Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1418

His words were sincere and full of emotion. Jiang Ning almost believed it when he heard it.
Who is his mother begging for himself every day, wanting to come to the East China Sea for development?
When did he become Jiang Ning, begging A Fei to come.
But this face still has to be given.
“Big brother said, Lin has Lin’s rules, all follow the process to submit resume interviews, but my eldest brother and I have been wandering together since we were young, and have been in the beggars for so many years…”
“I know that Jiang Ning also told me about this. The rules are really not broken, but Lin also has special regulations, especially for highly professional talents like you, um, there are special cases.”
Lin Yuzhen glanced at Jiang Ning and saw that Jiang Ning was smiling, deliberately serious.
“I have already figured out what position I will arrange for you. I hope Afei can be satisfied.”
“Satisfied! No matter what position my sister-in-law arranges for me, even if it is sweeping the floor, I am satisfied!”
A Fei patted his chest.
Are you kidding me?
How could he arrange for himself to sweep the floor? A talent like him, a special recruited talent, let him sweep the floor. Isn’t that violent?
“Okay, I’ll leave this to you.”
Jiang Ning didn’t want to talk nonsense with A Fei, and directly confessed to Lin Yuzhen, “A Fei came here for the first time and has a lot to learn. Find him a good master.”
“I have something else, go to the martial arts gym first.”
“Okay, husband, see you tonight.”
Lin Yu really nodded.
Jiang Ning turned around and left, while Lin Yu really looked at A Fei and tried to laugh all the time.
“Let’s go, take you to the Lin family, and start the job today.”
“So fast?”
“What your elder brother said, I’m afraid you will run away.”
“Brother is really insightful, hahahaha!”
Lin Group Headquarters!
Outside the office area, A Fei struggled to move a table to the secretary Xiao Zhao’s desk, still a little confused.
“Secretary? Why am I a secretary?”
A Fei wanted to cry.
He did not expect that the post Lin Yu really arranged for him turned out to be a secretary!
Male secretary!
When did you have such a post?
And his main job turned out to be to assist this Xiao Zhao and give her a hand.
He is calling Jiangning Brother!
In this connection, is the back door a bit small?
“sister in law……”
“In the company, there are no big brothers and sisters!”
Without waiting for A Fei to speak, Xiao Zhao directly scolded, “The rules? These are the rules, understand! Since Ning has arranged for you to study with me, I have to take care of you!”
A Fei’s Adam’s apple slid and his body trembled suddenly.
“Sister Zhao…”
“Whose sister are you calling? You are one year older than me. Are you calling my sister? Are you polite!”
Xiao Zhao is not polite.
A Fei is really going to cry.
What the hell is this female secretary, this is a little female leopard at all.
“A Fei, this is Jiang Ning’s arrangement. If you are not satisfied, go to your elder brother.”
Lin Yuzhen smiled, “I can’t do anything.”
A Fei sighed.
He dared not go to Jiang Ning.
He is begging to come, and now tell Jiang Ning that he is not satisfied with this position, Jiang Ning will definitely throw him directly to the Middle East to reflect.
It’s scary!
A Fei sighed, and seeing Xiao Zhao’s eyes widened, he hurriedly lifted up and said, “Very good! Very good! It is my honor to study with Sister Xiao Zhao!”
“You know it!”
Xiao Zhao snorted, opened the drawer, revealing a lot of delicious snacks, “I have nothing else to welcome you, these snacks are my treasure…”
A Fei’s eyes lit up suddenly!

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