Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1481

Jiang Ning ignored A Fei’s narcissism there.
He thought about it, and taught Fang Qiu what he knew, and how much Fang Qiu could learn depends on his own ability.
As for other people, they will also give themselves face, as long as Fang Qiu is willing to learn, they are happy to teach Fang Qiu.
Seven or eight seniors beyond the master level, elites in all fields, not only in martial arts, but in any field, as long as Fang Qiu wants to learn, Jiang Ning can help him find the most powerful teacher in the world.
This is a kind of inheritance, something more powerful than the past.
Jiang Ning looked for a while, then turned and left.
He knew that Fang Qiu needed time to digest the recent events and also needed time to make certain preparations.
Jiang Ning did not directly tell him what he really wanted, but let him adapt slowly.
At least, leaving Fang’s family identity is his first step.
Jiang Ning would not allow Fang Qiu to recognize the thief as his father!
“Brother, wait for me!”
Seeing Jiang Ning left, A Fei hurriedly followed, “I have something to tell you. Give me a job. As long as you don’t be the assistant of Fairy Zhao, you can let me do anything!”
“Go to Fusang to beat people, or go to the Middle East to clean up those mercenaries?”
“You can go to the waters of Somalia!”
“Brother, do you hear me? Save me, brother!
Fang family.
Fang Wei has been in his practice room for the past two days, pondering the page of boxing book Fang Xia brought back.
He didn’t have much interest in the above boxing moves.
This kind of very basic moves, he couldn’t see any fame.
And part of the map behind it made him very interested, but he could still see everything after watching it for two days.
“If you haven’t collected it completely, you can’t see it at all.”
Fang Wei sighed, “Even if all the boxing scores are available, I am afraid it will be difficult to see at once, what secrets are there, this page is not enough.
One page is not enough to read, even if there are several pages, I am afraid it is not enough.
Fang Wei carefully put the boxing record away, thinking in his heart that it seemed necessary to get more boxing records as soon as possible before other hidden families knew about it.
“Boom boom boom.”
The door of the practice room was knocked.
“Father, it’s me.”
Fang Xia’s voice came.
“Come in!”
Fang Wei shouted.
He saw Fang Xia push the door in, with a smile on his face, “Why are you here? Just go home and don’t get a good rest. You haven’t fully recovered from your injuries.”
The smile on his face can’t be seen often.
Fang Xia bowed her hand and bowed.
“I have trouble sleeping and eating.”
Fang Xia sighed, “Father, I want to get more punches!”
Fang Wei’s eyes shrank suddenly.
“Jiangning, there is a boxing score!”
Fang Xia said, “I can be sure that this time I got a page from him by fluke, but I thought about it. It’s far from enough to have only one page of boxing score.”
“Nine-page boxing score, even if we get all the boxing scores, we may be embarrassed to break the secrets of the map for a while, but we also have to get as many as possible before other hidden families know the whereabouts of the boxing scores.”
“This is the right to speak! Only when we find that place in the future, my Fang family can have more right to speak!”
Fang Wei nodded: “You are right, I just meant it.”
“Fang Xia, you understand my mind more and more.”
He was very pleased and stretched out his hand to pat Fang Xia’s shoulder, “But the East China Sea, the bronze wall and the iron wall, and Fang Hongshan took the people there. They were not pleased. It is not that easy to get more boxing scores.”

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