Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1744

Li Genhong suddenly became nervous, for fear of Jiang Ning’s misunderstanding, that their father and son were in power and out of Jiang Ning’s control.
Just as he was about to explain something, Jiang Ning waved his hand, not letting him say.
“This is for you to control.”
After speaking, Jiang Ning walked in directly, and Li Genhong’s eyes instantly turned red, and his body trembled because of the rapid breathing.
What did Jiang Ning just say?
He said this was left to their father and son to control?
This is an opportunity for his Li family father and son!
He thought…
Li Genhong took a deep breath, said nothing, and quickly followed.
The two had just walked to the entrance of the hall, and Li Zhengshang was walking out quickly, his expression anxious and panic.
The moment he saw Jiang Ning, the expression on Li Zhengshang’s face changed from panic to surprise to shock, and then to surprise.
“Mr. Jiang, you, you come here!”
He almost jumped up, his voice still with a hint of crying, and his hands trembled with excitement, “Great! Great! Great!”
He walked to Jiang Ning, his lips moved, and he could only say these few words.
Just now, he received a call from Black Wheel, saying that Li Genhong is now in his hands and he wants him to hand over everything, otherwise, he is going to collect his body for Li Genhong.
Li Zhengshan panicked, even though he had experienced big and small storms, but the only son in the family was about to be killed, he almost lost his sense of measure.
He walked up to Li Genhong, his eyes flushed, and he patted his shoulder vigorously, “It would be great if you are fine, I thought…”
“Mr. Jiang saved me.”
Li Genhong briefly talked about what just happened.
He said it simply, but Li Zhengshang could imagine the thrilling and terrifying scene.
Jiang Ning stood there with no expression on his face, as if nothing had happened. It was just a small matter that didn’t need to be taken care of.
“Mr. Jiang, I won’t say much to thank you. Starting today, the lives of our father and son are yours!”
With a serious expression, Li Zhengshang reached out and arched his hands, “Mr. Jiang, please inside!”
If it is said that before, they were forced to go on the boat of Jiangning and do things for him, but now, the father and son are sincerely grateful to Jiangning.
Not only because Jiang Ning saved Li Genhong’s life, but also because of what Jiang Ning just said.
“This is for you to control.”
These words kept echoing in Li Genhong’s mind.
This is trust, and there is no need to say more.
In the hall.
Jiang Ning sat in the upper position, gently twisting the tea cup, and the fragrance of the tea was overflowing. This is his favorite tea, and Li Zhengshang had already prepared it.
“The situation is not good now, the Ziyue mercenary organization has already focused on us,”
Li Zhengshang said, “Moreover, they should have found out the details of our father and son.”
He has a solemn expression and a deep worry on his face. After all, compared with the Ziyue mercenary organization, they are far worse in strength!
There are no more than three hundred people, and the Ziyue mercenary organization has more than one thousand!
Disparity in strength!
Once they do it, they have almost no chance of winning, let alone the mine they found.
“Hei Lun just called me and told me to surrender, submit to him, and hand over everything,”
“Mr. Jiang, what should I do now?”
“Then let them surrender everything and submit to us.”
Jiang Ning said calmly.
Li Zhengshang was startled. He thought he had heard it wrong. Did Jiang Ning say that the Ziyue mercenary organization should submit to them?

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