Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1509

Song Xiaoyu was not at all polite.
When this guy threatened him before, he was arrogant and looked like he was in control of his own destiny, but now, kneeling in front of him, he dare not even lift his head!
“You can’t do this,”
A Fei shook his head, “Too gentle.”
He turned his head and looked at Brother Dog.
“Brother Dog, the eldest brother said, if you don’t understand, you should ask.”
As soon as A Fei finished speaking, Brother Gou stepped forward and slapped the man’s teeth away.
Immediately, without A Fei, Brother Dog grabbed the man by the hair and dragged him to the backyard.
Song Xiaoyu let out a long breath.
“Mr. Jiang seems to have said, to convince people with virtue.”
A Fei nodded, “But Big Brother didn’t say that you can’t use martial arts.”
Song Xiaoyu got it.
He felt that what he said to Jiang Ning was not deep enough. Sure enough, there was no limit to learning.
But in twenty minutes, Brother Gou came back, a note in his hand, crookedly and densely written.
“I have asked if I can.”
Brother Gou said, “He only knows so much about Sima’s family.”
Song Xiaoyu was stunned.
He didn’t know when Brother Gou would bring a small notebook with him. He had never seen Brother Gou like this before.
As if perceiving the look in Song Xiaoyu’s eyes, Brother Dog smiled: “The legend of the provincial capital teaches me. It’s memorable, not as good as bad pen.
His obedient and easy-to-learn look made Song Xiaoyu more unable to understand.
How these terrifying figures in the East China Sea Forbidden Land took more and more different routes.
“From the north,”
A Fei frowned, “This Sima family wants to take advantage. There is no chance. Even if the eldest brother doesn’t do anything, I will clean them up.”
This is where Jiang Ning and the others are based.
Even if Jiang Ning didn’t do it, A Fei had hundreds of ways to make the Sima family unstoppable.
Even if they are a family of hermits, but the rules of this society must be followed!
It’s just that Jiang Ning doesn’t want to be involved with his past identity now, he just wants to solve the problem in his own way.
“Song Xiaoyu, I will give you a few numbers. If necessary, call them directly. You say my name and they will know.”
ALFY doesn’t care about that much.
Jiang Ning couldn’t have so much energy and had to take care of everything.
What they have to do is to share the burden for Jiangning, not to mention, if those brothers knew that they could do something for Jiangning, they would not frown even if it was going to the sword and the fire.
A Fei didn’t say much, leaving a few numbers, and confessing Song Xiaoyu a few words, to make him stare at the north more, and then left with Brother Dog and others.
Jiangning’s center of gravity is in the East China Sea.
Because Lin Yu is really in the East China Sea, the Lin family is in the East China Sea, and the headquarters of the Lin Group are all in the East China Sea.
As a forbidden area created by Jiangning, there is no doubt that the East China Sea is the top priority, including the Jidao Martial Arts Museum established now, which has raised the strength of the East China Sea to a higher level!
Now the eight great hidden families, because of the Ji Dao fist score, have surfaced one by one, staring at the forbidden area in the East China Sea, and even more covetously jealous of the fist score in Jiangning’s hand.
The north is the Sima family, what about Shenghai?
What about the southeast coastal areas, or even overseas?
These reclusive families only know that the forbidden land in the East China Sea is not easy to provoke, but they don’t know that Jiangning who built this forbidden land is the real and most terrifying person!

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