Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1379

After leaving Montenegro, Yantang had forgotten the timing, a ruthless light appeared in his eyes.
“Master, it’s almost time to do it.”
All of this is about Jiangning doing things step by step, even if no effect is seen now, it can be almost strangled in the long run!
Now Montenegro wants to take his own shot to capture Jiang Ning’s boxing score. What will Jiang Ning face?
Yantang didn’t know, he only knew that he had detonated this line, and the subsequent results had nothing to do with him.
Life and death.
He looked at the far west, sighed faintly, did not say a word, but the expression on his face was very complicated.
Almost the same time.
Killer organization headquarters!
On the floor, a pool of blood, glaring red!
The Lord stood there, clenched his fists, and the murderous aura all over his body was terrifying!
He said sharply, “The so-called King of Killers, just this strength?”
The Lord was full of disdain.
If it weren’t for the killer who claimed to be the king who didn’t love fighting and fled as soon as he was injured, he would definitely die in the hands of the Lord today.
“Your power is far superior to the King of Killers. To kill him is just a piece of cake!”
The man standing behind the lord’s face was surprised and joyful, and he couldn’t hold back.
“He was seriously injured this time, and he has no chance of surviving!”
A fierce light flashed in his eyes, “I won’t let him have this chance!”
He waved, and a dozen shadows behind him rushed out immediately.
“The conditions have been said long ago. I will help you kill the King of Killers and let you control the killer organization, and you, provide me with the information I need.”
The Lord glanced at the man, then squinted his eyes, “Don’t play tricks, otherwise you know the consequences!”
The man nodded repeatedly, “This is natural. We don’t interfere with each other.”
The Lord didn’t say anything, turned around and left.
It wasn’t until his figure disappeared that the man let out a long breath, his back was already wet with sweat.
That kind of terrifying pressure was his first experience. He thought it would be no big deal. Even the dozen or so subordinates just now were prepared by him. After the Lord solves the King of Killers, he will find a way to solve the Lord…
It can be seen that the master shot, he immediately changed his mind.
This master is not something he can provoke!
“Find the flying knife, absolutely can’t let him live!”
The man said viciously, “No matter where he escapes, his life cannot be kept!”
The killer organization has been so many years, in the hands of the flying knife, no matter how difficult it is to go further, he has long been unable to stand it.
Especially, the last time a reward order was given, the flying knife was revoked without authorization. He didn’t dare to kill even an ordinary Oriental. Does this killer organization have a reputation?
“The killer organization can only play its greatest role in my hands…hahaha!”
A shadow, leaving from the killer organization headquarters, carrying a desperate mission.
But the man who stood at the top of the killer is now running away in embarrassment.
He didn’t know how many bones he had broken. He opened his mouth and spewed out two mouthfuls of blood, his face became even paler.
That face has no blood!
Can only escape!
Fei Dao didn’t expect that such a terrifying master would suddenly appear, and his domineering style was so similar to that bastard.
If it weren’t for the obvious face difference, he would think that it was the bastard, ungrateful, who came to kill himself!

Suddenly, seven or eight figures blocked the path of the flying knife.

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