Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1677

He stroked his long beard and saw it thoroughly.
It doesn’t make much sense to store things that are of little use to oneself.
What’s more, now this is a time bomb, being stared at by so many people, sooner or later it will come to the door.
He is still very confident in the security of his estate, but even the slightest risk is not worth his risk.
“Mr. Takayama, are you really willing to sell?”
“Yes, public auction, the higher price will get.”
Gao Shan nodded, “There is no need to offend people who shouldn’t be offended.”
The guard captain’s face changed.
Those who should not be offended by Mr. Gaoshan are definitely not ordinary people.
“Yes, I listen to Mr. Takayama’s arrangement.”
The captain of the guard didn’t ask much, nodded respectfully.
He has been with Gao Shan for many years, and he has a clear vision of Gao Shan.
Without a long-term vision, it is not suitable to be a collector. That kind of risk is too great.
Gao Shan played with the boxing sheet in his hand and sighed softly.
“I want to keep you for a long time and discover your secrets, but unfortunately, it seems that I am not qualified to own you.”
Rubbing his fingers on the fist sheet carefully, the subtle texture made his fingers tremble slightly, even if he knew that this fist sheet was extremely valuable, especially the lines on it, it was definitely not simple, he Still choose to give up.
He didn’t want to lose his life in the end because of greed.
The news of the auction soon spread.
A well-known collector in East Korea wants to auction a special score!
When the photos were exposed, Jiang Ning was sure that the news Li Chengfeng had sent to him was accurate.
He was even more surprised. The person with the boxing score, so decisive, made a decision. It seems that the collector is not an ordinary person.
“The auction seems to be in a hurry. It will be tomorrow night.”
A Fei said, “There should be a lot of rich people who will come to participate by then, not because they are interested in this boxing score, but because the person who auctioned the boxing score is called Gao Shan, a well-known collector in East Korea, and even internationally. , All have some names.”
“The things he collects are rarely sold for auction. Only those things that don’t suit his tastes are he willing to let them out. The previous items are all invaluable.”
Jiang Ning smiled: “This is a weird person.”
Just look at whether it is right for your own taste, what you don’t like, even if the value is invaluable, you don’t want to collect it.
“Where is the time and place?”
“Tomorrow at eight o’clock, Gaoshan Courtyard.”
Jiang Ning nodded: “It seems that this collector is still very cautious.”
“Also very smart.”
A Fei said, “For a person who does not practice martial arts, it is just a piece of paper, and it may even bring a murderous disaster.”
He must have felt it. Someone has been staring at the boxing sheet recently and staring at him, so he was so anxious and released the boxing sheet.
Smart people will understand, and can only be in their own hands.
Li Chengfeng also got the news of the auction of boxing scores. He didn’t dare to hide it, and immediately notified Fang Yin.
“Attempting to snatch by force is not feasible.”
Li Chengfeng said directly.
“The alpine manor is heavily guarded. Even if you are strong, you may not be able to succeed.”
Fang Yin said nothing.
He doesn’t like such troublesome things.
Whoever holds the fist sheet, kills and snatches it, where is so much windy!
“This is the drawing of the other courtyard,”
Li Chengfeng turned on the screen and projected a 3D rendering. “There are layers of guards inside, and there are many high-tech anti-theft technologies. No matter how good you are, once you get stuck inside, it will be a dead end.”

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