Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1380

“King, please take off your crown.”
One of them, Sen said coldly, “We must, take your head back!”
“Hmph, I really didn’t expect that there was a biting dog beside me!”
Flying knife glanced around, breathing quickly, coughing violently while talking, “Even if I am injured, does Yang Zi think that he can kill me?”
“excuse me.”
Seven or eight people, don’t want to say any nonsense.
They know very well that the one in front of them was once their king!
It is the man standing at the top of their killer industry.
But today, this man is destined to fall!
“call out!”
“call out!”
“call out!”
Several figures rushed out quickly, and went directly toward the flying knife.
The violent murderous aura immediately surrounded the flying knives!
But flying knife, there is no tension at all!
Even if the dog is dispatched as a gold medal killer, what about it?
Want to kill yourself?
Suddenly, his wrist shook, he saw the time, and just as the seven or eight people got close, he shot a few throwing knives!
The flying knife flickered with cold light, making seven or eight people immediately tense, desperately trying to escape.
But at such close range, how to hide?
The flying knife snorted, and saw a few people avoiding their weapons, shaking their wrists again, and more hidden weapons, like mercury pouring in the ground, leaving no gap in the slightest!
Directly surrounded the seven or eight people.
But for a moment, blood splashed!
Seven or eight corpses fell to the ground!
“Cough cough cough–”
Feida’s face turned paler.
This motivation pulled the wound and made him almost collapsed.
His legs softened and he almost fell to the ground.
“Escape… Escape!”
This city can no longer stay long.
He used to be the king here, he said that he is not two, but now, everyone in this city wants to kill him!
So betrayed!
Flying Dao’s eyes were full of anger and hatred. He gritted his teeth tightly and struggled to stand up. He didn’t know how many people were chasing him behind him…
Must escape!
Where to escape?
I’m afraid, only that person can keep himself alive.
The favor at the time…you have to pay it back…
At that time.
East China Sea.
Jiang Ning fell to the ground with his hands open, completely unable to move. Lin Yuzhen pressed one hand on his chest and did not struggle at all.
“I won?”
Lin Yu was really surprised.
She didn’t expect that she was so powerful!
I used various moves before, whether it was taught by Ye Shan, or taught by Tan Xing, or Yan Chinan and He Linbei…
None of their moves worked, as long as they shot, Jiang Ning could always hold her hand easily, then pull her into his arms, breaking her attack.
Also be taken advantage of.
But this time, using the tricks Jiang Ning taught, he really subdued Jiang Ning!
“Did you deliberately?”
Lin Yu was really unbelievable.
“he did not do it on purpose.”
Ye Shan snorted, his face a little unhappy.
Jiang Ning obviously wanted to tell them, don’t try to use Lin Yuzhen to imagine and teach yourself.
Only oneself can beat oneself.
“My wife, you are amazing!”
Jiang Ning was still lying on the ground, but he clapped again and again, “I’m afraid this martial arts gym will have to hire you as a martial artist.”
Lin Yu really laughed.
She wouldn’t believe Jiang Ning’s coaxing talk.
“You don’t coax me, I’m not so good!”
Before Lin Yu really finished speaking, Jiang Ning suddenly frowned. Soon, Ye Shan and Tan Xing felt it too. They looked at each other and nodded immediately.

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