Billionaire God of War

Chapter: 1799

No matter how big the storm outside is, it has nothing to do with Li Jiajun, and it has nothing to do with Li Genhong.
Who dares to make trouble here, waiting for them is a dead end!
“The situation here is tense, but you can keep the wind and the waves calm. It would be better if someone comes to trouble. You can kill the chickens and attack the monkeys and increase the power of the Li family.
Jiang Ning said, “I will leave you all of them.”
He pointed to a few humane dog brothers.
Li Genhong was so excited.
Not only is there the god-level sniper in the dark, but also the dog brothers are there. What’s so scary about him?
“Mr. Jiang, you…”
“I’m going to talk about business.”
Jiang Ning said indifferently, “The development here is preparing, Lin can start to move.”
For commercial matters, we must use commercial means, and use the rules of which circle in which circle. This is also Jiang Ning’s principle.
Not to mention, Lin Yuzhen is in charge of the general direction, even more so.
Here, under Li Genhong’s control, there is no problem with mineral development, rough processing, and even transportation back to the East China Sea.
In terms of safety, Brother Gou and others stayed behind, together with the secretly A Fei, and these three thousand mercenaries who could protect their homes and kill them, forming a complete chain.
Free and calm in the storm, this is something other people dare not even think about.
What Jiang Ning has to do now is to promote Lin’s family into the third world!
He didn’t stay for long, or even left any words or arrangements, and left the entire power to Li Genhong to handle, and then quietly left the Middle East battlefield.
No matter how crazy the storm here, Li Jiajun no longer needs him to sit here.
If all this goes wrong, then he is blind and misunderstood.
When Jiang Ning returned to the East China Sea, Lin Yu was not at home.
Jiang Ning was not at home during this time, and Lin Yu really felt that there was no big difference between going home and not going home. They were all working anyway, and the same was true at home.
Research on high-tech wafers is in full swing.
Dr. Luo Lin and others have accumulated many years of experience and played a huge role.
According to their plan, the initial imitation is to confirm that the design idea is feasible, and enough data are obtained through experiments, and then independent research and development must be successful once.
Lin Yu really knew that many people were staring at Lin, especially those guys in the Overseas Aerospace City.
Today, Lin’s represents the main force of China’s independent research and development of wafers, even if their research institutes have just been established.
If it fails, it will be a major blow to the morale of the domestic wafer industry!
It will make those overseas guys laugh.
Lin Yu really didn’t want this.
She did her best for the support of the institute.
The funds, venues, related supporting facilities, and even the extremely difficult-to-get equipment, she spent a huge price to get Luo Lin and the others through the Lee family of East Korea.
If this is still unsuccessful, not to mention that Lin Yu will be disappointed, Luo Lin and others will feel ashamed to Jiang Ning and ashamed to Lin Yuzhen.
“Dr. Luo, if you have any needs, you can tell me at any time that Lin will make every effort to invest in this project. There is no limit.”
This is not the first time Lin Yuzhen has said this.
Her determination made Luo Lin and others more confident.
“Yuzhen, let me tell you, more than a decade ago, a few of us wanted to develop a set of wafers for our own country.”
“At that time, ambitions were high, but the domestic environment at that time was hard to say.
Luo Lin sighed and shook his head, “Technology is not important, talent is not important, it is important to be able to drink and socialize, but this is not the case. Leaders will never approve projects for you.”
Speaking of this, he was angry!

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