Qiu immediately called him, “What did you just say?”
“Jiang Ning wants to open his boxing score? Is he crazy!”
Others don’t know what the Jidao boxing score means, Fang Qiu knows too well.
Such a baby, I don’t know how many people want it in their dreams, but Jiang Ning is good. If you say it’s open, just open it?
Why is he!
This boxing score is not his!
“Is he crazy or not? I don’t know, but next, there will definitely be a group of people going crazy.”
Tan Xing said lightly.
As soon as he finished speaking, Fang Qiu was nowhere to be seen, and he rushed towards the office like a mad lion.
“Yes, this is the first one.”
Tan Xing smiled and squinted.
Fang Qiu kicked open the office door.
He yelled, pointed at Jiang Ning who was drinking tea, and said angrily, “What do you want to do!”
Jiang Ning sat there, turned his head and glanced at him, but ignored it.
“Ji Dao Boxing Sheet, you can just make it public if you want to make it public!”
Fang Qiu burst out, “These secret objects, those mortals, are not qualified to take a look!”
Jiang Ning still ignored him.
Fang Qiu was really angry.
“I think you are a lunatic!”
He roared and rushed over suddenly, his long fists roared, and the joints suddenly crackled!
This punch was directed at Jiang Ning’s head, he really wanted to blow Jiang Ning’s head directly!
Jiang Ning still sat there and didn’t move, but put out a hand, easily blocking Fang Qiu’s fist, and a single finger suddenly hit the bottom of Fang Qiu’s wrist.
Fang Qiu yelled immediately and hurriedly backed away a few steps.
“This door is not cheap, do you have money to lose it now?”
Jiang Ning turned his head and glanced at Fang Qiu, “If I don’t have money, I will continue to work in the martial arts gym. I will pay you the corresponding salary according to the market conditions.
“I ask you the boxing score…”
“When I do things, I don’t need others to teach me how to do it. Especially, my men are defeated.”
Jiang Ning would not let Fang Qiu finish talking.
Fang Qiu’s face flushed with anger.
He couldn’t understand Jiang Ning, but he couldn’t help Jiang Ning. This kind of feeling really made people suffocated and exploded.
He took a deep breath.
“Don’t blame me for not reminding you, you are playing with fire!”
Fang Qiu said coldly, “In the eyes of many people, this boxing score is a forbidden thing! You are free to open it, you are pushing yourself to death!”
Jiang Ning glanced lightly.
“Is it?”
“Is it your so-called hidden family, Fang family, or who?”
Fang Qiu’s body trembled as soon as he said this, and his eyes suddenly changed.
He never said his origin.
I never said that I came from the Fang family, from that place’s reclusive family, the Fang family!
Fang Qiu was stunned, looking at Jiang Ning with a look of surprise, “How do you know?”
He felt that his heart was about to jump out.
Jiang Ning unexpectedly knew his origin!
“Whether it is your family or who it is, what you think of forbidden objects is really nothing in my eyes.”
Jiang Ning didn’t care what Fang Qiu asked, and said every word, “I want to make it public. If anyone has an opinion, come and tell me.”

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