Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1437

What’s the fear of death?
If I didn’t want to save her, I would have died long ago!
He Daoren smiled bitterly, and understood at this moment that he was not far from death with this serious injury, but he could not rescue her, and maybe even she was already dead.
Can you live for twenty years in Fang’s dungeon?
Jiang Ning was in a complicated mood.
He looked at He Dao Ren, his body was shaking.
It was difficult for him to accept that the person he had been following turned out to be his master.
When he learned that his master, He Dao Ren, was severely injured by the Lord, Jiang Ning was going crazy!
He swears to avenge the master, kill the master, and destroy the entire hidden gate.
But now…
“You don’t have to be embarrassed.”
He Daoren looked at Jiang Ning and his apprentice. He knew Jiang Ning too well.
He just knew that Jiang Ning would avenge himself, knowing that he was seriously wounded and killed by the master, he would definitely try his best to avenge himself, he would definitely kill the master at all costs, and kill… himself!
It’s a pity that after all, I didn’t die under Jiang Ning’s hand.
“what is the problem!”
Jiang Ning couldn’t help but yelled, “Tell me! Tell me!”
The kindness of nurturing for more than ten years, He Daoren is heavier than the Jiang family’s kindness to him, how can Jiangning accept it?
The master he respected has become the overbearing master who has done a lot of bad things?
“Nothing at all.”
He Daoren’s voice gradually became quieter, and his eyes turned softer when he looked at Jiang Ning, “Jiang Ning, I have failed in my life. I can’t protect the one I love. I’m not a man, I…”
“It’s okay for me to have an apprentice like you, and I die without regret.”
Jiang Ning gritted his teeth, “Tell me, who forced you to be like this!”
He grasped He Daoren’s hand, his eyes were reddish.
He refused to believe that his master would do so many bad things.
Scene after scene in his mind made Jiang Ning believe that there must be hidden secrets in all of this. It is absolutely impossible for someone like He Dao to be the Lord, impossible!
He Daoren smiled, did not say anything, exhausted all his strength, stretched out his hand and gently patted the back of Jiang Ning’s hand.
“I hope you… can protect the woman you love, Master, I can’t help you.”
He Daoren slowly closed his eyes.
He is very tired.
Even if there are still things left to be done and his woman is not saved back, he knows that he has no chance.
He also didn’t want to cause trouble to Jiang Ning, he didn’t want Jiang Ning to take risks for himself, and he didn’t want Jiang Ning to…because of himself.
It’s over, then it’s all over.
Jiang Ning stood there, his whole person like a statue, motionless, until he felt that He Dao Ren’s hand had become cold.
There is no trace of the temperature of a living person.
Jiang Ning’s body trembled slightly.
“Tell me nothing.”
He looked at He Dao Ren, “Do you think I wouldn’t check it.”
Jiang Ning didn’t know that He Daoren had always been related to the hermit family, and he knew that the girl he was talking about was definitely related to the hermit family.
He didn’t tell him anything, he was just worried that he would conflict with people from the hermit family, right?
At the last moment, I still care about myself and protect myself…
“If you don’t tell me, I will also find out, I don’t care who you are, you are my master, who gave me new life.”
Jiang Ning’s tone gradually calmed down.
But there was a faint mist of tears in his eyes.

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