Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1570

Avenue to Jane!
Jiang Ning’s fist didn’t have any tricks, and it didn’t even seem to have a touch of magnificence, but the power alone was amazing.
“This is Ji Dao Fist?”
Fang Jin’s face was solemn, and then he shook his head again, “Impossible! That’s just a basic boxing technique, how could it have such power? Impossible!”
As soon as he finished speaking, Fang Yin had already arrived in front of Jiang Ning, and his palm was slapped fiercely. There were still a few tiny silver needles between his fingers!
At that extreme speed, it is almost invisible.
Fang Yin roared and patted Jiang Ning’s face with his palm, as fast as lightning!
Jiang Ning also slapped a punch, and Fang Yin’s eyes flashed with sinisterness.
With fists for palms, these silver needles pierce Jiang Ning’s fists, and Jiang Ning will undoubtedly die!
call out!
Seeing Jiang Ning’s fist was about to strike, Fang Yin once again moved extremely fast, and slapped his palm fiercely!
At the moment of contact, Jiang Ning’s fist suddenly clenched, suddenly speeding up!
The violent fist speed compressed the air to bursts in an instant, which was terrible!
The terrible air pressure slammed away fiercely, causing Fang Yin’s fingers to tremble, and a few silver needles flew upside down, piercing directly into Fang Yin’s shoulder.
One of them even pierced his ear.
Fang Yin yelled, twisted and flew away, Jiang Ning followed the trend.
This punch hit Fang Yin’s body heavily, spitting out blood again.
“I said, your methods are too low-end!”
Jiang Ning shouted.
His fists shook so that Fang Yin’s breathing was short, and the blood in his body was boiling, and the poison only penetrated into the blood for a while.
Fang Yin was in chaos!
I know my own poison best.
He only needs to suppress the toxicity, but Jiang Ning’s punch is clearly to make his blood flow faster, unable to suppress the toxicity.
Fang Yin quickly took out the antidote, stuffed it into his mouth, and immediately pressed down the tumbling blood.
There was finally a trace of fear in those eyes.
Jiang Ning, it’s terrible!
“Okay, send you on the road!”
Jiang Ning moved!
He took the initiative!
He said he was going to send two people on the road, and he wouldn’t be polite.
Two fists, like death’s sickles, were frightened by seeing Fang Jin Fang Yin.
It is hard for them to believe that there are such powerful people in this era, beyond their imagination!
Even the Great Master, in front of Jiang Ning, can’t bear his punch!
Beyond the strength of Grand Master, Jiang Ning… just how strong is he?
Suddenly, Fang Jin roared and stepped forward to block Jiangning, like a crazy lion.
They made a mistake.
I thought it would be easy to kill Jiang Ning, but no one thought that Jiang Ning’s strength far exceeded their expectations.
How could the boxing technique on the Jidao boxing table be so powerful, isn’t it the rubbish spreading from that place?
How could it be awesome!
Jiang Ning’s fist slammed on Fang Jin’s fist fiercely, clicking–
The crisp sound caused Fang Jin’s face to change drastically, and the feeling of broken bones was the first time he felt it in his life.
Fang Jin screamed and looked back at Fang Yin, “Go!”
As soon as he finished speaking, the whole person fell to the ground. Jiang Ning’s fist had already hit his heart, and the punching force that penetrated his body instantly shattered his heart!
“call out!”
Fang Yin was frightened, too strong!
Jiangning is too strong!
He dared to say more, turned around and rushed into the wooden house.

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