Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1739

Li Zhengshang felt the deepest about the pressure here.
His idea is also simple, he wants to help Li Genhong pave the way while he can still move, and this road is to follow Jiangning!
This is the best opportunity for the Li family, and they absolutely cannot miss it again.
Li Zhengshang sat there, exhaling a long breath, a feeling of exhaustion instantly hit his mind.
But he dared not rest, not even a trace of slack.
In such a place, you must stay focused and vigilant at all times, otherwise you will lose not only your wealth and status, but also your fate.
Especially, now that they are being targeted, the Ziyue Mercenary Organization is nothing to mess with.
When Hei Lun left Li Zhengshang, he didn’t look good all the way.
This is the third time he has sought Li Zhengshang, and it can be said that he has given all the face he should give.
If it weren’t for the people behind Li Zhengshang, he would have been impatient.
It is precisely because of this that he will test step by step, Li Zhengshang said, his husband disagrees, making Hei Lun even more vigilant.
“Hei Lun, what should we do now? The Li family’s father and son are not easy. The people behind them may be even bigger!”
“Yes, the lieutenant said that threats are not allowed around us. Even these people are not considered threats at all. If they are not accepted, it will be a disaster sooner or later.”
“They are not developing fast, but their mode makes us very uncomfortable. The lieutenant is already very upset!”
Several people couldn’t stop talking.
Heilun didn’t speak, frowned, always wondering if Li Zhengshang was pretending.
Because he has inquired about it, it is true that no big people have entered this land recently.
On the third world side, they have their own deployments. How can they wait until today, the resources are almost divided, is it possible to want to grab from others?
“Go back first!”
Hei Lun snorted, gritted his teeth and sneered, “I asked someone to check the details of the father and son, and there should be results.”
The car was speeding and the dust was flying.
Black Wheel took the people back to the camp and went directly to his office.
As soon as I sat down, the phone rang.
“Vice general!”
He immediately stood up, with a respectful face, “Yes! Yes! I have been there. The surname is very cunning, imaginary and real, and it’s hard to get started.
“I have been checked by someone, and there will be results soon. Once it is the same as I guessed, I will do it immediately!”
After hanging up the phone, Hei Lun’s face was even more black.
After such a long time, he was scolded by the lieutenant. If the Li family and his son are really bluffing, let’s see how they deal with them!
What is their husband?
They have a fart gentleman!
Even if there is, so what?
The more Heilun thinks, the more angry he gets. In this area, their Ziyue mercenary organization is the biggest force, absolutely not allowing anything else that can threaten their existence.
Those small mercenary organizations, they don’t pay attention to them at all, they all follow them and operate according to their model, so they will not be threatened.
But the Li family’s father and son always make them feel uncomfortable when they do things.
Hei Lun sat down, took out a can of beer from the side of the freezer, pulled it away with a click, and poured it into his mouth.
He dialed the number, it has been half a month, if no useful clues can be found, he really wants to kill!
The phone rang for a long time before someone connected, and there was a lazy voice.
“Well, I know you are in a hurry, and have been checking, now I have found something.”

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